The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part: Ending Expla...

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part: Ending Explained | Sibling Rivalry

the lego movie 2 the second part ending explained

The Original Lego Movie had a huge twist that ultimately ended up being about a father and son bonding with one another over a shared love for all things Lego.

Naturally, this wowed critics and the revelation carried a lot of weight with it that added depth to the work and elevated it above most animated movies.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, is no different and throughout this video I will be discussing it’s ending and the meaning behind it. There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you don’t want to know anything about the film then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

For everyone else, I’m Deffinition and Welcome To The Channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to!

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part: Hidden Meaning

The film jumps between the real world and lego imagination in Finn’s head several times and the piece is ultimately about his relationship with his little sister, Bianca. Bianca has begun playing with Finn’s lego and similar to his father in the first film he sees this as wrong and that the only way to properly play with them is his way.

I myself have a younger sister and found this quite easy to relate to as I’m sure many others will. Big brothers and Sister’s tend to look down on their siblings and are sort of overly protective over their toys and ultimately it’s probably to their own detriment. A younger brother or sister is someone that we could really have an amazing childhood with but for some reason, we tend to block them out and in the end the Lego Movie 2 is about Finn overcoming this and learning to share with his sister after realising they always will have each other.

Beautifully, the lego world reflects this conflict early on with the Duplo invader’s from Bianca’s world invading Bricksberg and turning it into Apocalypseburg. Emmet has dreams of ‘Ar-mom-geddon’ and this implies that Finn fears his mother may one day take his toys away if he and Bianca cannot get along.

the lego movie 2 the second part ending explained

Emmet wants to move into his dream home but this is stopped when he and his friends are kidnapped. This kickstarts an adventure that is packed with pop culture references, awesome moments and the group meet a new character called Rex Dangervest and whilst trying to make it to the antagonising Systar system. Lucy is really swept up by the rugged and dashing Dangervest and Emmet starts to take on some of his mannerisms to try and impress his girlfriend as they head towards the system to save the day.

The Systar System

We learn that infact the System sytem was trying to broker peace with Apocalypseburg but that they were just very bad at communicating it and this of course is a metaphor for the relationship between Finn and Bianca who are unable to truly get on the same page as one another even though they want the same thing.

Emmet mistakingly stops the peace and in the real world this is reflected by Finn who destroys Bianca’s creations. Their mother orders them to put their toys away and this is ‘Ar-mom-geddon’ coming to fruition. In the Lego world, Emmet learns that Rex is infact a twisted version of himself from the future that in the real world ended up in the clothes dryer. Rex has travelled back in time to ensure Ar-mom-geddon happens and the two fight it out. Rex gets the better of Emmet and knocks him into the dryer to ensure that he will still exist and that a paradox will not be created.

The Lego Movie 2: Ending Explained

However, Emmet isn’t your ordinary brick and he fights back ensuring that he won’t turn out like him. There’s a big showdown and Rex in the end disappears because Emmet overcomes his inner demons and ensures that he won’t go down a dark path. This is mirrored in the real world in which Finn and Bianca finally decide to play together and after getting their toys returned they stop Ar-mom-geddon.

The two build together as Lucy and Emmet rekindle their relationship in the Lego World. There’s a couple of cool reveals and easter eggs that I don’t want to spoiler but in the end this is about beating the mindstate within yourself that stops you from interacting with others and ultimately leads you down a less fun filled path.

It’s a beautiful message that is arguably just as poignant as the first film and really allowed me to step into the shoes of Finn and rememebr what I was like as a child that sort of seculded myself when I could have had more fun playing with my little sister.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film and what you took from it. Do you prefer this message over the first film and what’s your favourite out of the two?

Comment below and let me know!


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