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Spider-man: Far From Home: Ending Explained, Post Credits Breakdown And Spider-man 3 Predictions

spiderman far from home post credits scene ending explained breakdown

With the wallcrawler making his way across the world in more ways than one its time to break down whether this new movie is a home run or not.

Throughout this article, I’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about Spider-Man: Far From Home as well as what it’s ending means and what it teases for the future of Phase 4.

There will heavy spoilers so, if you haven’t seen the movie yet then I really recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way let’s get into our breakdown of Spider-man: Far From Home!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Plot Recap

Far From Home picks up immediately after the events of Avengers: Endgame with the world mourning the loss of Iron-Man after he sacrificed himself to save the universe. This aesthetic quickly becomes the driving force of the film and due to Captain America now living his best life with Peggy Carter, Earth is desperate for a new defender.

The film itself opens with Nick Fury and Maria Hill finding themselves caught in the eye of the storm with a face and about to hit the dirt when they go up against the Earth Elemental. However, after they are saved out of nowhere by Mysterio it seems like the world is finally in safe hands.

On the surface, Mysterio the perfect replacement for Tony and he is more than willing to take on the position as the planet’s best protector. In Stark contrast, excuse the pun, Peter is unsure whether he still wants to deal with the responsibility that comes with his great power.

Every chance he gets he tries to ghost Fury and whilst he’s happy still wearing the suit, it’s clear that he’s not ready to become the next Iron-Man.

Through The Eyes Of Tony Stark

However, his powers are much sought after and when Fury tracks him down during the middle of a School Trip through Europe, he slowly comes to the realisation that he has to become the next Tony Stark.

What I love about this acceptance is that Peter first gets a real hint of how he must look at the world when wearing Tonys Glasses and this begins to make him understand that this is more than just about him and that when Earth is in danger, he has to answer the call.

That doesn’t mean it’s an easy ride though and along the way, Peter teams up with Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio who becomes somewhat of a mentor to the impressionable teen that puts a wealth of doubt in his mind as to whether he’s cut out for the hero life or not.

Beck apparently comes from the multiverse and was transported to our timeline due to the snap which tore through reality. On his world, the elementals ravaged the planet and it seems like Beck selflessly wants to stop the same thing from happening here.

spiderman far from home post credits scene ending explained breakdown

Mysterio’s True Identity Explained

However, if you have even a passing interest of Spider-man then you probably knew from the first trailer that The Elementals would be fake and that Mysterio is, in fact, the bad guy, orchestrating the entire attack for fame and fortune.

We learn that Beck is a master of illusions and was an ex-Stark Industries employee that helped to create BARF, the augmented reality simulation from Captain America: Civil War that he has been using to cast a shadow in Peter’s mind. We discover that the multiverse, at least for now, doesn’t exist and that Beck was fired for being unstable. In the wake of Starks Death, he finally sees an opportunity to rise to the forefront and Peter unearths this during the movie.

What I love about the villain is that it once again showcases the depth of Stark’s failure. Ever since the first Iron-Man, the majority of enemies in the MCU have been brought forth due to Tony’s irresponsibility and Spider-man slowly learns that though he must follow in his mentor’s footsteps, it’s imperative that he doesn’t make the same mistakes.

Face It Tiger, You Just Hit The Jackpot

It’s also in this movie that Peter’s relationship with MJ really comes to fruition and after the stellar performance by Zendaya and Holland, it’s clear to see why they are Marvel’s golden couple.

Together the two put together that Beck is faking it and though the hero goes to face down his new arch-nemesis, he also has to battle the self-doubt that Mysterio so expertly put into his mind. What’s masterful about the manipulator is that he really makes Peter not only doubt himself but those around him. Peter however realises that he must rebuild himself which really manifests with the character creating a new suit for himself that is one of the coolest he’s worn so far in the film franchise.

It’s in this scene that I really felt like Peter stepped into the role of the new Iron-Man as it echoes Stark creating a suit in the cave from the very first film.

Peter rushes to London to take Beck head on who once again is an attempt to unleash an illusion. However, Peter stops him and Mysterio seemingly dies however, whether this is actually the case is another thing entirely. Mysterio is, of course, a master of illusion and upon realising that he’s unable to beat Peter I can definitely see him instead faking his death in order to get out of the situation.

Is Mysterio Still Alive?

Bear in mind Beck takes control of Stark’s tech in the film so he’s more than capable of making it appear that he’s dead. The only thing that confirms he’s no longer alive is the machine that he himself had control of and it’s pretty easy to assume that he had a contingency plan built into the A.I. in case he needed to get out of the situation.

