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THE THIRD DAY Ending Explained Breakdown And Full Season Spoiler Talk Review

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and it’s time to travel to the five star island of Osea to discuss everything that you need to know about The Third Day.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be going over entire show’s plot and it’s ending so obviously there will be heavy spoilers here.

With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the breakdown.

The Third Day Recap

Ok so The Third Day experience is actually cut up into three chapters that cover several characters as they try to get to the bottom of what is happening on the mysterious island of Osea.

The first is summer which follows Sam played by Jude Law as he gets to the bottom of his son’s disappearance which just so happens to be tied to the island itself.

The second part which was actually broadcast as a twelve hour live event on the island is called Autumn and this followed Sam as he went on his trials.

The third which is called winter follows Sam’s wife Helen, played by Naomie Harris as she searches for the answers to what happened to her husband.

the third day ending explained breakdown full season spoiler talk review

The Island Of Osea

Now the inhabitants of Osea believe that it is actually the soul of the world and that if things are amiss on the island, the rest of the world will decay. Thus they see themselves as protectors and have sought out the descendants of a man known Frederick Nicholas Charrington who we learn founded the island.

Charrington took up the mantle of father and together with his followers, they performed celtic rituals in order to stop the world from getting sick.

Charringtons grandson, who happens to be Sam’s grandfather, ended up fleeing Osea after he was disgusted by the ritualistic sacrifices that were performed and this is when things started to go awry. Sam’s grandfather’s brother took up the mantle himself but things just haven’t been the same.

The inhabitants believe that the direct offspring of Charrington must rule over them in order to keep the world in balance and thus they have sought out his descendants.

Initially, they wanted to use Sam’s son Nathan and hired someone to kidnap him, however, this ended up backfiring and thus they have pulled Sam back to the island so that he can return it to order.

Sam’s Journey

He comes across a girl named Epona who is attempting to end her own life and takes her back to the island which is when he is pulled into the true plot.

Osea is only accessible by a causeway that often floods and I thought it was brilliant how there was always this ticking clock in the background in which the characters had to get off the island before the tide rolled in.

The first three episodes of the season pretty much chronicle this and we follow Sam as he discovers the truth about his son and his role on Osea.

After discovering Epona’s body and learning that she sacrificed herself to try and heal the island, he ascends to the position of Father. The previous father ends his life in front of him during the finale of episode 3 which….was just weird wasn’t it…now it was.

Anyway, during his time on the island, Sam sleeps with a duplicitous woman known as Jess and she ends up becoming pregnant with his child we’ll get into this in just a bit.

Autumn And Winter

He’s also forced to do several trials as part of the autumn season and these including him digging his own grave and proving to the natives that he is the right person for the job. These take place after a minor time jump and we get another one as we head to winter.

Helen, angered that Sam disappeared without a trace and took £40,000 from the family heads out to island which was the last location she knew he was at in order to retrieve the money. Helen and Sam are separated and the only reason that they’re still classed as married is because he refused to sign the divorce papers.

They’re in debt over their heads and have no future if they’re unable to pay off what’s owed.

We discover that she was actually contacted by Jess’ daughter Kail, who is angered that her mother’s attention has moved away from her.

Upon arriving there Helen pretends she’s only taking her daughters Talulah and Ellie out to celebrate the latter’s birthday but slowly unearths that something isn’t right.

With the causeway closing, Helen manages to find a place to say and amongst the martins she discovers Jess is about to give birth but will die if not given proper medical attention.

Helen Learns The Truth

Helen helps out and when interacting with the villagers they lie to her about ever seeing Sam. However she learns from one of the drunk locals that he was there and upon confronting The Martins they lie and say that Sam disappeared from her in order to hide his infidelity.

Helen goes to leave the island but as they’re vacating they spot Jess walking into the sea. They take her to a house on the sea front which is when she gives birth to Sam’s daughter. Jess names her Epona and she goes to the original Epona’s father Jason, aware that the baby’s life is in danger because there can only truly be one descendant on the island.

Jess tells Helen to go and get Sam and we ended episode 5 with Helen coming face to face with her husband whilst Jess goes to attack Talulah.

The Third Day Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 picks up immediately after this with Helen coming face to face with Sam on the dock. He says he stayed on the island because Nathan he found Nathan, however, this is quickly shown to be a ruse and the boy is simply a distant relative.

Helen tells us a lot more about the child, namely that he was kidnapped six years ago when he was 10 and that if he was truly alive that he would be 16 and not the child that we’ve been seeing. His race is also wrong and we learn that Sam has simply accepted this child as his son in order to mentally exonerate himself from his grief.

People believe what they want to believe and will force things to fit a narrative in order to avoid accepting the truth and I think the series is chronicling the lengths that one will go to in avoid to avoid grief and despair.

Sam has simply been searching for answers and Helen unveils all the theories and accusations that he held onto in order to find a reason to not force himself to accept that it was his fault. This operatic grief is all just a way of avoiding coming to terms with things and Sam would rather remain in this state than face real life.

