Tesseract Timeline Explained: Captain America, ...

Tesseract Timeline Explained: Captain America, Captain Marvel, Infinity War & More

Full tesseract timeline explained in the mcu movies from captain america to captain marvel and infinity war

Captain Marvel ties into the MCU due to its inclusion of The Tesseract, the mystical cosmic cube that contains the space stone. This lynchpin of the Marvel Movie Franchise has appeared in several movies and those who’ve seen Captain Marvel, may leave scratching their head as to where exactly it plays into the overall arc of the item.

Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about The Tesseract as well as it’s entire timeline from beginning┬áto end.

This is full spoilers ahead for every MCU movie, so if you aren’t fully up to speed with Captain Marvel then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I explain it so you don’t have to.

The Origins Of The Tesseract

In Captain America: The First Avenger, the Tesseract makes it’s first appearance in the timeline. Johann Schmidt aka The Red Skull is searching for the mystical item and discovers it locked away in a secret murial. He states that it was the Jewel of Odin’s Treasure room on Asgard so how exactly did it get to our planet? Well, we may never know for sure but it seems like it was placed on Earth for protection much in the same way that the Aether was upon Odin’s discovery of how dangerous the Infinity Stones could be if they fell into the wrong hands.

The Red Skull wanted to channel the Tesseract’s power into weapons but after some intervention by the allies and Captain America, he attempted to hold it in his hands. Blasted across the galaxy from the power of the space stone that was harnessed within, the Cube then ended up in the ocean where it was picked up by Howard Stark.

Captain Marvel

From here it ends up at SHIELD which is when Stark and the other members of the team begin Project Pegasus which plays heavily into Captain Marvel. Doctor Wendy Lawson aka Marvell, tried to harness the power of the Tesseract at a top-secret base in the Mojave Desert in order to help the Skrulls achieve lightspeed technology so they could outrun The Kree.

On her cloaked orbital base, she hides the Tesseract before returning to Earth to carry out the experiment that would give Captain Marvel her powers.

When Marvel journeys to the base in the film, Goose The Cat..or should I say Flerkan, swallows the stone before coughing it up in Nick Fury’s office in the post-credit scene in the film.

Full tesseract timeline explained in the mcu movies from captain america to captain marvel and infinity war


Here it remains at the base in the Mojave Desert until it makes it’s next appearance in the post-credit scene of Thor that shows Doctor Erik Selvig under the influence of Loki.

Loki then uses Selvig as a puppet to open a doorway to the Stone which is when we get to it’s next appearance in The Avengers.

The Avengers

In the Avengers Loki shows up, levels the base from Captain Marvel and makes off with the Stone to allow the Chitari invasion to begin on Earth. It appears that The Tesseract goes dormant from time to time as the introduction of the film states that it has awakened and that the Chitari’s ally, aka Loki, knows it’s inner workings.

The Avengers manage to stop the god by the end of the film and that is when The Tesseract is taken back to Asgard where it remains in Odin’s treasure room once more until Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok

In Thor Ragnarok on his way out of the doomed Kingdom Of Asgard, Loki grabs the stone and hides it using his magic until at the end of the film, in the end, credits scene, we see Thanos’ ship show up and invade the Vessel.

Infinity War

From here it is taken by Thanos who crushes the cube and takes the stone out, uniting it with the other Infinity Stones in the film in order to carry out the snap.

From then on the stone remains in The Gauntlet which is then cast aside upon the completion of Thanos’ mission.

Avengers: Endgame

Whilst Avengers Endgame hasn’t seen release yet, behind the scenes footage shows that the cube may once again be making an appearance so it would be great to see it play into that movie somehow.

Your Thoughts

So, that’s everything you need to know about the timeline of the Tesseract and how it came to be in Shields Possession at the end of Captain Marvel. If you have any other insight into the stone then make sure you comment below and let me know. If you enjoyed this video then please like it and check out my full breakdown of Captain Marvel’s ending and post Credit Scenes which will be linked at the end.

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