Star Wars: Episode IX: Official Trailer: Leaked...

Star Wars: Episode IX: Official Trailer: Leaked Information Explained

star wars episode 9 IX official trailer leaked information breakdown explained and everything you missed in the spoiler talk review

So December has been a pretty big month for Disney trailers and whilst there have been rumours of an Episode 9 trailer we still haven’t got it yet. However, the internet is rife with rumours and leaks about the trailer and throughout this article, I will be piecing together everything we know so far in order to build the best picture of the movie before the trailer drops.

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Star Wars: Episode 9: Official Trailer: Breakdown

So from The Last Jedi and leaked information on the trailer, it’s pretty clear that the movie will focus on the final battle between the First Order, lead by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, and the Resistance. The Resistance is still lead by Princess Leia and apparently Disney have managed to incorporate the character into the movie even though Carrie Fisher is no longer with us.

The trailer is reportedly narrated pretty heavily by Kylo Ren and we get a return of his acolytes, the Knights of Ren, who appeared briefly in The Force Awakens. It was unclear exactly what happened to them and why they were absent but one could guess that they have been away building their skills and with their now being room for a Sith Apprentice, they may even battle it out for a position at Kylo’s Side. JJ Abrahams clearly wanted some focus on this group so it seems like a course correction after they were absent from The Last Jedi.

star wars episode 9 IX official trailer leaked information breakdown explained and everything you missed in the spoiler talk review

Finn and Poe are apparently seen atop some horse-like creatures as they ride on top of a new planet that seems very vegitative. On this new planet, they meet two new Resistance characters played by Dominic Monaghan and Naomi Ackie. Ackie is rumoured to be playing Lando’s daughter and this is pretty much confirmed by the reappearance of the character in the trailer who is shown to be back onboard the Millenium Falcon.

Rey has reforged her lightsabre and seems like the complete Jedi now much in the same way that Luke was by Return Of The Jedi. As of now this is all of the information that I can find from various newspapers and other videos but exactly what happens will be released in due time with the full trailer.

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