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The Mandalorian: Episode 5 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review + Who The Mystery Character Is

star wars the mandalorian episode 5 break down and ending explained recap

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition aka Deff Vader and it’s time to go back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away with the release of the Fifth Episode of The Mandalorian.

The new release sees the character and his best buddy baby Yoda travelling to a familiar Star Wars location and bumping into a couple of brand new characters.

Throughout this, we’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the latest episode’s overall plot, the Easter Eggs and our theories on what could be happening in the future. This entry is packed with tonnes of references to the overall Star Wars universe and out of all of the episodes so far, this definitely feels like it’s giving people the most fan service.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch episode five yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now. Make sure you subscribe to the channel for breakdowns like this every day and weekly coverage on The Mandalorian.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian Episode 5 Plot Recap

Ok so episode 5 titled The Gunslinger picks up right after the events of Episode 4 with Mando leaving Sorgan in order to find safe harbour in The Galaxy. Last time the character had hoped that he might have found a safe place for Baby Yoda to grow old…grow old very very slowly cos damn, my man looks good for fifty.

However, all hopes of this happening were dashed away by a Bounty Hunter that showed up trying to kill the character. As Greef Carga told the titular character, the baby has a tracking fob in it and this means that no matter where they go, no matter where they hide, they will always have to look over their shoulder.

This is exemplified by the opening of episode 5 in which we see Mando’s ship The Razor Crest being chased through space by a Bounty Hunter.

The Razors Crest

I haven’t actually talked much about the Razors Crest in my breakdowns but it’s actually a former Military craft that Mando has repurposed in order to carry out his missions. The Razors Crest has a similar design to many of the clone trooper ships and it is said to have existed before the rise of The Empire, thus we can guess that it was used in Military Campaigns during the clone wars.

It’s age shows itself too as the Bounty Hunter that follows the pair busts up one of the Engines of the craft and Mando has to use special tactics in order to take out the pursuer.

I love how the bounty hunter, named Riot Mar has a sort of fighter pilot look to him and this kinda reminded me a bit of Top Gun and Independence Day with his mask and helmet bearing a lot of similarities to ones that we would see on our world.

Baby Yoda can be seen strapped in tight and this kinda shows how he will be in the episode as the character pretty much takes a back seat to most of the proceedings.

star wars the mandalorian episode 5 break down and ending explained recap


Mando desperate to land goes to the closest planet to him and he is hailed in by Mos Eisley Tower. That’s right, we’re visiting probably the most famous planet in the Star Wars universe, Tattooine, home of the likes of The Skywalkers, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jabba The Hutt and Pit Droids from The Phantom Menace which we see waiting to greet him on his arrival.

Mando a little paranoid for obvious reasons shoots at them upon exiting his ship and this draws the attention of Peli Motto the mechanic that works at the bay who offers to fix his ship. As we’ve seen though, Mando has found it more difficult getting a job than Jussie Smullet, sorry Juzea Smoolet and he’s spent the last couple of weeks running from the Empire and Bounty Hunters rather than working.

Luckily, he’s in the one place that has the galaxy’s biggest collection of Scum and Villainy and he heads to the Infamous Mos Eisley Cantina to look for work. The lead up to this is filled with hints that the Empire isn’t welcome on the planet and we also see The Pit Droids and Peli playing a game of Sabacc which is notorious in the Star Wars universe.

Baby Yoda also makes a force cry, I wanna say force cry, anyway it’s the same noise that Obi-Wan used to scare off the Tuskan Raiders in A New Hope. This draws the attention of Peli who is probably over the moon that she’s actually managed to find the one thing he kids have been asking for this Christmas. Watching the little guy walk down the ramp is adorable and who wouldn’t instantly fall in love with the character?

Darth Vader that’s who.


Mos Eisley Cantina

In the Cantina we pass the outside of it which is shot exactly how it was in a New Hope and we also see where Luke and Han met for the first time and where Greedo said the infamous, etched in stone words ‘Maclunky.’

Every week I wonder how I’m gonna get a Maclunky reference in and they pretty much handed this one on a plate with one of the main characters in this episode, Toro, sitting in the same exact same place that Han shot first…or was it Greedo…no it was han…wait…I don’t even know anymore.

Toro is played by the son of Bobby Cannavale who you may recognise from The Irishman and Ant-Man and he has a job for the character and needs a hand. The target is Fennec Shand and knowing her reputation as an elite mercenary, Mando turns it down.

This is Toro’s first job and he offers Mando the entire money for the job as long as he helps him due to the fact that the job will get him into the guild. We all know Mando loves to help young men and it’s great seeing him rub shoulders with a new Bounty Hunter.

Also we see a droid working in the cantina that could be the same one that worked in Jabba’s palace and a Gonk Droid patrolling his ship. I guess Mos Eisley changed their position on their No Droid Policy.

