Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Deffinition | F...

Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Deffinition | Film Talk

Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Deffinition | Film Talk

Sony’s First Movie In The MCU

Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Deffinition

Spider-Man Homecoming is the best MCU movie in my opinion by far. They knocked it out the PARK…er….what? It’s a completely grounded story that doesn’t need New York getting destroyed, there’s no blue laser shooting into the sky, it’s just a down to earth super hero movie about stopping robberies with your friendly neighborhood racist, I mean Spider-Man.

From the off this film has a comedic coming of age feel to it and it honestly would operate as a teen film if not for the superpowers. It feels like Superbad….but it’s super..man…fucks sake. The higher ups like iron man disregard peter because of how young he is and it’s a real under dog tale that gets you invested in the character. I love how they parody other superheroes, they take the piss out of captain america, batman and his new voice…


There’s a real sense of fun throughout. Michael Keaton does a great job as the Vulture and he is definitely one of the best marvel on screen villains so far. I love didn’t need to show Uncle Ben getting killed. With great responsibility comes great rice. And all of the characters have been rebooted in a good way, except for Mary Jane who is a stalker, a weirdo and probably cooks peter brownies with her pubes in, but I digress. The film is great from start to finish and whilst it steals certain elements from current comics and comic book movies, like Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire, in fact they stole a lot from them,  it adapts then well and there is a lot to like.  That’s why overall I’m giving the film a


I know everyone bangs on about how fit the new aunt may is and I just wish they would bring back the old one. She was the sweet rose in my heart. I just miss her so much :'(

Spider-man homecoming review Old Aunt May vs new one

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