The Flash Issue #0 Review | NEW 52

The Flash Issue #0 Review | NEW 52

The Flash Issue #0 Review From The New 52

Time To Start Running

The Flash Issue #0 is a brilliant single story that showcases the New 52 Flash’s origins to great effect. Francis Manapul has always been exetremly adept at making us care about the Scarlett speedster and the world that surrounds him. This tale is no different.

Flashing through different periods in Barry‘s life, ranging from his childhood, to the accident, to the present day, we are able to see exactly how The Flash came to be in highly manageable chunks.

Whilst a lot of information is dished out here it never at any point feels over whelming and the book is expertly paced in delivering it’s plot. Clearly this chapter went on to highly influence the CW TV spin off and when the writing is this good it’s easy to understand why.

We view Barry’s family and all of the struggles that they went through whilst also picking up on key characteristics that would go on to cement The Flash as one of DC’s strongest heroes.

For a single issue this is absolutely top notch and deserves to be read by every DC fan.

That’s why it gets a….


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