spiderman far from home every time mysterio was in the background of a scene easter eggs ending explained spoiler review breakdown hidden illusions spider man

With Spider-Man: Far From Home now making its way across the internet after it’s release digitally in the US this week, I thought I’d go through the film with a fine-tooth comb and point out all of the times that Mysterio was in the Background of a scene.

If you checked out my every time Pennywise was hidden in the background of a scene you’ll know I pointed out the appearance of Mysterio in that as a little bit of trivia and after rewatching the movie I noticed the character or rather his group a couple more times throughout.

There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the movie yet then I highly suggest that your turn off now…if the title and intro haven’t already ruined everything…look it’s the Heavy Spoilers show, what are you expecting.

Anyway, huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into my breakdown of every time that Mysterio was hidden in the background of a scene.

Mysterio Hidden Appearances

Ok so first things first, in Far From Home Mysterio is revealed to be a group or rather gang of Disgruntled Stark Employees that at some time or another had their hard work and inventions cast to the side because of Tony Stark’s Ego. This group are all experts in their fields and all come together as one to make a cohesive unit that can perfectly portray illusions.

There are storytellers, market researchers, cold callers…I’m guessing, Scientists and actors that all help to flesh out the illusions of Mysterio in order to make them feel more believable.

Ok so the first big appearance of Jake Gyllenhaal comes at the 18 minute and 15-second mark right before Peter Parker goes to buy the Black Dhalia necklace for MJ. Whilst the shot is solely focused on Peter in the background to the left-hand side we can, in fact, see Mysterio standing there watching him.

spiderman far from home every time mysterio was in the background of a scene easter eggs ending explained spoiler review breakdown hidden illusions spider man

It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment that shows that the villain always was in the area planning for the water elemental attack and he’s not alone.

Throughout this scene a couple more of the group including Guterman who walks behind MJ and Peter as they stroll along the canal. We see later in the movie that Guterman is the storyteller of the group that writes all of the events that happen and hopefully Sony are getting this guy right now to work on Spider-Man 3 cos yeah…I don’t have faith…DON’T AT ME!

There’s also an image of a blonde woman that looks rather distinctive and we see her pop up later in the movie as part of Team Mysterio so it seems like she’s also checking things out.

Was Mysterio Stalking Peter?

Now I’ve seen some people say that this means that they were stalking Peter Parker the entire time and I’ve kind of went back and forth on it quite a bit. There are two ways of looking at it, either they knew that Peter was there and selected Venice as a place to pull off an attack so that they could get the EDITH glasses which is the camp that I’m currently in or they didn’t know that the character was there and were carrying out the attack anyway and he just happened to stumble across it.

Now let me know what you think in the comments below but there’s also several other points in which we can see that everything was all an illusion.

The Clues That Show Mysterio Was Fake

The first one of these comes during the water attack in which Peter is punched full force by Hydro-Man but if you slow down the footage and look really really closely, you’ll notice that when Peter is first hit and also the section of the bridge gets hit it doesn’t actually get wet. It just explodes a bit and then the water from the canal rising up comes and that’s what soaks everything rather than the blast from the punch.

Interesting right?

Well there’s also another subtle hint that Mysterio isn’t everything that he says he is when he’s on the roof after being completely shut down by Nick Fury aka Talos. During the scene, Mysterio flies in front of him to talk but in hindsight, we know that this isn’t actually the character, so how does he end up sat next to Peter when the two go to talk?

all the clues that mysterio was fake in spider-man far from home hidden things you missed

Well as Peter’s talking you will notice that the camera pans from a doorway behind him which almost mimics someone walking from the back to sit next to Peter and then Mysterio joins him.

So I believe that Mysterio was hidden at this point, then snuck behind him from the doorway and sat on the ledge which is where the two illusion came together allowing him to sit down.

Drones During The Fire Elemental Attack

Another big hint that everything is all an illusion comes when Peter is fighting the fire elemental and Nick Fury and Maria Hill arrive at the scene in their jeeps. During the attack, there’s a brief moment where one of Mysterios hand laser beam Doctor Strange thingys hits the car but instead of causing it to explode or be melted all we see are bullet holes in the windshield.

This clearly comes from the Drone and is in fact them just firing at the car in order to make it stop. It’s a nice little hint early one that really is a blink and you’ll miss it moment that showcases just how much of an illusion everything really was.

In addition to all of this Nick Fury also refers to earth as ‘your world’ when talking to Peter and we hear him and Maria Hill discussing Kree during one of their conversations which lets you know that they too may not be what they seem. Nick also hates the thought of Captain Marvel being brought into it so yeah…HE’S A SKRULL AND THE CLUES WERE ALL THERE.

Your Thoughts

Overall it laces the film with a lot more to it and shows just how smart Marvel really are when it comes to making movies. Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on these reveals and if there’s any I missed then make sure you leave them in the comments section below.

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