The Cry: Ending Explained + Alternative Ending ...

The Cry: Ending Explained + Alternative Ending Theory (BBC Show)

The Cry Ending Explained Plot Breakdown and Alternative Theory

BBC Series, The Cry came to an end this week and fans finally learned the fate of Baby Noah and Alistair.

Throughout this video I will be discussing the shows ending and what message it carries with it.

There will, of course, be heavy spoilers so it may be worth skipping this video for now if you want to watch the final episode with fresh eyes.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin the show, so you don’t have to!

The Cry Ending Explained

In the finale of Cry we discover that it was in fact Alistair that killed Baby Noah. He inadvertently did this after not testing the medicine properly before giving it to the child which lead to the infant’s death. He concocted the plan to pretend that Noah had gone missing after he was found dead in the car.

Angered by the tried to blame Joanna, she sought revenge and murdered him. She managed to do this by unbuckling his seatbelt so that when she crashed the car he flew out the windscreen was killed. Due to the nature of the murder, Joanna was able to convince the jury that it was an accident and left the court without being convicted.

In the final scenes of the show, we see Joanna, now living in Australia, completely haunted by the ghost of Alistair. During the court hearing she hallucinated that he was there, watching over her and it’s evident that though she has been cleared of the charges, she has not been cleared of her torment.

The Cry Ending Explained Plot Breakdown and Alternative Theory

She delivers a monologue to the vision of Alistair, protesting how she was a good mother in fact of all the things that happened and it’s a touching moment that also hammers home just how much she is now dealing with severe mental illness. In the house, another vision of Alistair appears and asks to have another baby with her. To me this signifies that she does not actually feel guilty for what she has done nor does she truly accept how badly the two were as parents. Alistair was manipulative and had a horrendous sinister side that was not fit father and it shows how truly lost Joanna is by the fact that she still thinks that both would be fit to raise a child. Joanna is unwilling to accept the fact that she is a murderer and this is showcased by her justification that she was a good mother and therefore a good person. In her head, she is still more than capable of having another family and even believes that she deserves one. This highlights that she is unwilling to accept any blame, however, her subconscious refuses to lie to her and this is why visions of Alistair will forever continue to haunt her until she comes clean.

It’s a somber reminder that no bad deed goes unpunished and though she may be acquitted of her crimes, she will forever go on to live in a mental prison.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the ending of The Cry? Did you manage to predict the reveals and what was the thing that shocked you the most?

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