The Flash Rogues Revolution (The Weather Wizard...

The Flash Rogues Revolution (The Weather Wizard, Glider and Heatwave) Part 3 Review

The Flash Rogue's Revolution Review Part 3 By Deffinition

The Flash Rogue's Revolution Review Part 3 By Deffinition

A Storm Is Coming

Following on from part two of my Rogue’s Revolution Review is The Weather Wizard and Slow Burn Storyline.

Thus far I’ve regarded the storyline in very highly and have ranked the issues with several accolades due to this.

There’s always room for improvement…or error. I’m very interested to see which it will be in a plot revolving round a┬ásuper villain team that I don’t really rate.

So with that said let’s get started.

The Weather Wizard

The book opens on the murder of the Weather Wizard’s Brother and it’s this that drives the plot in the opening chapters. From here we visit the Flash, recapping most of what has gone on since the inception of The New 52 as he battles with the Wizard.

It’s a lot to catch up on and I found it strange that there have been some omissions in the overall storyline that are mentioned here. These revolve around Patty Spivot, Flash’s current girlfriend, who has no apparently been kidnapped by the super villain.

It made the plot feel slightly disjointed but was brushed over quick enough that I didn’t mind and this recap was enough to fill in the blanks whilst also creating a launch pad for the rest of the plot.

Hurricane Hero

There are the usual twists and turns early on. What fascinated me most was The Flash refusing to confirm that he was Barry Allen to Patty. Sparing her of the grief that she is currently dealing with due to Barry’s apparent ‘Death.’

It is selfless however, with Barry realising that he needed to remain ‘dead’ In order for her to move on and regain happiness in her life. Something he could not provide. Barry moves to a more ‘quiet’ part of Keystone┬áCity. Somewhere he will not be noticed and begins to blend in with the locals.

He soon gets a job at a tavern, a bar that is a hot spot for Captain Cold and several other super villains. This allows Barry to gain key intel all whilst passing unnoticed and you can tell that the creators have once again put thought into making Barry different from the typical ‘God’ like superheroes that DC basks in.

After numerous defeats the rogues realise that they cannot defeat Flash on their own and with the lead of Lisa Snart, aka Glider, team up to take the speedster down once and for all.

The Flash Vs Glider Lisa Snart

Dr Elias

Juxtaposing his previous appearances, Dr Elias now publicly bashes The Flash and adds more pressure onto the heroes shoulders. Public perception is changed quickly and the city soon rally’s against our hero, the flames fanned even more by the now sinister Doctor. At a press conference Glider performs an assassination attempt on Elias, in the process framing Flash, and causes mayhem in down town Keystone city.

Manapul once again allows the stakes to be raised and does it with expert pacing that will make your arms refuse to put this book down.

In the final chapter we see The Flash teaming up with the shunned Captain Cold in order to stop the New Rogues from causing further damage. Manapul expertly weaves the creation of the Rogues now new super powers with the sinister side of Dr Elias and the motives of all the villains become that much more relateable.

Of course Cold is duplicitous so he betrays Barry. Just as he is about to finish the Scarlett Speedster once and for all, the Gorilla Army shows up….ending on the perfect cliffhanger

The Verdict

The Flash Rogue’ Revolution feels like a huge upwards swing and cements The Flash as one of the most interesting characters within the New 52. Rarely a dull moment the book feels deliberate from start to finish due to it’s expert pacing and creativity. I have had a brilliant time reading this epic chapter in The Flash’s history and recommend this to any one looking to get into the character’s comic stories.

Due to it’s brilliance Rogue’s Revolution gets a…


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