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Star Wars:The Last Jedi: What Reys True Parents Symbolise | Fan Theory Explained | Film Analysis

Star Wars The Last Jedi Reys True Parents Identity and Fan Theory explained and what this symbolises

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Ending Explained

Throughout the Force Awakens one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Rey was the identity of her parents. Fan theories were abundant on the internet and all manner of names were put forward from Admiral Ackbar to Boss Nass to Watto The Junkyard Dealer.

As it turns out, none of those are the reality–or, at least, that’s what viewers are led to believe. During their confrontation on Snoke’s ship in The Last Jedi, Kylo tells Rey she already knows who her parents were. “They’re nobody,” he says to her. Kylo adds that they probably sold her off for drinking money and are now buried in a pauper’s grave. What a great guy.


Who Are Rey’s Parents In Star Wars?

While this might be disappointing for some fans, it makes Rey a more mysterious and interesting character. It also gives her a connection to Darth Vader that Kylo will never have. Anakin Skywalker, like Rey, came from nothing. He was a “nobody” who was strong with the Force and ended up changing the galaxy. Of course, it was for the worse. Rey, on the other hand, can save it. We see this motif repeat in the film, ending on a nobody standing in a similar stance to Luke in a New Hope, showing that even the smallest of beings can make an impact in the universe. A graceful way to show that great things come from small beginnings.

The Dark Side

Throughout The Last Jedi, Rey envisions a dark place on the island where she trains with Master Skywalker. Luke fearing that she will always go to the Dark wrestles with the fact that he could be training another evil apprentice. Going against his wishes Rey visits the cave, desperate to learn of her past. In the end she sees nothing but herself. Whilst people may think this would lead her down a darker path, knowing that her parents purposefully abandoned her, in the end it is actually her salvation.

Tempted by the Dark Side, Rey learns from the fact that her parents were wicked and selfish and instead of joining Ren, decides to make a difference in the Galaxy. To mean something, a symbol of hope for all, some would even say she is a New Hope, some would say she is The Return Of The Jedi…some would say she is Attack Of The Clones…that doesn’t really work does it. Fuelled by the fact that they abandoned her she had to travel to the dark side to learn the truth and takes this knowledge to realise that it is not a path that she wants to travel down. The hate that flows within her for her parents in fact causes her to rebel against their personalities and become a force for good.

Similar to this Kylo Ren feels rejected by his parents after he was left with his crazy uncle Luke who got drunk one night and tried to cut his head off. We’ve all been there.

Anyway it makes for a nice similarity between the two that adds a lot of depth to The Last Jedi and makes it one of the best Star Wars films to date.

Who Are Reys Parents in Star Wars

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