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The Mandalorian: Episode 7 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Easter Eggs, Fan Theories And Star Wars Trivia

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition aka Deff Vader and it’s time to go back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away for the Penultimate Episode of The Mandalorian.

Throughout this, we’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the new releases’ overall plot, the Easter Eggs and our theories on what could be happening in the future. We’re finally back to focusing on Baby Yoda and the episode, titled ‘The Reckoning’ certainly feels like that. Look we’ll get into it.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch episode six yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now. Make sure you subscribe to the channel for breakdowns like this every day and weekly coverage on The Mandalorian.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian Episode 7 Breakdown

Ok so episode 7 pretty much picks up on the main plot thread that has been dangled throughout the entire season. That is the battle between the Empire and Baby Yoda.

Mando returns to Navarro, comes face to face with some old friends and overall it makes for a great little entry that feels like it’s got the series back on track after the side quests.

The episode opens with Mando in space, traversing the galaxy when once more he gets a message from Greef Carga, who, since we last saw him in The Sin, has found his city under siege by Imperial Forces. The Client’s numbers have grown exponentially and Greef wants a return to order. Greef pays lip service to the fact that the bounty hunters won’t stop coming for Baby Yoda if they don’t fight back and it’s a plot element that we’ve kinda been predicting over the last couple of weeks.

Greef wants to use Baby Yoda as bait to draw the Client out which will not only get the Empire off their back but as a Thank You, Greef will also forgive everything that happened in the episode ‘The Sin.’

Mando accepts the offer and as we predicted he calls upon the network of contacts that he’s been building throughout the episodes, making a stop at Sorgan to see Cara Dune.

Sorgan And Cara

Unfortunately, he doesn’t stop by to see Omera but I do have a feeling that if the show does ever wrap up then Mando will retire to the planet to live out the rest of his life with her. Who doesn’t want a happy ending for the character right?

Anyway, Mando tells the ex-Resistance Shock Trooper that The Client is an Imperial Warlord and yep, as predicted with that too it’s one of the things that unites them together.

I’ll stop patting myself on the back for things I predicted now because…yeah the plot was a bit obvious. It’s not exactly Watchmen.

I loved seeing he fist fighting for fun in the bar and she’s probably my third favorite character in the show. The alien that she’s going head to head with looks like a Dathomirian which is the same species as Darth Maul and he has similar horns and the facial marks that come with the race.

Cara bests him easily and quickly joins forces with Mando.

star wars the mandalorian episode 7 breakdown all easter eggs spoiler talk review breakdown

Baby Yoda

On the ship, Mando shows off his weapons to Cara including thermal detonators, blasters and rifles. Here you can see the Rebel Alliance tattoo symbol on Cara’s face much better and it makes her allegiances a lot more clear as last time it was barely visible.

Mando again learns the hard way you can’t leave Baby Yoda alone and they decide to travel to Arvala-7, most notably Kuiils ranch for some extra assistance.

This kinda reminded me a bit of Obi-Wan dropping Luke off at the end of Revenge Of The Sith from the way that the shots looked and it’s nice to remind ourselves that there’s still good people out in the galaxy.

They don’t leave Baby Yoda with the character but the moments are definitely similar.

We also learn that Kuill was a slave for The Empire that worked in Gene Farms and that he was sold to them as a servant that had to earn his freedom by working over three human lifetimes. Mando says Baby Yoda may be a strand cast but Kuiil rebuffs this saying that it’s too evolved and it wasn’t farmed.

So yup, we are no closer to learning about the origins of Yoda’s species, where they come from and so on. Since the events of the first episode, Kuiil discovered IG-11 and reprogrammed it in order to serve him. It’s kind of a role reversal of his slavery.

The Return Of IG-11

We knew that IG-11 would be back eventually but it was a great surprise to see him pop up back for this. Watching it learn to walk and learn really makes you become attached to the character and I’m glad that he’s a good guy now as I was massively looking forward to seeing Taika Waititi in the role.

It’s no longer a hunter but now a protector and it kinda shows that Droids take on a personality that is governed by the things around them. So bad people make bad droids which is a nice little bit of trivia for the Star Wars universe and it kinda adds weight to why so many people, including Mando distrust droids.

Maybe we should just start being nice to them.

The Force

On the ship, Mando and Cara are arm wrestling and Baby Yoda mistakingly believes that she’s hurting him and it begins to force choke her.

Not only does it show that Baby Yoda is gaining a stronger control of the force, not only because this doesn’t seem to even strain the character but also that it could be leaning more towards the dark side. Force Choking was a tactic used by Darth Vader and the idea of raising things the right way, which we saw in IG-11 is also reflected here with the subtext being that perhaps all of the things Mando has gone through over the episodes have had an effect on the character.

Kuiil also mentions that the force was something that he’d heard rumors about with The Empire which exemplifies just how little is known about it since the fall of the Jedi. It used to be massively prevalent in the Star Wars universe but now, it’s all over and it exists only in folklore and legend.

