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Spider-Man Homecoming Review | No Spoilers | Review By Rex Regis

Spiderman Homecoming Reviews with No Spoilers By Rex Regis For Film Talk

Spider-Man Homecoming Review No Spoilers

Look Who’s Coming Home!

From the off this movie feels different. Spider-man Homecoming wasted no time setting the back story of the Michael Keaton’s character, The Vulture. Explaining in depth his goals and motivation. This was a great way to begin the film because I can’t remember the last superhero movie which set up the “bad guys” backstory first.

Visually you could tell which scenes were shot under green screen. Throughout the recent MCU outings I’ve noticed this jaggedness quite a lot. However, the CGI within the action scenes are all high grade top notch stuff as ever.

Robert Downey Jr was typical Robert Downey Jr. It’s exactly what you would expect which is great and the movie doesn’t suffer from any uneccessary Ironman overkill.

The story overall was pretty good, I’ll be honest there was a small portion of the movie where I started getting aware of the time in a “I wonder how long is left” kind of way. Mainly because the part of the movie we were on was one heavily featured in the trailers. But then the film took a twist not long after that and sucked me right back in and gave me a heat flush and goosebumps.

Spiderman Homecoming Reviews with No Spoilers By Rex Regis For Film Talk

Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man and an even better Peter Parker. The lad can act there was a few scenes in this movie where I was like “damn go on son” He didn’t look out of place alongside Robert Downey Junior and Michael Keaton and this really speaks to his on screen charisma and acting chops.

Comparing it to the other comic book movies this year… I’d say this one stacks up well. Wonder Woman was and still is the best one to come out for audiences in 2017 BUT Spidey beats out Logan and Guardians 2 quite easily. Do I think Thor Ragnarok and Justice League will be better? You’re damn right.

Spider-Man Homecoming is Well worth a watch, it offers thrills and chills that definitely keep the Marvel train moving.

At this point despite really looking forward to Thor 3 and Black Panther, a massive part of me just wants Infinity War now. LIKE RIGHT NOW!

So overall this gets a strong…


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