To me, you don’t cast Jake Gyllenhaal as your big bad to kill him off in the first film and I can genuinely see him returning which I think is confirmed by the post-credits scene which I’ll get into next.

So the film wraps up neatly, Peter and MJ look like their in love and things go back to the status quo until both characters swing into the post-credits scene.

spiderman far from home ending explained spoiler review breakdown

Spider-Man: Far From Home: Mid Credits Scene Explained

The first scene picks up with Peter Parker swinging through New York with MJ. He drops her off and leaps to a lamppost overlooking Madison Square Garden which is when we see on a large screen that there is an incoming news report from The Daily Bugle.

They’ve apparently acquired an exclusive clip that shows Spider-man was in fact behind the Drone attack in London and is a threat to the world rather than it’s hero. The show is hosted by none other than J Jonah Jameson played by JK Simmons and whilst this is an amazing moment, it’s quickly sent bittersweet when the Media Mogul reveals that the second part of the footage shows that Peter Parker is Spider-man.

Peter is devastated but just before we can see the repercussions of this reveal, the movie cuts to black similar to the ending of Homecoming in which Aunt May discovered that her nephew is the webhead.

Spider-Man 3 Predictions

So, what could happen going forward? Well If you’re a fan of the comic books then you’ll know that this revelation to the world already happened in the pages of Civil War. With Peter’s identity out in the open, his enemies quickly close in on him but after they realise he’s pretty difficult to kill they instead go after his friends and family.

An Assassin shoots and Aunt May and the story becomes about Peter tracking down the shooter and getting to the route of the hit which is revealed to be Kingpin. Whilst I don’t think that the MCU will bring this in it’s very possible that in this incarnation, Mysterio could still be pulling the strings. After all, it seems likely that the villain edited and gave the footage to Jameson to broadcast for the world.

Whilst I’ve seen a lot of people angry that Peter’s identity has been revealed so early, the MCU is no stranger to the heroes having public faces and this has pretty much been a staple of the universe since the first film in 2008.

One More Day

However, in the comics, the creators behind them did retcon the reveal and after Peter made a deal with Mephisto that altered reality, he was able to become anonymous once more. In the storyline ‘One More Day’ Peter was able to return to the life of a masked hero however, in exchange he lost the love of his life, Mary Jane.

What else this credits scene does is that it confirms the Multiverse with a slightly altered version of Jameson appearing in this universe as opposed to the Raimi set of films. If J Jonah Jameson is a constant here then that means that there could also exist alternate versions of the character and Holland and Garfield have recently confirmed that they would both love to do a live action into the Spider-verse film. If Sony managed to secure Tobey Maguire for this then it could easily be the best Spider-man movie of all time with all three leads heading up the film.

It would be interesting to see if Marvel adapts this and if they do how they rework the story to fit the return. It gets me really hype for the future of the franchise and I can’t wait to see what happens down the line, especially with the next reveal.

End Credits Scene Explained

The second scene starts off with Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving along before they transform into Skrulls which are none other than Talos and his wife from Captain Marvel. This means that in Far From Home the two shield agents have in fact been Skrulls the entire time and we discover that the real Hill and Fury are actually on vacation aboard the Skrull’s space ship.

We’ve had confirmation from Kevin Feige that the alien race would once again return to the Marvel Universe and I have a feeling that we will definitely get more from them than the Credits scene. At this point in the MCU, it’s been 30 years since the events of Captain Marvel and it doesn’t look like the Skrulls have fully found a home yet.

In the story Secret Invasion, they invade the planet and assume the identity of Several Heroes in order to achieve their goals. Now that the Alien Race is in orbit of the planet I can definitely see some of them going Rogue and trying to take over the Earth whilst the Avengers are still dissembled.

If we get that it’ll be amazing but either way this really gets me excited for what’s to come down the line.

Spider-man Far From Home Ending

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Far From Home is outstanding from start to finish and really feels like the perfect follow up to Endgame. This brings the storyline back down to ground level and sets up several things that I know will have bigger consequences down the line.

It’s one of those movies that you walk out of and wanna find out what happens next as soon as you can. Every actor brings their A-Game and this movie is really doing it’s all to flesh out the Spidey-verse in more ways than one.

I really hope the next movie is set in Australia and called Spider-man: Home And Away but even if it’s not I feel like this movie ticked all of the boxes and that’s why it gets a…


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Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Far From Home and where you think the Universe will go from here. Comment below and let me know!


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