It turns out that Sam was supposed to be keeping an eye on him but instead he was on the phone with a woman that he was having an affair with. Sam spent 23 minutes and 17 seconds talking to her and I actually think this holds a special meaning.

In the bible, proverbs 23:17 read Don’t envy sinners, but always continue to fear the LORD which ties not only into Sam but also the island itself. This idea of forgotten children is not only mirrored in Kail and Jess but also Sam and Nathan as well as Helen and her daughters who she pretty much abandoned on Osea in order to find Sam and this fake Nathan.

This fake Nathan has clearly been influenced by the evil of the island from what we see in his pictures and we discover that it was actually the islanders that were behind the real Nathan’s death. Now they were truthful when stating that they had the kidnapped him, however it went far beyond that. Nathan realised what was happening and tried to escape which is when his kidnapper killed him.

The islanders didn’t even hand over the real Nathan’s body and instead they sacrificed Jason’s son and dumped Nathan in the causeway to cover up their crime.

The Third Day Ending

Now the episode really ramps up towards the end with the power struggle of both sides of the island coming out into the open. Throughout the season we’ve learned that there exists people who have faith in Sam and others that see him as a false prophet who’s not fit to lead.

Sam is worried that Ellie and Lu have been brought to the island and too face the danger of the native’s wrath which is warranted as Ellie is now under the wing of Jess whilst Lulah has to hide from the locals.

Jess uses Ellie to draw the opposing islanders and Helen out and she calls a truce between the community however she kills Mrs Martin who was one of the main reasons behind the uprising. They sedate and then drown her so that should her body be discovered she would be seen as having drowned.

They’re taken to the oyster which is when Lulah rescues them and the family spring into action. Helen forces Sam to come to terms with the fact that he lost Nathan and he kills some of the islanders and rescues Ellie.

Is Nathan Really Alive?

Sam gives Helen the cash from the alter but instead of leaving he remains behind with his truth which is that Nathan is still alive. It shows that though he had this moment of accepting the truth he has retreated to this notion that Nathan is still alive. Now the fake one does allude to a private conversation that the pair had which does hint at the boy perhaps being the real Nathan. However, I think this signifies the brainwashing that goes on on the island and how pretty much everyone has been forced into a role in some way in order to serve a purpose. Those that are team Sam are very much willing to give into his fantasies and they even kept them up in order to make sure he maintained in position. I think that this is so ingrained into everyone that even this young child truly believes he is Nathan.

Now the other way you can take it is that the mysticism we’ve been seeing on the island is correct and that in some ways, Nathan is alive through this distant relative. I think however that the main aesthetic of the show is about embracing the truth inspite of all the pain that it will cause and that it’s better to be hit with the harshness of reality than to remain in a blanket of comforting lies.

Nowhere is this exemplified more than in Helen’s escape from the island at the end. She could easily remain behind on Osea and live this lie with Sam but instead she puts her children in a boat, ties the rope on it around herself and swims off into the icy cold water in order to escape the island.

The Third Day Ending Explained

It’s a harrowing scene that’s agonising to watch but at one point she turns around and witnesses a vision of Nathan sat on the boat. To me this symbolises that she has saved not only her real children but also the idea of the real Nathan who will live on in her memories instead of the fake one which Sam has remained behind with.

She uses this to fight on through the water and makes the escape that Sam was once unable to.

Sam shared a similar journey to Helen and almost escaped the island himself however he was convinced to go back.

This shows the oppositions of grief and how some will accept the circumstances and move on whilst others like Sam will remain in whatever lie they tell themselves.

There are theories that state Helen is the true Mother of the island just as Sam is the father however unlike him she turns away from her destiny and the pagentry that surrounds it much like how Sam’s ancestors did when he realised that life on Osea would subject him and his offspring to several tragedies.

Ellie and Lulah manage to take their mother to a near by house and we see that she is suffering from hypothermia. However they manage to warm her. Helen holds on tightly to what she thinks is Nathan’s shirt, however it’s really the bag of money. Both she and Sam have been hit with the same disaster, however they have chosen to handle it differently. Helen now has a way to buy her and her family out of debt whilst Sam will forever be trapped in his mindstate.

Now though we don’t know what will happen to the island we do know that Sam isn’t taking things lying down and that he’s willing to kill. There’s also the possibility of the police arriving at the island to investigate all the deaths and I think that one way or the other, Osea will fall. But we end with the sun shining which does have a hopeful message to it and I think that Sam’s offspring at the very least will be ok even if he’s not.

The Third Day Review

That ends the season and the Third Day. I love how we had this constant repetition of three cycles in both the days and seasons that the episodes were centred around and I really really enjoyed what happened in the show. I highly doubt we will get a second season but if you’re watching this video for whatever reason without seeing it then I do recommend that you check it out.

Third Day was a show that kept me constantly guessing and I did have fun with it.

Overall I think this is a slow burn that deserves your attention and it gets a…


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Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ending and the series as a whole so make sure you comment below and let me know.


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