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Spider-Man: Far From Home: Full Leaked Plot Breakdown + Post Credit Scene Explained | HEAVY SPOILERS

spiderman far from home full plot leak breakdown

With Spider-man: Far From Home just around the corner, major plot leaks in regards to the movie have started coming out so I thought I’d break down one of the big ones that we have on the film that goes into major depth on many of the scenes in the movie and it’s ending.

This one differs slightly from an earlier released one which predominantly was just made up of a handful of bullet points so it seems far more legitimate and trustworthy.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to have anything about the movie potentially ruined for yourself then I highly recommend that you turn off now. This is an internet leak so make sure that you take it with a grain of salt as it may not be accurate, but as we saw with my Avengers: Endgame and Game Of Thrones Leaks both were pretty much 100% accurate so I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who doesn’t want to know so this is your last last last chance.

With that out the way, I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it, now sit back, relax and let’s get into my leaked plot breakdown of Spider-man: Far From home.

Spider-Man: Far From Home: Full Leaked Plot Breakdown

Ok so the movie opens immediately after Avengers: Endgame with Peter, Aunt May and Happy Hogan flying home on a private jet after just attending Tony Starks Funeral.

Everyone is pretty Bummed out about it with Peter crying but Happy states that Tony sacrificed himself because he knew that there were other people that could continue the fight and he states that the character thought highly of Peter and that if he wanted anyone to be his successor that it would have been him.

They land and go their separate ways and Aunt May reminds Peter that they have the charity Gala that night and she kinda reiterates what Happy said about Peter taking over Tony’s position as a protector and that he trusted Peter to be there for the people that he couldn’t.

She then jokingly says ‘you don’t need to be Iron Man but you do need to be Spider-man…tonight’ which ties into the night time event.

The Most Legitimate Far From Home Leak

Honestly, this all seems really believable and from the trailers, it seems the kinda tone that they would be taking with the private jet scene only really being able to take place here.

It’s at this point that Peter realises there’s a thing between Aunt May and Happy and as we saw in the trailer he’s ghosting Nick Fury and the character goes out on his nightly patrol. After telling the police that he’s going on vacation he goes to see the Iron-Man monument and decides that he’s not really cut out for this which is similar to the Spider-man arc that we saw in the comics when Peter left his costume in a dumpster. Whilst this already happened in Spider-man two and marvel probably don’t want to just repeat the scene, Peter decides to go on holiday and leaves his spiderman suit behind which both literally and figuratively shows that he doesn’t want to continue with the mantle.

Spiderman Far From Home Official Trailer Breakdown

We then cut to some Eastern European shady looking characters who say that their time has come and that the spider will finally meet it’s end. This kinda ties into the whole multiverse thing and as these aren’t’ villains that we’ve seen spiderman encounter before you can bet that they’ll be from some other earth where he foiled their plans. They’re kinda cloaked in darkness but it plays into the movie later which i’ll get into.

Avengers: Endgame Tie-In

From here we cut to the first day in Venice and it’s clear that MJ and Peter are getting pretty close, Ned also remarks that their flight was one of the first out as the world is finally getting back on track and that he can’t believe that one of their friends from High School is a model and now in college.

This kinda pays lip service to many of the questions that people had at the end of endgame with pretty much most of the class being vanished except a select few.

Anyway, they watch a news report and see Mysterio fighting a monster over Tower Bridge in London, they remark that he must be a new avenger as they’ve never seen him before and we get a full-screen scene of Mysterio fighting him.

Cut to Peter going back to his room which is when Nick Fury shoots Ned in the neck and tries to recruit Peter. Peter tries to come up with excuses with the last one being ‘I don’t have a suit’ to which Fury replies ‘Now you’re definitely all out of excuses.’

spiderman far from home full plot leak breakdown


Nick takes him to a secret shield base which is where he meets Mysterio and Maria Hill for the first time and we learn that the former is apparently from another dimension. Maria tries explaining it but Peter butts in explaining that he knows all about String Theory, the Multiverse and more which is a nice little character beat.

