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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance: Season 1 Ending Explained Breakdown | Spoiler Review

the dark crystal netflix season one ending explained

Netflix have just dropped The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Season One.

The Puppet Show pulls at your heartstrings throughout and the outstanding show leaves an ending that has a lot to unpack from it.

Throughout this, I’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about the show as well as what could happen down the line.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t seen The Dark Crystal yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into my breakdown of The Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal: Season One: Plot Recap

After the Crystal of Truth becomes Corrupted it spreads through the land of Thra, infecting creatures and inhabitants of the land. We follow the Gelflings, predominantly Rian and Deet as the fight to take down the Skeksis and their leader The Emporer.

In the finale of the show, we finally get a showdown between the Vulture like creatures and The Gelflings who have been united throughout the first season in order to save the land. It’s pretty much all-out war and when the General is betrayed and murdered by the duplicitous Chamberlain and the Collector is killed by Deet, it looks like The Gelflings might actually have a chance.

However, the showdown isn’t a simple one and when The Hunter comes back and manages to destroy the Dual Glaive and murders Maudra Fara it looks like the day could be lost when he sets his sights on Rian. In the last second though Archer sacrifices himself, Hunter too dies in with him as their life forces are tied together.

the dark crystal netflix season one ending explained

The Beauty Of The Dark Crystal

It’s an awesome moment that perfectly encapsulates just how well the show manages to make you attached to these puppets and for those who’ve seen my spoiler-free review of the show, in that I pretty much cover just how well that the creative team managed to merge the computer generated images in with the live action ones seamlessly.

It makes the final battle outstanding and after The Hunter’s death, it’s left to the Emporer to kill the rest of the Resistance. The villain goes head to head but Deet is able to force the Emporer’s forces into a retreat however this is at the cost of using Sanctuary Tree magic which as we see in the finale, when Rian discovers her, has caused her to become infected by The Darkening.

It’s a really bittersweet finale that perfectly sets up another seasons and lets viewers know that though they won the battle, the war isn’t over just yet.

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance: Ending Explained

Those who recall Episode 8 titled ‘Prophets dont know everything’ will remember that Deet saw a vision of herself sat on the Throne covered in Darkness whilst Rian was trying to use the Cyrtal Of Truth to perhaps save her, indicating that down the line we might get some revelation to this with the character being freed though this isn’t set in stone….in the wood…I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

In the finale we did see that Brea found the lost Shard of The Cyrtal Of Truth and this pretty much confirms that the visions in episode 8 will probably be the way that things pan out.

The Dark Crystal Post Credits Scene

After the title pops up we sort of get a post-credits-title scene if you will which shows that The Skeksis aren’t down and out just yet either and that The Scientists has created a new hybrid creature known as The Garthim which is a cross between the Grunak and Arathim.

The giant spider-like crab creature could pretty much change the course of the war and if The Gelflings thought they had it bad already then an entire army of these guys could quickly cause trouble for them. It sets up Season Two perfectly and again cements that the victory may be short lived if this is what the war is going to look like going forward. Fans of the original movie with know that The Garthim make a huge appearance in that and it looks like the show is slowly starting to tie together with the film.


Dark Crystals Movie Explained

In that, the Skeksis pretty much wipe out the majority of The Gelfling and going off that it looks like the villains may be the winners come the end of Season Two, especially with their new weapons. The Gelfling have no idea what’s in store for them and I really think that come next time, we will pretty much see them being wiped out left, right and center with a lot of our favorite characters dying before making it to the time that the film takes place.

Either way, it definitely seems to be tying things together nicely and it will be interesting to see if they do line up with the film or if they go off in their own direction. As for the Emporer and turn off in 3, 2, 1 if you don’t want any spoilers about the Dark Crystals and the film itself.

You still here?


He dies during the movie so it seems like he will be sticking around for the forseeable future too.

Overall there’s a lot to look forward to and I definitely recommend that you go and check out the film if you are desperate to learn the fates of the characters going forward.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Dark Crystal as well as what you hope to see in Season Two. Are you gonna go check out the movie now or do you wanna stick with the show until it’s time? Comment below and let me know!

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