The Nun: Original Script

The Nun: Original Script

The Nun sees release this month and whilst we have discussed the movie in full here (The Nun Ending Explained) there was still an original outline for the movie. Below I’ve compiled the rumours and leaked scripts into a plot synopsis.

There are some minor spoilers here for things that actually made it to the film so it may be worth skipping this for now if you want to remain unspoiled.

Plot Synposis

After the mysterious suicide of a Nun at the Carta Monastery, priest: Father Burke and new practicing Nun, Sister Irene are sent to investigate.

Arriving at the Monastery, the two discover some unorthodox things about the worshippers there that hint at the fact that all is not what it seems. None of the Brothers or Sisters appear to be upset by the suicide and reassure the duo that she now serves as the hand of The Master. This startles the pair as Catholics tend to believe that suicide is a mortal sin and one that dooms a person who commits it to Hell. They learn from a mysterious man named ‘The Duke‘ who is the deceased Nun’s father, that his daughter will someday rule with a power beyond mortals.


Other strange things about the location are the fact that the worshippers all practice from a non-standard prayer book and carry a strange device with them at all time. In addition to this there also is a strange Nun that stalks Sister Irene as she delves deeper into her investigation and it warns her of the coming catastrophe.

Tensions heighten as Burke and Irene learn that the villagers next to the Monstery believe that it is in fact a cult, lead by The Duke that practices summoning Demons. With the help of a local man known as Frenchie, the three manage to steal the devices that the initiates carry and discover that using them they are able to control demons.

Using their new abilities they manage to battle to the top of the Monastery where they discover The Duke performing a ritual. The Duke explains that God is planning to punish humanity and that we would be defenseless to stop him. In order to stand a chance, he and his followers have been attempting to summon forth a warrior for mankind, known as The Majesty. The Nun who committed suicide had succeeded in bringing forth Valak, His Majesty’s most powerful servant who was here to set the stage for the main act. A fight ensues in which the Duke is killed with a shotgun by Frenchie and Valak manifests and betrays His Majesty by stabbing her master in the back….literally. Valak absorbs his power from this and becomes the Nun that we know and love today.

Left with no other choice the surviving trio decides to make a blood pact with Valak. This is because they can no longer find salvation or redemption from The Church and are fearful of God’s vengeance. Joining with the demon is the only choice that they have and though it may cost them their souls, they will survive.

the nun ending explained and spoiler talk review plot synopsis breakdown

My Breakdown

A prequel based around a character that appears later in the series was never going to have a scene in which they were defeated but even so, The Nun still managed to surprise me with it’s ending. We all will be tempted with evil at some point in our lives and I enjoyed the fact that the film managed to subvert my expectations and have the heroes slowly turn into the things that they hated the most. This shows that perhaps their faith was not as unshaking as they would believe and the movie as a whole can be used as a metaphor for temptation. It’s a smart move to steep a film set in a Monastery as a metaphor for the battle of Good and Evil and I loved watching the characters become completely tempted by evil at the film’s close. This highlights just how strong the demon Valak is and how she was able to control people in The Conjuring series. It’s a nice twist that doesn’t ruin the films that preceded it as prequels often do and I think the film definitely is worth checking out, if you’re a fan of the series.

Your Thoughts

So, what did you think of The Nun? How would you rank it amongst the rest of the series and what would you like to see next? Comment below and let me know!

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