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Spider-Man: Far From Home Top 10 Trivia And Easter Eggs | BFP, Sandman, Fergie, Cameos & More

spiderman far from home easter eggs and references

10. Amazing Cameos

Spider-Man Far From Home is filled with some amazing cameos that beautifully link back to prior movies. The first one comes in the form of a Stark Scientist who worked for Obidiah Stane in the initial Iron-Man film. The actor playing the part in the first film, Peter Billingsly, too returns to reprise the role after his appearance over 11 years ago.

In addition to this JK Simmons returns as J Jonah Jameson, however, the film gives him an update and rather than having him as a Newspaper Editor, the character is an Alex Jones Esque Info Wars reporter that breaks to the world that Spider-man is none other than Peter Parker which ties into our next point.


9. Peter Parker’s Identity

Whilst the reveal that Peter Parker is Spider-man seems pretty big in the MCU, this reveal has actually already happened in the comic books with the character unmasking on live tv for the world in order to try and get other superheroes to sign up to the registration act.

Though we’ve already had the Civil War arc in the movies, this reveal definitely dealt out some big consequences for the character with the villains of the Marvel Universe going after Peter’s friends and family, including Aunt May who was shot by an assassin hired by Kingpin.

spiderman far from home easter eggs and references

8. Finding Wakanda

On the nine-hour flight to Europe, when searching for something to watch, Peter stumbles across a documentary called Finding Wakanda. This shows that the country has definitely opened its borders to the UN and has allowed access to the rest of the world as promised at the end of the film Black Panther.

7. Iron Heart

There’s also a play on the hero Iron-Heart in the documentary that also appears here called ‘Heart Of Iron.’ For those who don’t know, Iron-Heart took over the role of Iron-Man when the character died in the comic books and this is a nice little hint at what we may be getting in the future.

uncle ben in the mcu

6. Benjamin Franklin Parker

Even though we’ve never seen Uncle Ben in the MCU there is still a hint to him in this film that comes in the form of the suitcase that Peter packs his clothes into. On the top next to the handle, we can see the initials BFP which stands for Benjamin Franklin Parker, Peter’s deceased Uncle that set him on the route to becoming a hero.

5. London Bridge

In the film when flying to take Mysterio head on for the final battle, Happy Hogan who is piloting the plane drops a line about Nick Fury telling him to go to London Bridge which he realises is, in fact, Tower Bridge. I don’t know if this is for definite but I’m pretty sure it’s a joke about the song ‘London Bridge’ by Fergie in which the singer unintentionally references the wrong bridge for the entire song.

4. Peter’s Passport

In the movie, Peter Parker’s passport lists his birthday as August 10th (which just so happens to be two days after mine). This is significant because Spider-Man’s first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy #15 which was released August 10th, 1962.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is actually no stranger to Spider-man films and after Tobey Maguire seriously injured his back during the filming of Seabiscuit, Gyllenhaal was almost recast as the central character because no one thought that he would be able to film the movie.

Maguire’s back did heal and he was able to go on and shoot the sequel which has an injoke about his back being hurt when he falls during a failed swing.

2. Ned And Betty

In the film, Peter’s guy in a chair Ned ends up getting pretty close to Betty and the two become boyfriend and girlfriend. Though this is really short-lived, it’s actually a reference to the comics in which Betty Brandt and the Hobgoblin, Ned Leeds.

Though Ned definitely isn’t a villain this is a cool little reference to when the two tied the knot that in the film shows their future would have disastrous consequences if they continued on their relationship.

far from home easter eggs

1. The Elementals Appearance

When they elementals appear there are several references to Spider-man’s rich comic history.

In the films opening there is a car license plate which reads 463 which is an easter egg for the earth villain The Sandman who first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man 4 which released in 1963.

During the Water Elemental attack, a boat sign reads ASM212 which refers to the Amazing Spider-man #212 which was the first appearance of Water Villain Hydro-Man.

During the fire elemental attack, there is a license plate that reads “2865 SEP” which is a reference to the Spider-man villain Molten Man who made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #28 back in 1965.

spider-man boat easter egg

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