boba fett the mandalorian season 2 news

We have some massive incoming star wars news.

As of the last hour or so it has just been confirmed that Temuera Morrison will be playing Boba Fett in the upcoming season of The Mandalorian Season 2.

This report comes directly from the Hollywood reporter and it says that Tameura Morrison will be playing the character in the upcoming season which has currently finished filming.

The Disney plus exclusive is set to see a return of Fett and it will continue his storyline after the events of Return of the Jedi.

The character supposedly perished in the Sarlacc pit but according to the new report he narrowly avoided the digestion of a thousand years and climbed his way onto the streaming service to make a big bad return for the upcoming show.

Many people when watching the Mandalorian did wonder whether Fett was back and there was even a tease that lined up with his spurs at the end of episode five. This was confirmed to be Moff Gideon but clearly fans were desperate to see the character back and this has now been confirmed for definite.

Star Wars Attack Of The Clones Origin

Morrison, of course, played Jango Fett in Attack Of The Clones and we learned that Boba was cloned directly from him so this return makes a lot of sense.

When watching the Mandalorian I was always hoping he would show up and though I thought the season was incredible, I did kinda miss his presence when we learned that he wasn’t going to be appearing.

So this kinda writes the wrongs of that and it’s big news for Star Wars fans.

boba fett the mandalorian season 2 news

A Small Cameo?

Now Fett is expected to play just a small role in the season and though the amount of episodes that he’s appearing in hasn’t been confirmed yet, the Hollywood Reporter said that it would be a very minor appearance.

Still, any appearance by the character in my eyes is big news and he’s one of my favorite star wars characters of all time. I always felt he was kinda poorly handled in the films themselves, but outside of that in the expanded universe you really got the threat that he caused.

This definitely makes me excited for what’s to come and yeah it’s just big news.

As mentioned earlier The Mandalorian Season 2 is already wrapped and the season will be premiering on Disney Plus in October this year. We aren’t waiting on anything and it was pretty much all finished before lockdowns were initiated so this is all going ahead.

The season is shaping up to be something special and obviously there are a tonne of things to look forward to.

This news has really got me excited and I was just about to go to bed but I had to report on it.

Your Thoughts

Obviously we will let you know more of the story as it comes in over the following weeks but yeah what awesome news to get.

Make sure you leave your thoughts on the story in the comments section below and please drop a thumbs up if you’re as happy as I am.

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