Spider-man Homecoming Review By Andrew Breeze |...

Spider-man Homecoming Review By Andrew Breeze | Minor Spoilers

Spiderman Homecoming Review by Andrew Breeze Minor Spoilers

Spiderman Homecoming Review by Andrew Breeze Minor Spoilers

Spider-man: HomecomingA film by Peter Parker which is the Spider-man movie we have all been waiting for. Let us get all of the confusing previous legal stuff out of the way. Before Marvel were a strong film unit, they sold the film rights of Spider-man to help fund their own progression into the movie universe. Iron Man was released into cinemas in 2008 and the rest is history. Sony picked up the rights to Spider-man and had a good run with Toby Maguire, they then rebooted the character with Andrew Garfield and scrapped all planned sequels as the franchise didn’t make the money Sony were hoping for. This resulted in Sony having second thoughts about Spidey…. then something magic happened. Marvel and Sony came up with a deal which allowed Spider-Man to be apart of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) which would see Marvel produce the film and for Sony to receive the money taken. Win win for a fan!!

Ok with that out of the way, let us begin

With great power comes…… whoa wait?

How refreshing! Finally a film that doesn’t see the need to go through Peter’s back story and focus on how burdened with guilt he is. Instead the film is inspired by John Hughes, this aesthetic really drives for a personal film for Peter Parker rather than a Spider-man movie. Which is actually a great thing. Marvel have taken a few hits with their bad guys, with people claiming that they are never fully developed. This film is a huge step in the right direction. We get a back story for the Vulture which makes us question who the bad guy really is. It’s brilliant at putting us in the characters shoes and allows us to ask questions like ‘What would we do?’ ‘Are the Avengers really the good guys?’


So many questions as we see a man drift further and further into darkness. Michael Keaton is amazing as a sinister complex antagonist and every time he is on the screen he lights up the show. I could watch a solo Vulture film as I feel his character is so relatable! It’s that good!

The film switches focus Peter as a 15 year old boy. Since fighting alongside the Avengers he has had his world turned upside down. Settling back into a normal life is difficult for the character and he is itching to get back to something bigger. The film perfectly balances Peter Parker and his Spider-man persona, we get to see on screen the ‘Ultimate Spider-man’ comic book story arch, written by Brian Michael Bendis. A kid coming to grips with this amazing power he has, but rather than getting used to It, he wants to jump in head first. That is Peter Parker, a young man with a good heart who will put himself on the line for anyone. So without uttering the words “with great power” we already get to see that this Peter Parker is driven by the same morals.

Spiderman Homecoming Tom Holland Pictures

Spidey Support

The film has a huge supporting cast. Ned (whole is most definitely Genke from Miles Morale’s Spiderman) gets a special shout out as his bromance with Peter is amazing (no pun intended). The bad guys stack up, Shocker, The Tinkerer, The Prowler, Scorpion… the list goes on and even though these are supporting characters they manage to fit in so well without seeming like we have too many bad guys.

Iron Man plays as a father figure to Peter with Happy Hogan as his guardian. They never overshadow Peter nor is it anywhere near an Iron Man film like the trailer made it to look. There are several scenes in the trailer which don’t make it into the film.

Tom Holland is MY Spider-man, balancing the geek that is Peter Parker and the ever so confident and jokey Spider-man. This guy is so believable as Spidey, I want to see more!

This film is grounded with a threat that is huge but not world ending, which makes it so refreshing to watch. It makes me see both points of view, from the Vulture and Spidey.

So without going into spoilers there is my review. Go and see Spidey as this is the best Spider-man film to date and up there with my favourite Marvel films!!

4.5 /5

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