Spider-Man Far From Home: New Post Credits Scen...

Spider-Man Far From Home: New Post Credits Scene Breakdown & The True Meaning Behind It Explained

spider man far from home new extended post credits scene breakdown and explained

spider man far from home new extended post credits scene breakdown and explained

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition aka your friendly neighbourhood Spoiler-man and we now have a new post credits scene for Spider-man: Far From Home that made it’s way to the web through J Jonah Jameson’s very own website TheDailyBugle.net

This awesome addition adds a lot to the movie and teases what could happen in the upcoming movie Spider-man 3 as well as just how mad ya boy triple J is at Spider-man.

We’re gonna play the clip in just a bit before we break it down but obviously there will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t seen Far From Home yet, 1) what the hell are you doing here and 2) go and watch it AND BRING ME PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN!!! This ruins the ending of the movie so this is your last chance to back out.

With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking the video, now let’s get into the video.

Spider-Man Far From Home New Post Credits Scene

Ok so the scene is entirely new never before seen footage, unless you’ve seen it before, that talks more in-depth about the reveal that Peter Parker is indeed Spider-man.

The clip is just over a minute and I’m guessing it was going to go right after the cut that we got of Peter Parker shouting What The F but that’s probably a better way to end the movie that ties more in with the ending of Homecoming and the big reveal in that.

It’s pretty funny anyway so without further ado let’s get into the clip.

Quentin Beck Is A Fraud

Ok so that’s the post-credits scene, it’s short but sweet and there is actually quite a lot to unpack from it and some new announcements that we’ve had over the past week.

Firstly there’s a quick clip of a newspaper article that we see from The Daily Bugle.net that actually paints out how the world views Mysterio in the wake of the attack on London. Most authority figures probably know that the villain was actually the one that orchestrated it all and it looks like this truth is making it’s way around the world with the paragraph that reads:

Quentin Beck was not born on Earth – at least – not our Earth – but he gave his life protecting it. If only the people weren’t fed such lies about him,

This makes it seem that at least there is some stance against the villain with probably the majority of the world knowing that Spider-man isn’t a murderer and that Mysterio was just a master illusionist that tried to prop himself up as a hero.

Spider-Man 3 Teaser

Now going forward this could definitely be used as a way for Peter Parker to downplay his part in the death of the character and if there are indeed people out there that know the truth and believe that he had no involvement then it may even be possible for the character to team up with some of the MCU heroes in order to clear his name.

I’m glad this line was at least put somewhere as pretty much all of the Avengers and characters at the end of Endgame will know that Peter is a good kid and not the kinda guy to launch a drone attack so it’s great that the public is starting to get this understanding and it could definitely be an element that clears the characters name.

However, if the heroes do decide to work with Spider-man then where does that leave J Jonah Jameson. In the clip, he says that the good people of the nation will Squash Peter like the bug that he is and this could also be setting things up in the Sony verse. Now we did have confirmation earlier this week that J Jonah Jameson is going to be the first MCU character to cross over into the spider-verse and that he will be making an appearance in the upcoming movie Morbius starring Jared Leto.

In that, after failing to gain people behind his cause he could, in fact, turn to the villain and there is precedent in the comic books for J Jonah Jameson getting spider-man’s villains to attack the webhead. Most notably, JJ was the one who gave Scorpion access to all of his technology. He is going to be a pivotal character that connects the two universes and bridges them together.

This also means that Morbius could potentially be setting up some events that happen in Spider-man 3 and I would be very surprised if Tom Holland or at least a mention of Spider-man didn’t pop up in that movie hinting at what would be coming in the third MCU film for the wallcrawler.

It’s exciting times as always with Spider-man and I really can’t wait to see what happens down the line, especially now that we know he is back in the MCU.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this scene and what you hope to see in the future. Do you think Spider-man is the true villain of the series? DO YOU HAVE PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN!!!???

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