Suicide Squad Walled in Review

Suicide Squad Walled in Review

Suicide Squad Walled in review by Deffinition as part of Graphic Novel talk of the NEW 52

Suicide Squad Walled in review by Deffinition as part of Graphic Novel talk of the NEW 52

Suicide Squad Walled in Review by Deffintion

Suicide Squad have made me suicidal. Whilst I’m sure that I’m not the first person to crack that joke…or even the thousandth it still remains true. Their NEW 52 run started off so well. I commended the first two volumes on their originality, balance between action and drama and their overall badassness (if that’s a real word).

However, since then they have fallen off….BADLY. Volume 3 was passable but 4 was one of them ones that whilst I thought it was ok at the time, later angered me.

Like when you went to see Attack of the clones, you loved it didn’t you, loved that little Yoda doing his magic little spins but then you thought about it. Thought about it and realised you hated it.

That’s how I feel about Volume 4.

Knowing that ‘The New Suicide Squad’ comes directly after ‘Walled In’ I haven’t got much hope. When things get ‘new’ put infront of their title it often means ‘JUST FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE…FORGET IT ALL…OR WE WILL KILL YOU.’ That may not be the case here though.

Is this a good send off to the original books or is it the reason that they got a soft reboot? That’s what I’m here to find out! So without further ado let’s jump in to Suicide Squad: Walled In.

Cold Introductions

The book opens on Amanda Waller‘s mission plane being taken down by a newly introduced super villain. The entire first issue focuses on her survival against the mutated fiend as he uses the elements to try to kill her and the scientist she was meeting with.

It’s a gripping first act that really adds depth to Waller’s psyche. Before this she seemed cold, uncaring and willing to do whatever was necessary to get her own way. Whilst the latter is still true it delves into her thought pattern and motives behind every action and at heart she is a good person…or so it seems on the surface at least.

Willing to fight dirty it’s really refreshing to see a female character that able to make tough choices and be sacrificial. She is no Damsel in distress and Walled in manages to paint her out as a formidable anti hero, able to tackle the ‘worst case scenario’, head on. Having no power herself she exploits people’s greed, promising them their hearts desire in order to control them giving her total dominance.

Breakout at Belle Reve

The Injustice Gang have destroyed most of Belle Reve prison. The prisoners run riot and Waller is locked in there with them. Following the motif of the opening issue it’s a nice carry over to see the skills she developed in that issue to be implemented in full effect here.

She faces off against ‘The Thinker.’ Whilst he couldn’t THINK of a better name for himself (ha!) he has used his cerebrums superiority to manipulate the remaining heroes (and King Sharks) of the world into doing his bidding.

We get to see golden oldies like Steel, Supergirl and some guy with a surfboard (yeah I have no idea who he is either) take on the Suicide Squad all in a bid to capture or defend a weapon that can take down Waller once and for all.

It’s a really gripping scenario to pit all of the characters in and it’s nice to see that some good has come from the Forever Evil tie ins. Cos let’s face it there has been some BAD ones (cough I’m looking at you Flash). It ends with both groups apparent demise, leaving Waller to fend for herself.

King Shark VS His Father In Suicide Squad Walled In

King Shark..I am your father

In order to rally King Shark’s allegiances Waller gives the beast the one thing he has sought after since Issue one: his Father. What the hammerhead didn’t expect was that he too was a beast, one who didn’t really want a son and tries to kill him at every opportunity.

It reminded me of my dad :'(

In a good way of course.

Waller manipulates Mr. Shark Senior into being her protector and it’s really eye opening, even at this stage, to see just how manipulative she really is. She does anything to get her own way and pulls it off in such a manner that she portrays herself as the victim. I’m gonna use her tactics next time I go to write ‘beautiful’ on a girls Facebook profile picture that I’ve never met. Cos these ones clearly work.

She is a survivor at heart and this entire event feels like the ‘Die Hard’ of comics. She’s outnumbered, out gunned but she’s about to show…out….that she can…do it.

I think that was the tag line for Die Hard. Anyway, the point is seeing her as the underdog for once is refreshing and engrosses you completely in the story.

Suicide Squad Rises

Of course the team survive the ordeal that apparently killed them and rise from the rubble. Before the climax we get a brilliant stand out issue that introduces all of the new member’s backstories, showcasing what made them the criminals and heroes that they are today. To me this issue should have appeared in the last book, it could’ve had saved it, and whilst this character development is long overdue it’s still very welcome.

It philosophically asks the deeper questions such as ‘does Waller create the evil she fights?’ ‘is a soldier a hero or just a murderer with an excuse to escape the courts?’ And ‘why does captain boomerang have a stupid hat?’ I love this indepth discovery of the character’s personas and it elevates the book beyond its former.

We are given a rich dichotomy of personas in order to see how they juxtapose one another. Harley is unpredictable, an attack from her could come at any moment. Whereas Deadshot plans his hits far in advance down to the most meticulous aspect making sure everything is perfect in order to carry out the kill. It’s a really fascinating highlight of the team members personas that I found to be one of my favourite reads in the run thus far.

Really gripping stuff!

Amanda Waller New 52 Design and Look

The Magic Bullet

The group arrive at Belle Reve and quickly realise that they are no match for OMAC, the Thinker’s super weapon. The group rejoin with Waller and Deadshot goes about shooting each of the members with a ‘magic bullet’ that will grant them powers temporarily. This allows them to match OMAC but I felt it was a bit TOO comicbooky. It’s a deus ex Machina that would have come in useful several times before this so I don’t know why it’s only making an appearance now. Yes that’s a staple of storytelling but it’s also bad writing in my opinion.

Bad writing that really stopped this book from being near perfect by NEW 52 standards (if that even means anything).

Oh and the bullets also had nanite bombs in them. Meaning Waller hasn’t really progressed at all and all that stuff I wrote was pointless and this review was pointless and you’ve wasted your entire life reading comics you sad pathetic loser.

But I digress.

OMAC and cheese

The team now have the power to take down OMAC but in doing so lose King Shark. They are once again a solid unit but it feels like there is going to be a lot more trouble coming their way.

This is confirmed by an epilogue which depicts a new Belle Reve being built in the wake of The Injustice Gang’s defeat and we end on a Black Manta Tease.

That’s not a porn innuendo by the way new comers. There’s a character called Black Manta…and he isn’t a dildo.

The Verdict

Suicide Squad: Walled in is the perfect ending for this arc of the infamous Task Force X. It’s action packed, full of drama, comedy and plot twists at every turn. Finally a Volume that delivers on the promise of the first two trades in this series it acts as a fitting send off to the old squad and leaves just enough in the air for fans to be wanting more.

I’m really eager to begin reading The New Suicide Squad (new is better) and that’s exactly the feeling that this book should be leaving readers with.

The first five volumes of the New 52 Suicide Squad were a bumpy road but I’m pleased to say that it ends on a high note.

That’s why Walled In gets a….


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