Star Wars: Volume 1: Skywalker Strikes Review

Star Wars: Volume 1: Skywalker Strikes Review

star wars skywalker strikes review by deffinition as part of the marvel comic book series readthrough

star wars skywalker strikes review by deffinition as part of the marvel comic book series readthrough

Star Wars: Volume 1: Skywalker Strikes Review By Deffinition

Star Wars possesses a rich history when it comes to print. There have been several storylines far beyond the cinematic universe that have expanded the films in successful ways. Now, newly bought by Disney, the film company have teamed the franchise up with Marvel in order to produce a range of comic books centered around it’s characters.

Throughout this review I will be discussing the first volume from that run: Skywalker Strikes; to let you know whether it’s worth picking up. There will be minor spoilers so it may be worth waiting until you have read the book for yourself before checking this out if you want to view it with fresh eyes.

With that out the way let’s dive into Star Wars: Skywalker Strikes!

A Solo Mission

Having just destroyed the Death Star, Luke Skywalker is a wanted man. However, this doesn’t stop him from travelling to an Empire Weapons Facility in order to take it down. Joined by Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and the droids, the opener is rather par for the course. Vader shows up and there are a couple of comedic close calls that definitely cement this in the Star Wars aesthetic.

The friendship between the team is undeveloped at this point and it’s a smart move to pit the first volume during this period. It allows all characters to grow as the graphic novel journeys on and fans will definitely become wrapped up in this even if it feels rather by the numbers.

There are also some restrictions due to the time setting. Luke, of course, can’t battle Vader properly in order to stay inline with The Empire Strikes Back but the creative team still manage to come close to aspects like this without detailing the mythology completely and should be commended as such for it.

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Evading Vader

After escaping the Weapons Factory by the skin of their teeth, the Rebels are tracked by Vader across the barren landscape of Cymoon 1. It’s a thrilling chase sequence that showcases all of the hero’s strengths whilst displaying Vader’s menace in a threatening way. Even though there are no real lasting consequences of the encounter and it is fairly predictable it still provides excitement that fans will adore.

As you would presume, a book that is set between key events and must adhere to continuity cannot do so by doing everlasting things to its main cast so the creative team smartly introduce new characters. Whilst few in numbers they are still interesting enough to provide some flair and they give the book a certain sense of innovation and unpredictability.

I loved the introduction of a skeleton in Han’s closet and it expertly teased what could come down the line.

Fettch Quest

The final arc of the book involves Han and Leia developing a relationship and Boba Fett tracking down Luke. Fett is instantly given more to do than he ever did in the films and his cult following will find a lot to love here. He and Skywalker have a phenomenal battle at Obi Wan’s home on Tattooine and it is definitely the book’s highlight.

Both arcs end on cliffhangers and will leave most wanting more which is a brilliant note to end a first Volume on.

skywalker strikes graphic novel review

The Verdict

Skywalker Strikes doesn’t exactly break the mold but it’s still a fun journey. I wish there had been more lasting consequences to some of the aspects in the book, howe,ver I understand that it is incredibly difficult to do so with the time period that this takes place.

The graphic novel does a great job of setting up what is to come and whilst it doesn’t exactly set the Galaxy on fire it still does a good job.

It gets a…


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