The Possession Of Hannah Grace: Ending Explaine...

The Possession Of Hannah Grace: Ending Explained [MOVIE SPOILER TALK REVIEW]

the possession of hannah grace ending explained spoiler talk review on the exorcism film with full details and plot story breakdown by deffinition intro

The Possession Of Hannah Grace has finally reached cinemas and like the cadaver of the titular character, there is a lot to uncover from the film.

Throughout this article, I will be discussing everything you need to know about the movie and it’s ending.

There will be heavy spoilers so those who want to go into the film with fresh eyes should turn off now.

For everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to.

The Possession Of Hannah Grace Ending Explained

We follow Megan, an ex-cop that has started a new career as a morgue assistant due to traumatic events in her life that caused her to become an addict with PTSD. Prior to joining the Mortuary, Megan failed to use her firearm which lead to the death of her partner. This has sent her into an almost crippling depression that she struggles to recover from.

Megan has a pretty mundane life, she works the graveyard shift and is given little responsibility beyond the more minor tasks. This all changes when the body of Hannah Grace arrives.

Hannah is evil incarnate and it’s clear that though her body is dead, the spirit that resides in her isn’t. Hannah’s body seems to be healing and this is because as she kills, she takes the life force from the living and bestows it upon herself.

the possession of hannah grace ending explained spoiler talk review

We learn that Hannah was killed during an exorcism by her father and that when she was buried. She has since escaped from the grave and began a killing spree. Hannah’s father arrives at the morgue to inform Megan of this and we discover that he has been tracking the girls movements and attempting to stop her before she can do any more damage.

He states that the only way to stop Hannah is by burning her. The two work together to take Hannah’s body to the Incinerator but when Megan burns her father alive instead, things look bad for the duo.

Megan’s boyfriend shows up to save her but Hannah tries to murder him which leads to Megan shooting her several times with his gun. This, of course, shows a counterbalance to the mistake she made with her last partner and it’s clear that the character has now learned to act in difficult situations.

Megan manages to take the body to the incinerator where she burns it. Megan seemingly continues her life as normal after the events, however, when stepping out of the shower we notice that one of her eyes have turned blue, much like Hannah’s. An ominous fly also circles around Megan and it clearly hints that the demon has latched onto her. It was able to do this because of her depression which was noted as a key trait of how it possessed Hannah.

The blue eye is subtle enough to pass a lot of viewers by but I definitely think it symbolises that the demon isn’t that dead.

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So, what were your thoughts on The Possession Of Hannah Grace? Did you enjoy the film and what’s your favourite horror of the year?

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