The Infinity War: Aftermath Review

The Infinity War: Aftermath Review

Infinity war aftermath graphic novel review by deffinition

It’s safe to say that The Infinity War was a pretty big event in terms of comic books. The ripples that it left in the Marvel Universe are still being felt today in both cinema, tv and more. It is undeniable that this was a big book.

But what about the graphic novels that followed it and tried to cash in on the hype? Do they rightfully live up to expectations or fall flat in the shadow of their predecessor?

That’s what I’m here to find out and throughout this review I will be discussing everything that you need to know about the graphic novel. There will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything about it’s storyline, then I highly suggest that you skip to the score.

With that out the way let’s dive into The Infinity War: Aftermath!

The Infinity Watch

The book picks up, as you’d expect, in the aftermath of The Infinity War: Infinite Collection. Whether you enjoyed that book or not will most likely affect your feelings towards this one as it continues the narrative of The Infinity Watch who were tasked with guarding the stones.

For those who aren’t fully up to speed, the first issue in the graphic novel does a fantastic job of recapping the events of the prior work so those who wonder whether they will need to do some prior reading to this, need not worry.

Our initial storyline follows Drax The Destroyer taking on The Hulk. Whilst the two names alone should be enough to make a certified classic, there’s something about the chapter that feels a little shallow. The majority of the work feels quite basic, especially in comparison to what has come before and ultimately this opener didn’t really grab me in the same what that the book’s predecessors had.

infinity war aftermath graphic novel review

On The Warpath With Warlock

As always, Adam Warlock is the star of the show in these endeavors and he gets by far one of the best issues in the graphic novel.

This centres around him interacting with past, present and future versions of himself in one of the most introspective and psychological stories that I’ve read in the run thus far.

Unfortunately, that’s about as cerebral as the book gets and the majority of the work that follows feels like a collection of poorly put together slobber knockers that possess little to no substance. I really wish that we had’ve seen more character development like this but this aesthetic is sidelined in favour of brawls that don’t really lead anywhere, which provides the work with a sense of shallowness.

Highway to Hell

The story culminates with the Silver Surfer teaming up with The Infinity Watch To Battle Mephisto for the souls of his beloved wife.

Whilst the action is creative and the artist behind the work constantly manages to create inventive ways for Mephisto to outsmart our heroes, ultimately the story goes on for far too long and feels like a chore.

We get some one-shot stories of Quasar to finish off the book and whilst they contain cameos from The Marvel Universe, they aren’t enough to save the story.

The Verdict

Ultimately, The Infinity War: Aftermath is a huge letdown. It’s neither engaging to read or progressive for the overall arc and can often be a drab journey that feels heavily dated.

I really can’t recommend this to anyone other than the most diehard fan and even those may struggle with it.

Overall it gets a disappointing…


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