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The Haunting Of Hill House: Ending Explained (Netflix 2018): The Red Room, Dudleys + Bent Neck Lady

The Haunting Of Hill House is a 2018 Netflix Original Horror Show based on the book of the same name. Similar to the source material there is a sinister side to the show and throughout this video I will be discussing the ending of it as well as how I think the house really won.

There will be heavy spoilers and I definitely recommend that you check the show out if you’re a fan of all things horror.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin it so you don’t have to!

Hill House And The Red Room

Hill House itself is pure evil. Whilst we are never given a concrete explanation to it’s powers, the house is able to bring forth hallucinations, act as a refuge for the dead and bend space and time. The house’s main goal is to feed on the living so that it can continue to thrive. It does this by driving people to the brink of misery so that they take their own lives. Throughout the show, the house is purposely creating cutom curated ghosts and spectres that pray on the Crain familys’ worst fears. Each ghoul and apparition has been designed with one goal in mind, to bring the family back to the Red Room, which is the houses’ stomach, so that it can feast on them.

During the show, the house purposely twists and repurposes the Red Room so that it appears to be a safe area in which each member of The Crain family can relax and be digested. To Luke it is a tree house, Steve sees a games Room, Olivia a reading room and so on. It is a room which is tailor made towards them so that they can feel some sense of sanity whilst also being driven insane.

The Haunting of Hill House

Originally home to the Hill family, it managed to murder most of them, even going so far as to cause William Hill to brick himself behind a wall out of fear which brings me to my next point. The house’ greatest trick is that it makes people wall themselves off from the world and tricks them into believing that they are safe within it so they refuse to leave. It does this sucessfully to Olivia Crain and almost fools her into murdering her two youngest children. She does however manage to get The Dudley’s daughter Abigail which plays into the next part.

The Dudleys

In the final episode we learn that the father, Hugh, almost burnt down the house but was stayed from doing so by The Dudleys. After Olivia murdered their daughter Abigail, they realised that the house had kept her spirit alive and if it were to be destroyed, their daughter would go with it.

So, they make a deal with the devil and convince Hugh to abstain from setting it alight. To me, this is another trick that the house pulls, just as it is about to be destroyed it manages to manipulate the Dudleys into pulling at the heartstrings of Hugh and put him in a position where he would have to be a monster to deny them.

It’s a smart move that I haven’t seen many people pick up on and it allows the house to continue to trick the Crains into coming back so it can feast on them once more.

The saying is that the house always is definitely true here. Even in the end it manages to trick Hugh into taking his own life by making it appear like he has no other option. It truly highlights just how sinister it is and is a very smart move that tricks us into thinking we got a happy ending.

The Bent Neck Lady

To me, this is hammered home by the fact that The House has a clear control over time. We discover that The Bent Neck Lady that haunts Nell is actually a version of her from the future that committed suicide. In a last ditch attempt, at the moment of her death, Nell travels back in time to warn herself but ultimately this ends up making her return to the house to commit the act.

Nell obviously did not possess the power herself so this was the house playing it’s hand to cause her to return there so it could feed once more. It’s a brilliant reveal and definitely stands as one of the strongest moments in the show.

Your Thoughts

So, what did you think of The Haunting Of Hill House? Personally, I absolutely loved it, it’s everything I wish that American Horror story would be and it was incredibly well paced and acted. It has one of the best continuous shots that I’ve ever seen in anything ever and blew me away from start to finish. Do you agree with my thoughts on how the house always win? Is there anything I missed? Do you think that they should have just called the Ghostbusters?

Comment below and let me know!


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