Suicide Squad Extended Cut Thoughts And How Thi...

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Thoughts And How This Is Worrying For DC Movies

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Review

Why Extended Cuts Worry Me

So DC slash warner brothers have announced that they’re doing a suicide squad extended cut after denying it time and time again. I lIKED the original version and if you’ve watched my review then you know that I didn’t really get the hate that it recieved. However, The theatrical release had so many mixed to bad reviews that warner brothers have decided to release a ‘sorry we fucked up cut’. Like they did with batman v superman


We’ve been promised 13 minutes of extra footage. Hopefully just Harley quinn changing clothes scenes. Lads Lads Lads. Watch me reviews they’re dead dirty.


It’s just annoying that theres even the need for these cuts first place.

I’m a huge DC fan

(show books) and I just wish that warner brothers would allow the people they hire to make a movie to actually make a movie. Like why green light a 3 hour script if youre going to cut it. Half an hour missing from a movie is a huge portion and it will obviously leave massive gaps in the plot that make people say stuff like “why the fuck did they think superman did 9/11”

Now extended cuts seems like it’s almost part of their marketing strategy.

A lot of people don’t know but movies tend to typically be about two hours to two and a half long because this allows the optimum amount of showings to be done in a day at any given theatre, this helps in generating more money thus making more profit for the film.

It really just seems now that Warner’s marketing strategy is to just cut the fuck out of a movie, to get it to this running time to make money in the theatre and then release the version that they should have done in the first place.

This is like some resit exam shit.

You handed the essay in. It was terrible, you resubmit it with an extra paragraph and it’s alright. To me it seems like a corporate mentality of getting people to p8ay for the same thing over and over and over again till you own 5 different copies of star wars, all with different clips in them so you now no longer know whether greedo shot first or not.

Ofcourse fans like me have money to spend on stupid tatt


Show tatt


so we will go see things first day and then buy it again on blu ray even if we didn’t like the movie because were promised an extra 30 seconds of footage


I just hope that this doesn’t become a trend because it will get to the point where people don’t even bother going to the cinema to see DC properties anymore because 6 months down the line that movie will be scrapped and there will be a newer one in it’s place.

Marvel haven’t had to release an extended cut yet, BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING


Hopefully warner let’s the people they hire to make a movie, make a movie and we no longer have to sit through 2 hours of shitty movie before getting 3 hours of ‘yeah that ones alright’

What do you think about the suicide squad extended cut, comment below, tell me your secrets, check out my website at for more movie, game and comic reviews POYCE

Suicide Squad Movie Review

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