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STAR WARS: The Rise Of Skywalker Spoilers: Images From Premiere Confirm The Leaks & NEW Plot Details

rise of skywalker leaks

With The Rise Of Skywalker Premiering last night we actually have six big images that have been leaked online.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be going over what’s in the images and additional plot spoilers that weren’t in the original video that I put together and just discussing how the film got to this point.

Obviously there will be Heavy Spoilers here and with the movie just two days away you might wanna skip this video if you haven’t had anything ruined yet.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of the leaked images and plot points.

Star Wars Plot Leaks

Ok so basically…to paraphrase Han Solo:

The leaks were true…all of them.

I can’t post the images here because I don’t want a Disney DMCA but basically what they do is confirm the leaks.

If you wanna see them then all you need to do is head over to and yeah the images are all there.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Leaked Images

So the images that have been put up so far are two pictures of Emporer Palpatine in which he looks like how he did in the last film, but they’ve painted his face completely white and put contact lenses in them.

He looks very old and very frail and he’s also sat in his mechanical chair.

There’s also an image of The Wayfinder which was the big MacGuffin that lead Kylo to find the Sith Lords hideout and in addition to this from the end of the movie we see Leia and Luke’s lightsaber on Tattooine.

The most notable image in them however that’s probably more important than all of these and definitely confirms the leaks is that Rey has a Yellow Lightsaber.

If you’ve seen the entire plot leak breakdown you’ll know that the movie ends with her holding it and calling herself Rey Skywalker and yep, this image confirms it.

I always thought this would be the make or break leak as a yellow lightsaber being in a film was a big point of contention as it would be unlikely that someone would make it up but the leaks said it was true and yep, we now know that it is.

In addition to this Twitter user CallMeBenSwolo has also been posting leaks about what happens in the film and I’ll just be going through their posts and talking about what they said.

rise of skywalker leaks

Rise Of Skywalker Premiere Spoilers

– Some more confirmation that, yes, Kylo dies after his redemption. Kylo revives Rey. They smile at each other, she says “Ben” and they kiss. Kylo disappears like Luke when he dies. They do not say “I love you.” Kylo holds her sweetly when he brings her back to life, and says the force bond is stronger than ever.

– Rey is the granddaughter of Grandpapa Palps. Takes the name Rey Skywalker at the end (whole Tatooine scene is true). Rey having BB8 at the end isn’t explained. Finn & Poe are alive, but they are not with her in the final scene.

– Leia and Kylo have no scenes together. Rey stabs Kylo during their fight at the same moment Leia dies. Rey cries and heals him after.

– Han is in the movie. Anakin’s voice IS in the movie. Hayden voiced Anakin.

– Jannah isn’t confirmed to be Lando’s daughter. Poe lives. Knights of Ren are hardly in the movie (I’m assuming they only appear in the helmet repair scene and when Rey & Kylo fight them). Doesn’t remember KoR having any dialogue.

– They don’t really fight [Palpatine]. Yes he shoots lightning into the sky”

– Nobody ends up with anyone in a romantic sense at the end of the movie.

– Movie doesn’t explain how Palpatine is back. Palpatine created Snoke and there are a couple tanks with Snoke clones in them. Nothing else is explained.

– Kylo’s reaction to seeing Rey dead: “Panicked and hurt. It was well acted but still so awkward because of pacing.

– About Reylo moments: ” There were honestly moments that could have been so hot if they’d been handled better. They way they talked to each other was kinda ‘wink wink’ and the force bond was really strong so that was cool”

– Only the force ghosts of Luke & Leia are at the end.

– Leia’s last word is “Ben”

– “First [Palpatine] wants Rey to kill him, then when she doesn’t, Rey just reflects his lightning back at him until he dies. They don’t fight Palps. Ben gets yeeted into the Pit”

– “Luke’s ghost appeared to catch Rey’s saber when she tried to throws it away.”

– Hux is RIP. He was revealed as a spy because he basically wanted to tear Kylo down. He helps Finn & Poe escape. Gets killed by Pryde.

– Rey fought Dark Rey, which was a vision, for a little bit then the vision disappeared. This sequence is on the wreckage of the Death Star.

– “The opening scene is actually the Kylo on the red planet scene and it has little added context! He is there to get a way finder to Sith Land, and immediately arrives there and it goes right into the scenes from the Kylo tv spot. That’s literally the opening of the movie.”

– Rose and Rey didn’t speak to each other.

