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The Mandalorian: Episode 3 Full Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | STAR WARS

the mandalorian episode 3 breakdown spoiler talk review ending explained full recap and predictions for episode 4 easter eggs star wars baby yoda

Welcome to The Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and you’re now locked into the channel where we breakdown all the latest movies, new game releases, tv shows and comic books. With the third episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian out on Disney Plus, it’s time to go back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Throughout this, we’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the new episodes overall plot, the easter eggs and it’s ending to let you know what could be happening in the future.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch episode three yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now. Make sure you subscribe to the channel for breakdowns like this every day and weekly coverage on The Mandalorian. I have spoken!

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian Plot Recap

Ok so just a quick catch up on what’s been going on so far in the show. The Mandalorian was tasked to travel to a planet and retrieve what is the cutest baby waby in the entire universe. After a couple of trials and tribulations, Mando managed to get the prize and escort it off the planet but there was something different about this bounty.

Baby Yoda as it’s being called by the internet is strong with the force and through their journey, Mando and the child have bonded with one another. Mando seeing himself who as a child had his life torn away reflected in the youngling who will soon have theirs taken to.

The Sin

Episode 3 titled’ The Sin’ picks up with Mando returning to the client but it looks like he’s gonna gain separation anxiety and the episode very much deals with the character struggling with his duty and protecting the little baby. We stan for you Baby Yoda.

The sin itself refers to the fact that Mando aka Dynjarring sins in the episode by handing over the innocent character. There’s a metaphor for rebirth in the piece that is almost a sort of baptism and it’s when a big change for the character comes with him returning to right this wrong. We’ll get into it later but there’s a strong sense that the sin in the episode refers to Mando’s past in which he lived selfishly and how his actions have basically lead to him committing this one big sin.

Episode 3 Breakdown

The opening kicks off with a hologram conversation between Greef Carga and Mando that sees the young baby just getting cuter and cuter somehow. I love the composition of this shot and you have sort of an angel and devil almost on the character’s shoulders in this scene with the two paths being clearly labeled before him.

the mandalorian episode 3 breakdown easter eggs and things you missed

If last week’s episode was a video game side quest then this one is definitely a mass effect choose your own adventure and having these two characters on opposite sides of the screen cements the two paths that Dynjarring has.

As Mando walks to the client we see Jawas, a little astronaut thing that has the sound of a probe droid coming from it and of course the returning door guard from the first episode that bears a striking resemblance to the one at Jabba’s palace. The client seems overjoyed to see the prize brought in. We learn that the client was also the one behind all of the Bounty Hunters that Mando has come face to face with including IG-11 and the ones that he fought in the desert.

Beskar Steel

He rewards Mando with the Beskar Steel which comes in later. The Mando wants to know what the plans are for the child and we learn that this is against guild rules, which subtly starts to suggest that Mando is turning away from his sense of duty in favour of doing the right thing.

Mando returns to the blacksmith and passes several others of his kind. The Mythosaur symbol returns as well. I touched on this last time but thought I’d go into more detail here as it’s returned and has more prominence.

For those who don’t know, Mythosaurs were native creatures of Mandalore that completed dominated the planet due to their size. The group that would become known as The Mandalorians wished to gain this planet for themselves and thus they set out hunting these giant beasts until their were extinct.

Hence the proud use of their skull as a symbol of the race.

The Blacksmith

With the blacksmith, Mando commissions to have new armour made and I feel bad for everyone who’s already bought Mando funko pops cos yeah, they’re out of date right now.

There’s mention that the beskar steel has Empire markings on it and that it was taken during the Great Purge that pretty much wiped out their people. It is possible that this was during Order 66 and there is currently online a lot of speculation that the Empire carried out the purge of the Mandalorians alongside the Jedi one in which they invaded Mandalore, stealing their supplies and resources to be used on their weapons and battleships.

We see flashes of this once more and it further adds to the duality in the episode, the sin could also be a reference to this purge in which Mando is trying to own by reclaiming the armour for himself.

The Purge

Now Mando does come face to face with a Super Battledroid from the prequel trilogy which were not on the Empires side and were pretty much all wiped out by Order 66, however, we know that Darth Sideous was behind both sides so this could be how the Empire obtained the rare steel.

It’s also possible that the Mandalorian Purge and Order 66 are unrelated but whatever the case it’s clear that a lot of the other Mandalorians look down on this and a fight breaks out between Mando and another.

Mando refers to Baby Yoda as an enemy that helped him in battle and the Blacksmith asking why an enemy would help him for me is the moment that it all fits together in his mind and he realises that Baby Yoda isn’t the bad guy and instead, the group that ransacked his home, killed his family and took his resources, yeah…maybe they are.

