Spider-Man Tom Holland Had A Cameo In Venom But...

Spider-Man Tom Holland Had A Cameo In Venom But Disney Made Sony Cut It

spiderman in the mcu tom holland venom cameo scene breakdown full movie explained and whos to blame in the disney and sony deal

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler-man and if the Sony and Disney deal has got you feeling like you’re caught in a web, well things just got a lot more complicated with the reveal that Spider-man, aka Tom Holland, was originally meant to have a cameo in Venom.

This news came directly from Collider live who, when discussing the disney and sony deal brought up the fact that Tom Holland was originally meant to appear at some point in Venom, however, Mickey Mouse stepped in and made the studio remove the clip as it didn’t coincide with their vision of the MCU and at this point they wanted the characters to remain as separate as possible.

Ok so some pretty reliable sources with this information. John Schnepp, rest in peace, of course, was a huge comic book movie fan who created The Death Of Superman lives and I pretty much take this at their word. Now what it shows is that Sony has been trying to connect the two franchises for a long time and that Disney sort of picked up on this and realised that Venom may, in fact, cause problems for them down the line with it granting Sony the opportunity to go off and build their own Spider-verse.

As Venom wasn’t really overseen by Disney, though we do have confirmation that they did step in at some point to help with the editing of the film which is why Feige wanted a producer credit and Disney wanted more than 5%, it’s clear that they did have some involvement.

I think Disney and Marvel are clearly very protective of their franchise and they probably thought that the inclusion of Venom may have caused some issues and perhaps not be the way that they wanted to handle the characters origin story as it wasn’t really tied to Spider-man who is integral to the character.

Venom did go on to make a lot of money and I agree with the Collider panel that some of this was garnered by rumors of an appearance by Holland in the film. Whilst it was panned critically I actually do quite like Venom…except for like the lobster scene maybe…damn the guy ate a full lobster…but other than that it’s an enjoyable film in my opinion.

spiderman in the mcu tom holland venom cameo scene breakdown full movie explained and whos to blame in the disney and sony deal

Disney Sony Contract

I think that in hindsight maybe if Disney had let Sony include this scene then it may have actually helped to tie the universes together in a way that would make it harder to dismantle them in contract negotiations, though it could’ve also granted Sony the opportunity to break off and do their own thing which they have the potential to, though as of now negotiations are still ongoing.

Either way, it’s very interesting and pretty much confirms that Sony was always planning to bring this two together and who knows, if Sony does decide to fully split with the character then we may indeed see Holland pop up in Venom 2.

What’s actually really weird about all this is that I was rewatching Infinity War yesterday just before the UK release of Avengers Endgame on Blu Ray and Spider-man in the introduction is, of course, coming back from a field trip so it could have explained why he was all the way out in San Francisco which is where Venom was set.

At the point of Venom’s release, however, Infinity War had of course happened, so there probably would need to be some retconning in order to have the character in the film due to his death at the end.

Your Thoughts

This is all extremely interesting though and I really would have loved to have seen the character pop up in the movie and wonder if we will ever get this scene in sequels.

I’d obviously love to hear your thoughts on the scene and if you would’ve like to have seen it as well. Comment below and let me know!

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