– About the LGBT moment in the movie: ” That woman that is close to Leia and Holdo? She kisses a woman in the background at the end.”

– Says it’s implied that Finn is going to confess his feelings for Rey (their interpretation), but it doesn’t happen. Rey confides in Finn and prefers him over Poe because she doesn’t get along with him.

– Han appears to Kylo and they have a very similar conversation as the TFA bridge moment (even some exact dialogue). Ben says “You’re just a memory.” Han says “Your memory,” touches his face. And Ben turns and tosses away his red saber. “Leia used her last strength to reach out to Ben and call his name. He felt it and saw Han afterward. These two interactions cause his turn.”

– List of deaths they remember: Boolio, Hux, Pryde, Leia, Ben, Snap Wexley, Rey (temporarily), Palpatine

– “Ben comes to save her from becoming Empress Palpatine (I’m serious) and revives her when killing Palps kills her. Ben never wanted her dead. She instantly regrets stabbing him.”

– Palpatine is waiting for Rey to come kill him so all the Sith can inhabit her body. Then he gets rejuvenated by Ben and Rey’s combined energies/powers/something like that, and decides to kill them

– There is a flashback scene of Luke training Leia in the Force and lightsaber combat. She even had a saber which Force Ghost Luke gives to Rey. Leia has been training Rey in the Force. Rey can straight up float while also levitating tons of rocks around her.

– Lando flies the falcon and bring a bunch of ships to the big fight at the end.

– “Rey stole Ben’s ship on the death star and takes it to Ach-to to hide out there forever like Luke, so she destroys it so she cant leave.” “Then she goes to throw her saber into the flames but ghost Luke catches it and then gives her Leia’s saber and then lifts the x-wing out of the water. That’s how Rey gets off Ach-to”

– Palpatine tells Kylo to kill Rey and Kylo basically refuses (he doesn’t outright say it though). Kylo is done taking orders.

– In the scene where the voices of the Jedi come to aid Rey, they tell her to rise and that she has all of the power of the Jedi. Anakin’s voice is there, so is Ahsoka’s. A lot of the dialogue overlaps. Yoda’s voice is there. Confirmed Obi-Wan’s voice is too. Thinks Mace Windu’s voice is in it.

– Force dyad is in the movie. Ben & Rey have a very deep connection.

– C3PO gets his memory back. He can understand Sith script but is forbidden from translating it so they hack his memory, thus wiping it, and he tells them where to find the wayfinder. Forgets everyone/everything but is restored by R2.

– Implied Finn is force-sensitive.

– Carrie & Billie share a scene together where they talk about Resistance-related stuff.

star wars the rise of skywalker plot leak breakdown

What The Hell Happened

And that’s all of the leaks from the Premiere which pretty much confirm everything that we already knew about the film. There’s a couple of changes here and there but yeah, for the most part, it’s pretty much bang on what I posted last week so make sure you head over to that video after this if you want the full breakdown.

Now honestly just thinking about how bad this entire leak has been, I genuinely think we are gonna find Kathleen Kennedy dead in the next couple of days with a pair of white Micky Mouse gloves next to her because I have no idea why security was so lacking across the board here. You have actors leaving scripts in hotels, leaks just getting out months ahead of the movie, reshoot updates then breaking the internet and now photos actually being taken at the premiere of the film.

Where was security this entire time?

I’m not even joking I went to see Ford Vs Ferrari a couple of weeks ago and there was a security guard standing watching the entire cinema for the full movie. We got told before going in we would get in trouble if we were even on our phones during the trailers and yet these people are taking photos at the premiere at the end of the movie.

It’s just kinda crazy to me that this whole thing got leaked and I have no doubt that Disney will be mad because they’re normally air tight on security.

Lucasfilm back in the day used to arrest people for even stepping on the Skywalker ranch incase they were getting leaks and this entire movie has been out in the open for months now.

It’s just baffling how it all got out.

This is meant to be the end of one of Disney’s flagship franchises and the entire thing sounds so mishandled that I don’t see how there aren’t mass firings across the board.

I think after the hype has died down we are going to see some resignations, you know the type, where they say it’s a resignation but really people got sacked.

Now will the movie be bad…erm…I think it’ll be ok…just ok…it won’t be a badly made movie, it’ll probably have some cringey moments but it won’t be flat out…ah I can’t even say it. Look we’re gonna see but man, what a mess.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Rise Of Skywalkers leaks and if you’re still going to go see the film or not.

Comment below and let me know!

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