Mando refuses The Blacksmiths’ offer of a Mudhorn Signet and instead gives him one known as Whistling Birds which are a powerful defence against multiple enemies. Anyone wanna group hug.

the mandalorian episode 3 breakdown spoiler talk review ending explained full recap and predictions for episode 4 easter eggs star wars baby yoda

New Armour

After getting his new skin, available on Star Wars Battlefront 2 as a microtransaction for £4.99 I’m guessing cos man that looks cool, Mando returns to Greef and asks how many other Bounty Hunters were given the task of hunting baby Yoda. Greef replies ‘all of them’ which kinda cements just how badly The Client wanted Baby Yoda.

Greef wants to party like its 2199 but Mando just wants to put the job behind him, moving on from all of this. There’s word of a nobleman skipping bail on Carnac but I don’t think we will get much beyond this little easter egg that’s a reference to Ancient Egypt. What Dynjarring really wants to know is going to happen to the baby and though he tries to leave it behind, seeing the knob that the child picked off at the start of the episode brings it all back.

He returns to the Client’s headquarters and overhears mention of Dr. Pershing having to extract the necessary material and be done with it.

Who Is Dr. Pershing

Now, theory time here, so we know from eagle-eyed viewers that Dr. Pershing has the badge of Camino Cloners on his uniform and if you’ve been keeping up to date with my channel and watched my Baby Yoda video then you know that this is because I think that they are planning to clone the child. Personally I think this cements this and whilst never before has it been possible to replicate force-sensitive beings, the extraction could be referring to taking the child’s midichlorians and replicating them before adding them back into either a clone of Baby Yoda or a completely new being.

There are also some discussions online that one of the big reasons that Emporer Palpatine manages to return in The Rise Of Skywalker is because they extract the creatures midichlorians and use them to re-energise his life force but personally I’m leaning more with the cloning theory, especially due to the uniform that Dr. Pershing has.

Upon entering the base, Pershing says that he was keeping the child protected and this does tie back to the first episode in which he did insist that it was brought back alive. Personally I believe that this may be due to the fact that it is easier to clone a living creature over a dead one and when something with the force dies, the force goes with it so this could be behind the thinking of it.

The Client is clearly keeping Pershing safe so should he fail it will likely be what happens to most people who fail in the Empire.

That’s right, Maclunky. Pershing is probably a prisoner, similar to most scientists in the Empire and we saw this play a massive part in Rogue One in the creation of the death star so he is unlikely to be operating on kids for the fun of it.

John Wick

Mando escapes with the child and it becomes very much John Wick 3 with the character having to get off the planet with all guns on him for breaking the code.

Mando has gone fully rogue….rogue one…at this point and the end of the series looks like it’s very much going to be centred around him having to protect the child and take out all those who have a target on his head. Mando is not alone though and similar to John Wick he still has allies which include his Mando brethren from earlier who are probably torn morally but would much rather support their own than letting the Empire get their way.

Mando uses all of his arsenal to kill those that get in his way and in my opinion it’s an absolutely amazing action scene that shows just how good Star Wars can be when it’s done correctly. Watching the bird group attack, flamethrowers and blasters being used in combat is awesome and finally he gets back to the Razor’s Crest only to be confronted by Greef and his gang. With help from his allies, Mando makes it to his ship.

The Mandalorians

I loved watching them with their Jetpacks on blasting the group and this was pretty much a real version of scenes that I’d played out in my head as a kid with my Boba and Jango Fett action figures. Yeah yeah I know they’re not real Mandalorians. This is the way, I have spoken.

At his ship, Mando is confronted by Greef who he shoots. Greef survives due to having Mandalorian steel over his heart and with the help of Iron-Man…dalorian and he lets Baby Yoda fiddle with the lever as he flies into space ending the episode.

Episode 4 Predictions

Now, going forward I think that Episode 4 might either centre around Mando going across the galaxy to get Baby Yoda a new crib or it could actually show a flashback to the purge.

This was clearly happening during the clone wars if not after it but due to the Super Battle Droid I would say that this was during one of the major conflicts.

I think Episode 4 will fill in the details of how Mando escaped coming gun to face with a droid like this and we do know that Jedi were fighting the droids during this time so we could see intervention by one of them to stop the machine before it kills the protagonist.

There’s rumours online that this could be Obi-Wan but personally I don’t know if we are ready to go that A-list yet with it, however there is a massive chance that this could be a Jedi.

If Mando is saved by a Jedi as well it would explain why he was so torn on Baby Yoda and though in the last episode he seemed unaware of the force, this may have forced…see what I did there, his mind to recall those that saved him as a child and now he has to do the same thing.

It’s all getting really interesting and I’m absolutely loving the show at the moment. This is ticking all the right boxes for me and Disney are knocking it out of the park right now. With this and Fallen Order I’m so hyped for Star Wars and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Mandalorian Episode Three as well as what your theories for the future are. Make sure you leave them in the comments section below!

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