The Haunting Of Hill House: The True Meaning Of...

The Haunting Of Hill House: The True Meaning Of The Black Mold

The Haunting of Hill House black mold explained

The Haunting Of Hill House has many different things that can be taken from it’s ending. By the end of the show we are all convinced that the experiences The Crains had are real and that the house itself is a paranormal entity hell-bent on making them suffer.

But what if there is a completely plausible explanation to the events that happen in the show? What if the one thing that is present throughout is what is causing The Crains to believe that they are being haunted?

Whilst we never get concrete confirmation that this may be the case, it seems completely likely that The Black Mold that festers throughout the house may, in fact, be causing all of the hallucinations and problems.

The Black Mold

The Black Mold is first found by the family in Episode 7. During which, Hugh discovers it spreading behind the walls of the house. The father discusses how dangerous that it is and stipulates that it can cause problems both physically and mentally. The mold keeps them in the house for longer than intended as Hugh knows he must fix it before listing it for sale.

It could be concluded that the mold isin factt causing all of the health and hallucination problems that are rampant throughout the family. The Red Room itself is heavily infested with a massive amount of mold and this could also be the reasoning behind this being the labeled as the house’ stomach.

The Red Room is considered to be the part of the house where every problem resonates from because it is completely filled with it.

The mold even makes an appearance in Shirley’s model house. When it is found in pieces, Shirley turns it over to find the inner walls rotting with the black stuff and this could also be attributed as the cause of the hallucinations that happen in her home.

Luke witness The Ghost of William Hill outside of a mold-infested area, however, he is a drug addict and these visions could be put down to substance abuse.

Even when Hugh returns to the house in the show’s climax, the ghost of Olivia, informs him that they other visions he has had of her during his life are in fact all in his head. This showcases that he can still hallucinate without there being a need for a ghost present.

What I love about the show is that it works either way. The best ghost stories always offer a way for skeptics to put the events aside and whilst I do believe that the apparitions were real it is fun to consider that they may in fact not be. Perhaps the family is, as Steve states, suffering from a mental illness that was brought on by the house infecting them.

Your Thoughts

So, do you think the ghosts in The Haunting Of Hill House were real or do you think the events were brought on by the black mold? Comment below and let me know!


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