Stranger Things 4 Predictions: Everything We Ex...

Stranger Things 4 Predictions: Everything We Expect To See After The Ending Of Season 3 Explained

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With the explosive finale of Stranger Things 3 turning the Netflix show Upside down its time to look to the future for what we could have coming down the line.

Throughout this, I’ll be giving my thoughts what could happen in season 4 of Stranger Things and giving the evidence to support my theories.

There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you haven’t seen season 3 of Stranger Things then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way let’s get into my Stranger Things Season 4 predictions.

Stranger Things 4 Explained

Ok so first things first, it’s a pretty safe assumption to make that Stranger Things 4 will take place during Christmas 1986.

The show has centered around holidays for the past two seasons with this becoming somewhat of a motif with Halloween and Independence Day both playing into the show massively.

Christmas is paid lip service in the finale by Mike as being the next time the characters will meet so I can definitely see this being not only the time that the show will be set during but will also be when Netflix releases it worldwide.

stranger things season 4 ending explained predictions


What else is so notable about 1986 is that it’s also the year that the Infamous Chernobyl disaster happened. With Russia now playing such a big part in the show it makes sense that this would be included and it could be linked back to their experiments on the upside down that we have confirmed throughout the series.

As the villains are once again shown in the post-credits scene and are possessing a Demogorgon it makes sense for them to return as the big bad for the show and perhaps we will discover in season 4 that Chernobyl was an accident involving the country using a weapon to create a tear in reality.

stranger things season 4 predictions 3 ending explained spoiler talk review and post credits scene discussion on jim hoppers death scene will eleven russia american 2

Who Was The American

This too ties into the next prediction which is that the American in the other cell in the post-credits scene will be revealed to be Hopper in Season 4.

I’ve already done a full video breaking down all of the evidence to support this which you should definitely check out if you want to know more but the main points are that Hopper eyes up the tear before the machine explodes, he isn’t on the platform when it is destroyed, whoever is in Russia probably came through the doorway shown at the start of Season 3 (which Hopper would have access too) and Russian Arnie refers to Hopper as the American on several occasions.

The music at the end of the season is also the same piece that was used when the fake Will was found in season one so it also makes sense that things aren’t what they seem.

David Harbour who plays the character is also sporting a big beard right now so this could either be because he’s been locked in a cell for so long or he’s making a cameo as Santa Claus.

Anyway, As Eleven no longer has her powers at the end of Season 3 it’s a safe bet to assume that she hasn’t be able to look for him and find the character due to her inability to track.

Eleven Gets Her Powers Back

However, I do think that Eleven will get her powers back after coming back into contact with people who possess the same ability as her.

This was a strong motif for Season 2 and I can definitely see it returning so that El is able to rebuild her psychic abilities.

She’ll need all the help she can get if she’s to find Hopper and fight the Russians and I can definitely see her teaming up with more Psychics to take them head-on.

The Villain

Another villain could come in the form of Will. Whilst I seem to be the only one with this theory I think it would be cool to see the character finally taken over by the dark forces that have had their eyes on him since season 1 and Season 4 could centre around the group trying to pull him back to the light side as they managed to with Billy in the close of the current run.

Will has slowly been distancing himself from his friends with his interests no longer aligning with theirs and I think the fact that he now lives away from them will drive a bigger wedge that will eventually make him bitter about all the things that he’s gone through and allow the dark forces of the upside down to finally take full control of him.

Eleven Will Sacrifice Herself

The final prediction I don’t think will come in Season 4 but rather set it up for Season 5 and that is the death of eleven. For Season 4 her powers are gonna be pretty weakened and if she has to use them she will no doubt overpower herself.

In season one something similar almost happened with Eleven almost dying due to everything becoming too much for her. During an interview with Esquire, co-creator Ross Duffer when discussing this said:

“Eleven was going to sacrifice herself to save the day, That was always the end game.”

To me, this cements that eventually at some point El will eventually succumb to having to use her powers. They obviously weren’t going to kill her in season one as they’re not game of thrones, however, this comment does highlight that down the line that are planning for her death.

I can see this being a huge way to end the show and whilst it’s extremely tragic it also ensures that Stranger Things goes out with a bang.

Your Thoughts

Obviously Id love to hear your thoughts on these predictions and if you agree with them or not. Comment below and let me know!

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