Mando learns the hard way that you don’t leave Baby Yoda behind but luckily Peli is on the case.

Swoop Bike

Toro brings two swoop bikes as their rides and for those who don’t know these were introduced in Shadows Of The Empire before later being brought into the Star Wars lore. One looks extremely similar to the one that Anakin rides in Attack of the Clones and her and Toro head out.

The scene is incredible and whenever they do these kinda shots in The Mandalorian they always knock it out the park. I love how there’s sort of a race between the two as it shows just how much Toro wishes to impress and he races ahead like a bull…at one of them Spanish things…cos…cos he’s called Torro.

As with most journies into the wilderness of Tattooine, the pair come across some Tusken Raiders and Banthas, Similar to how they got Luke in a New Hope, these two are just idling by whilst the real threat sneaks up on them.

tattooine the mandalorian episode 5

The Tusken Raiders

It’s actually good to see the Raiders not just attacking for the sake of it for once and hey, maybe these guys just have a bad rep after all. Maybe…maybe Kathleen Kennedy isn’t a bad person either..nah I can’t say that.

The two then run into a Dewback which is pulled a dead bounty hunter behind it. Before you can even say ‘I have a bad feeling about this’ Mando spots the tracking fob and is shot by Fennec from afar with an MK Modified rifle.


Mando decides to wait until nightfall for the cover of darkness and the two race the across the area on the swoop bikes using flash transmitters or as we call them, Flares to blind the scopes. We also get to see Fennec up close and she’s played by my Bae May from Agents of Shield. She’s always excellent and doesn’t disappoint here.

It looks like Mando is downed by the character but Toro sneaks up on her buying time for Mando to get in close and capture the Mercenary.

They take her in alive after some persuasion from Mando.

They even call Mando ‘Mando’ in this episode which I found kinda funny.

Now Fennec does pay lip service to not seeing The Mandalorians for a long time and also about Navarro which is revealed to be the planet that the Client and Greef are on. Toro realises that this entire time he’s been with one of the most wanted people in the entire Galaxy and Fennec says that if he lets her go they can split the bounty.

Toro isn’t exactly into sharing now that he’s in the Guild anyway and he decides to shoot her instead stealing the idea.

Mando returns to pick them up on his Dewback and discovers her body and then heads back to Mos Eisley.

Now personally I don’t think that Fennec is dead and we do see feet later on approaching her body.

Episode 5 Ending

Back at the Bay, Toro has captured Baby Yoda and Peli and he wants to take them all in to achieve legendary status. Luckily for Mando, the kid is an absolute idiot and it’s not like we’ve seen Mando get out of worse situations than this before.

I love how Peli says you’re smarter than you look…cos to me he just looks like Boba Fett, who was an idiot, let’s face it he was an idiot, he did nothing, the guy fell in a pit and that was it. He Mr. Magooed his way through the series. Don’t @ me.

Mando kills Toro easily but worst of all it looks like Baby Yoda may be hurt. Luckily though he’s ok and we remember we must protect Baby Yoda at all costs. Peli takes Toro’s body to Beggars Canyon and Mando heads up and away.

star wars the mandalorian mysterious character

Episode 5 Ending Explained

The episode ends on a sort of Cliffhanger with a stranger approaching Fennec’s body. Not only does this hint that the character could still be alive, which I really hope she is because it’s a waste of talent to kill her off this early but it also hints at what could be happening down the line.

This could be a number of characters and I’ll just go over the top three theories that I’ve seen on the internet. So we can see that the character wears a cape so it could either be Greef Karga, who is hot on the tail of the character after his big escape in Episode 3. He does seem like the kinda guy that would Jangle when he walks and no doubt he would also be after Fennec if she has a high price on her head.

However we rarely ever see Greef get his hands dirty and he seems more like a handler rather than someone that would go out on a job himself.

The other theory that I’ve seen banded about that seems very unlikely is that it’s The Client. However, I’m not sure looks-wise if he quite fits this mould and similar to Greef, he doesn’t seem like the kind of character that would go out and do things himself.

What seems most likely is that it is in fact Giancarlo Esposito who is rumoured to be playing a character known as Moff Gideon. We did see a shot of the character in the trailer in similar surroundings to Tatooine and from his costume, he looks very similar dress wise from the minor glimpse that we got.

Fennec also in the episode appears to be wearing an Imperial uniform which could show that she is or at least has been in line with the Moff and this is why he would be looking for her as it’s likely that Fennec tried to escape the group.

For those who don’t know, a Moff is a high ranking imperial governor and no doubt the larger the legend of The Mandalorian and The Child becomes, the more that the higher-ups will be after them.

I think this is definitely the most likely scenario and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future especially if they start going head to head with more Imperial esque figures. This show is breaking the bad curse of Star Wars followups and I’m absolutely loving it right now.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Mandalorian Episode Five as well as what your theories for the future are. Make sure you leave them in the comments section below!

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