Terminator: Dark Fate: Trailer Explained | Is J...

Terminator: Dark Fate: Trailer Explained | Is John Connor Dead? | Full Breakdown And Everything You Need To Know About The Movie

terminator 6 dark fate trailer explained full movie everything you need to know breakdown and easter eggs spoilers review ending john connor dead

The Trailer for Terminator Dark Fate has just dropped and after several failed reboots of the franchise, this looks set to put the record straight.

Throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the trailer as well as everything we know about the movie so far.

This is full spoiler ahead, so if you want to go into the movie as blind as possible then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it, now sit back relax and let’s get into my breakdown of the Terminator Dark Fate Trailer.

Terminator Dark Fate Trailer Breakdown

Terminator Dark Fate is the first film in the franchise for a long time that sees James Cameron, the series creator back on board as a producer. Though his input is unknown completely, Arnold did state in an interview that he was overseeing the entire project from scripting to beyond so it could be the closest film to his vision that we’ve had in a long time.

The trailer gives us our first real look at Gabriel Luna as the new Terminator. Luna starred as Ghost Rider in the Marvel TV universe and he definitely fits the role to a tee. Mackenzie Davis of Blade Runner 2049 fame, also stars in the film and they are set to become the new series lead. Though this is a heavily female lead film, back in the saddle too is Arnold Schwaneggar and the actor is set to reprise his role as the T-800 once more.

Now it’s clear that this is definitely a series correction and those who’ve seen Terminator 3 will remember that the character died off screen due to cancer. This movie looks to be ignoring the entries in the franchise after Terminator 2 which due to the time travel aspects of the series I’m sure will be an easy cover-up.

Terminator Dark Fate: Teaser Trailer

The trailer opens with a road which is being traveled down which is, of course, a big motif of the movies with the characters constantly pushing ahead into unknown territory and this shot has been in the majority of the films from the original and beyond.

We see the two new terminators with Gabriel Luna being made up of nanotech similar to the one in Genysis and it’s clear that our three main characters have teamed up with a machine themselves in the form of Mackenzie Davis who will be going at odds with this. Davis is clearly having an identity crisis and she states that she’s human so perhaps this film will have a hybrid say something similar to the terminator we saw in the Salvation.

They are joined by none other than Sarah Conner wielding a huge gun and bazooka, and though she’s famous to us, they clearly have no idea who she is.

Now the thing can be taken from this is that John Conner is no longer a priority with the new female of the group apparently being the person that has to survive the entire ordeal. Perhaps in averting Judgement day, John can no longer be the savior as the timeline has changed and this is why the torch has been passed both literally and figuratively onto the next generation.

terminator 6 dark fate trailer explained full movie everything you need to know breakdown and easter eggs spoilers review ending john connor dead

There’s also an amazing airplane vs airplane scene and yeah, the action in this franchise just keeps getting bigger and better. I’m quite curious to see why John isn’t there and it even may be that the character is dead which is why he is unable to become the leader of the resistance.

So yeah, looks good, interesting that they’ve finally wiped all the other movies after terminator 2 but they kinda dug themselves into a hole a bit with Judgement Day definitely happening and the alternate timeline so I think it’s good that they decided to just go back and start after 2. It worked with Halloween so I don’t really see a reason why it won’t here.

I wish we had’ve seen the T-800 more but I bet he’s in the film more than this trailer.

Hopefully the franchise bounces back like Arnie getting drop kicked and we get some more classic movies.

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