The Predator: Ending Explained Review And Possi...

The Predator: Ending Explained Review And Possible Sequel Direction (2018 Movie)

the predator ending explained spoiler talk review

The Predator sees humanity face off against the intergalactic race of hunters once more. Directed by Shane Black, the franchise returns to its routes and possesses an ending that definitely needs dissecting.

Throughout this video, I will be discussing the ending of The Predator as well as the film’s plot. There will be heavy spoilers and this movie is definitely worth seeing with fresh eyes if you’re a fan of the franchise.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin the movie so you don’t have to.

The Predator Ending Explained

The Predator focuses on a Predator known as the ‘The Fugitive‘ trying to evade capture from a larger, more dominant version of The Species. The Fugitive has stolen a weapon that will allow humanity to have more of a fighting chance against the Alien Hunter Race.

Allusions of Prometheus gifting humanity with Fire and being punished by The Gods are clear from the outset and there is a definitely a mythological feeling to the work.

We discover that the weapon is a combat suit called ‘The Predator Killer‘ that will even the playing field as it has The Predator technology woven into it and can be worn by humans. Whilst the reason of why The Fugitive wants humanity to take this weapon is unknown, I believe it is because the more dominant version of The Predator is slowly starting to stamp out the lesser species back home. In the film ‘Predators‘ which preceded this movie, there was a definite tension between the two and it makes sense that there would be a civil war between them. The Fugitive knows that alone his race cannot stop the larger upgrades, however, with humanities help they may be able to.

the predator ending explained spoiler talk review

At the film’s end, the humans manage to kill the Giant Predator and we flash forward many years to discover that humanity is working on several elements of technology in order to fight the war against them. The researchers finally manage to open the pod that encases the weapon and the armour is shot out. Attaching to a human it adapts to fit him and kits him out fully with a suit that can fight the invaders that are likely to be coming.

It’s an ambiguous ending that teases more of what could happen rather than give a definitive end but I have a theory on where they may take it.

The Predator Sequel Direction

Personally I think the sequel will go either one or two ways. I believe that it will either continue on Earth with a huge showdown between humanity and The Predators that tears the planet in two or that the humans will journey to The Predator’s planet to take them head-on. Whilst humanity is unaware of exactly where The Predators come from, they may be able to track the people that regularly go missing and are transported to Predator owned planets like the ones we saw in the film ‘Predators.’ This would be a great call back to the third film in the franchise and I’d love to see Adrian Brody’s character return as he is currently stranded on that planet.

Predator for me as a series is missing several cameos and I think the fans deserve to see some returning characters. In the original script for the film Arnold Schwaneggar was intended to have a cameo at the end in which he would reunite with the humans and enlist them in a war against The Predators, however, this was dropped when the actor turned it down. It would have been a great addition and though they were unable to make it happen I hope that they can have returning characters in further sequels.

Your Thoughts

So, what did you think of The Predator, did you enjoy the reveal of The Predator Killer Suit or do you think that the studio are desperately trying to turn this into a superhero movie rather than the action horror that it used to be?

Comment below and let me know!

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