spider man full official sony spider verse slate breakdown all announced films explained madame web venom 2 kraven the hunter into the spiderverse 2 morbius black cat

It’s been a big day for webheads with us getting a lot of exciting reveals on the upcoming Sony slate centered around The Spider-Verse.

Now first thing this morning I was awoken by the news that Kevin Feige was officially developing a Star Wars film and if you go back and connect the dots it became pretty apparent that this may have lead to the collapse of the Sony Disney deal that was centred around the wall crawler. I don’t wanna retread old ground but I’ve already made a video today on that so make sure you check it out if you want more information but for the moment I’m just going to be focusing solely on the recently reported full Sony Spider-verse slate.

This has just broke the internet with it picking up a lot of traction online and whether you hate or love Sony right now, there’s definitely a lot to unpack from it.

I’m gonna be going over all of the announcements and there will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch Spider-man Far From Home yet then you may wanna turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of the upcoming spider-man slate.

Full Sony Spider-man Slate

Ok so before we start I have to say that these probably won’t be in release order as there’s a lot of things that seem too close together which I’ll get into later, this is just the list that has been reported so I want to stick as close to I can to that.

full spider man sony movie slate venom 2 morbius into the spider verse 2


The first film in the slate will be Morbius starring Jared Leto, this has been in production for a while so it’s no real surprise here and it will likely follow the same aesthetic of setting up the villain similar to Venom, however, there is opportunity for Tom Holland to cameo here with the actor no longer being under the MCU umbrella.

Venom 2

Next up is the already confirmed Venom 2 which we know has director Andy Serkis at the helm and will once again feature Tom Hardy in the main role. This will likely pick up on the prior events of Venom with the character going head to head with Carnage as was teased in the post-credits scene.

There is also potential here for Holland to cameo and as we know from leaked reports, the actor did shoot a scene for the first film but Disney made the studio cut it due to the character being dead in Infinity War.

Spider-Man 3 & 4

The next films on the slate are Spider-Man 3 and 4. Now whilst these probably won’t be released concurrently it does pretty much confirm that for the next 5 years at least, Spider-man will not be connected to the MCU unless Disney are able to make another deal. Sony seem very confident announcing the two films so we have to assume that three, similar to Far From Home will end in a Cliffhanger that has to be paid off in the fourth film.

Kraven the Hunter is rumored to be the villain for this project with there being a big manhunt for Spider-man and though his movie pops up later in the slate, I actually think that it will happen before Spider-man 3.

spider man full official sony spider verse slate breakdown all announced films explained madame web venom 2 kraven the hunter into the spiderverse 2 morbius black cat

Into The Spider-Verse 2

Next up is Into The Spider-Verse 2. This is a complete no brainer, of course, the studio was going to go ahead with this as the prior film won Oscars and is one of the best Spider-man, scratch that, comic book movies of all time. This was always going to go ahead and I doubt that there are any real surprises with its announcement.

However what comes next in the slate is a bit left field and that is…

All-Female Spider-Verse Spinoff

Now obviously Sony loved the way that Gwen Stacy and Peni Parker were utlised in the initial film and there are no doubt big plans for this going forward. There’s a big rise of female superheroes at the moment and no doubt Sony are looking to cash in on the hype around this so it makes a lot of sense too.

Kraven The Hunter

The next item in the slate is something that I mentioned earlier and that is The Kraven The Hunter movie. Kraven is a really really underrated Spider-man villain and there’s actually a lot of depth to the character on a psychological level. Kraven is absolutely fascinating and in the comic books he’s one of the only villains to truly beat Spider-man.

Personally, as I mentioned earlier, I think this will drop before Spider-Man 3 and then the stage will be set for the two to face off in that movie. There’s potential here for a massive film and I definitely think that it will deliver.

Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, Jackpot, Nightwatch

Next in the slate, there’s actually five films all centered around side characters in the Spider-man universe and each one of these is apparently getting their own, standalone film.

The five films are Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, Jackpot and lastly Nightwatch.

Now, is this a good idea? Personally I think that this is a bit of oversaturation, however we did hear that Sony was developing TV shows centred around Spider-man characters so this could be the avenue that they take these down. Whilst they are announced as part of the film slate I think this seems far more likely and just makes a lot more sense.

Madam Web

After that is the announcement that we got today which is the Madame Web movie. Now, this has the potential to be the film which opens up Spider-man to the multiverse, however, there seems to be quite a lot of backlash online with many people asking why characters who’ve never had a standalone comic book are getting a standalone movie.

It does seem a bit like Sony are completely milking this entire thing and honestly, I’m not too sure on this one. Are people really all that interested in Madame Web? I guess we will see but personally, this may be a pass from me unless this is something truly special.

madam web movie in development at sony pictures

Sinister Six

And lastly on the list is the Sinister Six film. Now, again this is an obvious one as Sony have been trying to build a Sinister Six movie for decades now and it looks like they finally have the opportunity to actually pull it off this time.

I’m guessing everything mentioned prior to this will build up towards it with there being a team of not only villains but also good guys that go head to head in this movie. I actually think that Venom will be the wildcard here and the final battle will be decided by which side he falls on. It could be great, it could be terrible but I guess only time will tell.

My Thoughts

Now, as I’m sure you’ve guessed I’m feeling a bit cautious about this entire thing. Personally I’m not sure of just how much some of these character have pull wise and it seems strange to announce standalone films for them when they’re not really known for getting butts in seats.

Now, does that mean that Sony can’t pull it off? Absolutely not. I think the MCU showed that even small characters can make big box office returns if they are handled correctly and there is the potential for Sony to do this here.

I think the slate is, for lack of a better word, bold, however, this just looks like it could go either way and I guess we will all find out soon enough.

Your Thoughts

Now, obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this slate and if you’re excited or not. Comment below and let me know!

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