Batman Superfan Survey Results

Batman Superfan Survey Results

Batman Superfan Survey

Batman Superfan Survey

The Results Are In!

As part of my Batman Graphic Novel Canon read through I decided to run the first of what will be many ‘Super Fan Surveys.’

In it I asked 8 questions regarding The Dark Knight!

After a huge response I’ve compiled the results and we have come up with the final top scorers. Below are the most popular answers given as part of the survey. Enjoy!

The Favourite Batman Movie

The Dark Knight Is The Best Batman Movie

The Dark Knight

It’s no suprise that The Dark Knight was the most popular pick, grossing a huge 40% of the vote. This is the only comic book movie to win an Oscar and every performance from the film is unrivalled. Christopher Nolan’s Masterpiece set the tone for every comic book movie to come and in my opinion is the best ever put to film.

Second & Third Place

Batman Begins
Batman Mask Of The Phantasm

Best Actor To Portray Batman

Christian Bale The Best Batman Actor

Christian Bale

This was one of the closest in the Survey. Christian Bale who portrayed Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy walked away with an impressive 30% of the vote. Bale is an Oscar winning actor who has played the caped crusader the most times on film thus far and really deserved this win.

Second & Third Place

Ben Affleck
Kevin Conroy

Best Batmobile

The Dark Knight Tumbler

The Tumbler

Getting the hat trick for The Dark Knight Series is The Tumbler. This beast of a Batmobile helped to really define Nolan’s Batman as one of the best in cinema history. It’s tank like features provided an arsenal for The Dark Knight that is almost unmatched.

Second & Third Place

Batman & Batman Retunrs
Batman V Superman

Best Batman Villain

The Joker Thumbnail

The Joker

Probably the most obvious choice on this list is The Joker as the Best Batman Villain. The Clown Prince of Crime came in with a staggering 41% of the votes with second place racking up a mere 10%. Batman’s greatest foe still remains at the top!

Second & Third Place

Ra’s Al Ghul

Best Batman Graphic Novel

Batman Year One
Batman The Killing Joke

Batman Year One & The Killing Joke

With Exactly the same amount of votes, Batman Year One is tied with The Killing Joke. Both are great pieces of work that have really stood the test of time and go on to influence many stories involving the character.

Second & Third Place

The Dark Knight Returns
Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Best Robin

Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson

The Robin who has been there through it all knocked all his predecessors off the top spot. Over the years we have Dick Grayson transform from Robin, To Nightwing, To Batman and even to a Secret Agent. The character has a rich history so it’s no surprise that he came out on top!

Second & Third Place

Tim Drake
Damien Wayne

Best Batman Writer

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison

With what is arguably the best run in comics, Grant Morrison comes out on top as the greatest Batman writer. He has had several hits with Arkham Asylum, Gothic and his unbelievable run on the character from 2006 onward. Well Deserved

Second & Third Place

Scott Snyder
Frank Miller

Best Artist

Greg Capullo

Greg Capullo

After his outstanding run with Scott Snyder, Capullo comes out on top. The duo knocked out several classic books in their time together and it’s easy to see with the muscleman came out on top. I highly recommend that you pick up some of the artist’s work if you haven’t already!

Second & Third Place

Jim Lee
Neal Adams

So that concludes my first Superfan Survey. Huge thank you to everyone that took the time to do the Survey. The results didn’t rock the boat as much as I thought that they might but these winners are highly regarded for a reason.

Who do you think should’ve won? Comment below and let me know and I’ll see you on the next one!

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