Mysterio and Peter team up and go to Germany to fight the next Elemental and Peter realises that Mysterio is way way way more powerful than he is and he ends up pretty much having to play defensive for the majority of the fight as he gets his butt kicked.

For some reason Peter just can’t seem to fight the monsters whereas Mysterio is landing hit after hit and ultimately ends up saving the day. Together the two go to the bar that we’ve seen from the trailers and Peter, who has really lost all of his confidence at this point asks how Mysterio can do it and he can’t. Mysterio replies that because he’s from another Dimension he knows all the tricks and has more control.

Mysterio The Mentor

From here on out Mysterio sort of becomes a mentor to Peter at this point and he explains that if he doesn’t want the responsibility of being a hero then he shouldn’t be one. There are other people that can do it now and this adds further doubt into Peter’s mind. Mysterio backs this up by saying because he has loved one Peter will always be at risk of hurting them and that he should leave it to people like himself who don’t have anything to lose.

Just as this happens the lava monster attacks a theme park where Mj, Ned and the rest of the gang are at. MJ almost dies and it’s at this point that Peter realises that something is up here because his web pulls a metal panel off the elemental and he sees circuitry beneath it.

Peter wants to get to the bottom of it so he uses the black stealth suit and the red and blue one which Aunt May packed to make a brand new Black and Red suit and with the circuitry, he got from the elemental he figures out a way to stop them.

Just as this is happening MJ comes in and asks if they want to go for a walk, Peter tries to tell her how she feels but MJ stops him and tells him that she knows he’s Spider-man. Peter says he doesn’t want to be any longer but there’s something that he has to do to which MJ replies ‘sure there is, you’re spider-man, go get em tiger.’

Far From Home Ending Explained

Peter tries to track down Mysterio which is when Peter’s spider-sense goes wild. He turns round to see Nick Fury and he tries to tell him that something’s up with Mysterio. Fury just stands there silent though and his face begins to change which is when we see that he is actually the villain Chameleon which ties back to the eastern European scene.

Chameleon has been rumored to be in this film for a while so this definitely ties in with other leaks that we’ve heard. He’s one of my favourite Spider-man villains and I absolutely love the classic arc where he disguised himself as J Jonah Jameson so it’s great to see that the villain could be included. He tells Peter that he will pay for what he has done to his family and then the Vulture, Mysterio, and Scorpion step forward and begin kicking the crap out of him.

Peter realises though that these are probably illusions and using his circuitry from the elementals he changes them into Captain America and Iron-Man and they begin fighting back against Mysterio and Chameleon.

I’m not sure how accurate this is as I don’t know how soon that they would bring the characters back after they’ve both just departed the series but I guess we will see.

Peter gives Tony a really heartfelt goodbye and the AI Tony says that he’s proud of him and all that he’s accomplished.

spiderman far from home spoilers

Far From Home Post Credits Scene Breakdown

From here on he frees the real Nick Fury and returns to New York. He tells Aunt May that he wants to continue being spider-man. He takes the illusion equipment that gave him the Tony Stark message and stares at it for a bit, deciding to smash it as he’s no longer bound to living in this fantasy world and is willing to accept that he must become a hero.

We then cut to credits and then see Avengers Tower which has been renovated to become Oscorp Tower.

This has been pretty widely reported on in all of the leaks so I definitely think it will happen and it’s a smart way to bring the Osbornes into the universe as they’ve been missed out.

My Thoughts

And that’s the entire leak, to me it makes a hell of a lot of sense going off trailers and things like the black and red and blue suit combining to make a new one seem legit so I can really see this all happening. It’s a heavily detailed leak and I can definitely see it being legitimate and if it is the case then this sounds like it’s going to be a brilliant movie.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the plot leak and whether you think it’s legitimate or not. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my ending explained breakdown of Brightburn which will be linked at the end.

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