Mando and crew arrive on Navarro and Greef is waiting with three bounty hunters. There’s sort of a Mexican standoff almost with no one really trusting anyone and everything being uneasy. Also when Baby Yoda appears I kinda got flashes of Lord Of The Rings when Boromir would obsess over Middle Earths’ most prized possession. Baby Yoda is just a lot cuter though.

Force Healing

By the campfire, Greef discusses the plan, there’s a nod to the Empire basically just being made up of mercenaries now and that once they lose their paycheck that they will scatter.

The conversation is cut short though when Greef is attacked by members of the local wildlife that looks slightly like Arkanian Dragons from Star Wars lore. It kinda reminded me a bit of Pitch Black and I loved seeing the creatures terrorize the camp with laser blasts and flame throwers lighting up the night sky.

Greef is badly poisoned by the creature but luckily baby Yoda is on deck to force heal him. This ability was hinted at in the first episode and apparently the idea of Force Healing is going to be a big plot aesthetic in The Rise Of Skywalker with several characters being able to carry out the process.

I think Disney deliberately introduced her so that when it showed up in the film it wasn’t completely unfounded but it makes for a brilliant moment that adds a lot of weight to why Baby Yoda must be protected at all costs.

In the next scene, Greef reveals this and kills the three bounty hunters that he was with revealing that initially this was all supposed to be a double-cross. He’s just committed a triple cross. The plan was originally to hand the kid over and win back good favor with The Client but they decide to still go ahead with everything in order to stop the wave of hunters coming after them.

So the plan is back on and Kuiil takes Baby Yoda back to the ship, using the crib as a decoy.

Similar to A New Hope, they use the fake prisoner thing that they did with Chewbacca and head towards the location.

Entering the city they pass Scout Troopers and Speederbikes.

The Client

To their surprise, there are many more Stormtroopers and this subtly shows us that The First Order or rather Empire at this point is starting to build their forces up.

Upon arriving at the meeting place The Client remarks upon Mando’s Beskar steel and we kinda get some lip service paid to the Mandalorian Purge in which the Empire tried to take over their home planet but they resisted. It also adds a lot of weight to our theory from last time That The New Republic is basically failing at controlling the Galaxy due to their over-reliance on Droids and this is why the Galaxy Destabilised to the point that the Empire was able to resume control once more.

The Client demands that the Baby is shown but an incoming call comes in from none other than Moff Gideon played by Giancarlo Esposito. Personally I believe that this was the one who approached Fennec at the end of the Tattooine episode and he shows he’s actually the one behind it all, pulling the strings.

A shootout ensues with there being far more blaster bolts that are capable of coming from Mandos side and it turns out that Gideon has stormed the group with not only Storm Troopers but also Purge Troopers too.

Purge Troopers

Purge Troopers are basically the best of the best of the best…sir and they were the last generation of troopers cloned from Jango Fett. They’re capable of fighting Jedi one on one and participated heavily in Order 66, wiping out numerous members of the Fallen Order.

Speaking of Fallen Order they appear in that too and they’re not to be trifled with, providing a dangerous situation whenever you come face to face with them.

Mando stupidly breaks radio silence with Kuiil and this alerts Scout Troopers who swarm towards the location. Kuiil is killed off-camera before the speeders arrive which ends the episode.

Who Shot Kuiil?

There’s two ways to look at what really happened here which I’ll get into.

I have seen some assume that this was from IG-11 and like Mando said, killers are always killers. However, there’s no reason why the character wouldn’t have done this on the ship or at least tried to and if you look at the concept art for the credits, there are speeders chasing and firing at Kuiil so maybe one of them just got lucky.

the mandalorian episode 7 breakdown spoiler talk review ending explained full recap and predictions 8 moff gideon easter eggs star wars baby yoda mystery character

Episode 7 Ending Explained And Predictions

We also see Gideon arrive in a Tie Fighter that has the ability to fold its wings and this is actually a new model that we haven’t seen before. The episode ends with Gideon having them at a stalemate and it looks like The Empire finally got what it wanted.

Going forward, I think next week will just be an all-out war between Mando’s forces and The Empire. Whilst they are massively outnumbered, Baby Yoda is getting brought to the location and as we know, he is becoming much more versed in the force, being able to use without straining himself and even developing offensive abilities such as force choking.

I actually think that Mando may be killed or at the very least, heavily damaged due to the final battle and thus Baby Yoda will have to pull on all its energy to heal him.

We also last saw The Mandalorians on Navarro and I think that they may be hidden out on the planet somewhere. After what The Client said they will definitely have beef with The Empire so seeing them all gathered in one place could be like Christmas for the group.

It’s definitely gonna go down next week and with them killing Kuiil off who knows if everyone will make it out alive.

Greef is dead isn’t he?

He’s probably dead.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Mandalorian Episode Seven as well as what your theories for the future are. Make sure you leave them in the comments section below!

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