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The OA: Season 2: Ending Explained | All The Crazy Things About THAT Final Scene Explained + The Future Of The Show

the oa season 2 ending explained full spoiler talk breakdown

The OA is back on Netflix after a long hiatus that’s lead to it becoming one of the most anticipated shows on the platform. As expected, it’s ending is a highly confusing one and this mind-bending season leaves a lot to unpack from it.

Throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about The OA Part 2 and it’s ending as well as what it could lead to in the future.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know anything about the show then I highly recommend that you turn off now. With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I explain it so you don’t have to!

The OA: Part 2 Explained

I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible so excuse me if I miss out some details but this is the kinda show that could literally go on forever.

Episode One of Season 2 titled Angel Of Death pretty abruptly defies all expectations early on. The opening credits don’t even appear till we are almost 40 minutes into the show and it introduces a new character who finds himself wrapped up in Prairie and the gang’s extra-dimensional life.

That man is Karim Washington, a San Franciso Private Detective that has been tasked with finding a missing girl. She seems to have fallen in with the wrong crowd who’s lives revolve around playing an augmented reality game that offers up a huge cash prize. The girl, Michelle, was attempting to win enough money to buy her grandmother a house and this has lead her down a dark path.

The character manages to track her down to a creepy abandoned house located on Nob Hill and from here he becomes enveloped in the mystery surrounding the game and those that play it. This house sort of becomes the focus of the season and is the main driving force for Karim.

the oa season 2 ending explained full spoiler talk breakdown

The Fate Of Prairie

We also learn about what happened to Prairie after she was shot at the end of Season 1. As she is rushed to hospital in an ambulance it also turns out that she or rather Nina, is crossing a harbour in San Fran. Are you keeping up ok? Good cos it gets even more complicated. Nina then collapses on the ferry and she is rushed to hospital but now she’s no longer Nina, she’s Prairie in Nina’s body?

Making sense…good?

It’s Prairie who then finds herself in hospital in a completely different timeline where Joe Biden is the President instead of Barack Obama. Yes this season is still set in 2016.

The Timelines

From here, Prairie maps out the entire timeline and figures out what dimension she is actually in and this leads her back into the presence of Hap.

In the series, Hap makes a breakthrough and discovers a cube-like design that allows the performance of The Five Movements and is, therefore, able to transport whoever needs to into another dimension. Hap is desperate to win back Prairie with this breakthrough but his plan sort of collapses in on itself which doesn’t bode too well for him.

Prairie’s friends from Season One are desperate to get her and Homer back and go on a road trip to San Francisco which is when they come across the facility that Hap and Prairie are at.

They perform The Five Movments in order to open a portal for her, much to the behest of Hap who wishes to take her away to a completely different dimension. Homer shows up to stop this and is shot by Hap and while he lays bleeding on the floor Prarie promises to transport him to a dimension where he will be safe.

The Oa Part 2 Ending

Anyway, Back to Karim. We discover in episode 7 that the building on Nob hiHillas a hallucinogenic allure to it that Karim is trying to discover. After making it to the Rose Glass at the top of the building he discovers a portal which leads to another dimension.

Ok so this is when the stories come together as Prairie floats up to the sky. It’s at this moment in Karim’s story that he opens the portal and thus to two things converse and create a bridgeway between the Dimensions. Prairie is travelling between them but is interrupted by a white dove which breaks the portals and causes her to fall into what appears to be the same dimension.

What happens next is pretty crazy and the show breaks the fourth wall completely and has Prairie actually land in our dimension where The OA is just a TV show and the characters are just playing their parts. Or, this may have been the show all along and it’s just got so meta that it’s completely collapsed in on itself.

Whatever one sounds best to you pick that because I have no idea.

the oa part 2 ending explained

The OA Season 2 Ending Explained

Prairie is now lying on the floor bleeding from the head and Hap, or at least the actor playing Hap named Jason Isaacs, runs over to comfort her and calls her “Brit” which is the actresses real name.

An ambulance comes and Prairie is escorted off which sort of mirrors the beginning of the season and we cut to a very confused Karim who is watching the TV trying to figure out what’s going on. He then spots Michelle across the set or at least the actress who plays her. He calls which is when she runs over and climbs up the portal, transporting back to her grandmother.

In the Ambulance, Prairie and Hap or is it Brit and Jason? I don’t even know any more are racing to the hospital which is when Steve catches up to them and jumps inside calling Jason “Hap.”


So obviously there is a lot to unpack from that. Clearly, some character from the tv dimension have crossed over into the real world and they will have to figure out a way to get back. Michelle has shown that this can be done, however with the whole Hap situation it may prove to be difficult convincing others that they aren’t part of a TV show.

Everyone seems to be confused online about which dimension they are in but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the characters are in our world and will have to find a way to get back into Netflix beyond completing Bandersnatch.

Your Thoughts

There’s been quite a lot of mixed reviews in relation to this season with some calling the finale genius whilst others say it’s the worst thing ever. Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and how you think the show will progress down the line so leave them in the comments below!




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