The Top 10 4k Blu-Ray Movies For Newbies (2019 ...

The Top 10 4k Blu-Ray Movies For Newbies (2019 List) & The BEST Projector Review | Benq w2700

aquaman 4k movie review ultra hd breakdown

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I’d update a video that I made last year in which I gave my Top 10 4k Blu Rays of 2018.

When I first got my Ultra HD player I just wanted to buy as many films as possible to show off the new, upgraded picture quality and HDR but I didn’t really know where to start.

4k Titles are still really really and at £20 pound a pop it can be expensive collecting them especially as there’s not really a reliable list of what the best looking titles are.

So, to get you the best bang for your buck throughout this video we’re gonna be discussing our list of the best looking titles and the projector to watch them on.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition from Heavy Spoilers now let’s get into our top 10.

Top 10 4k Blu-Ray List 2019

Ok so just to make sure we don’t miss anything in case you’re completely new to the format and want a quick rundown of the prior top 10 titles of last year, our list was made up of:

Pacific Rim, Life, Prometheus, Avengers: Infinity War, Passengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy: Volume 2, The Avengers, The Revenant, Lucy and Blade Runner 2049.

If you pick up any of those titles you won’t be disappointed as they’re all phenomenal.

Mortal Engines

For 2019 I was blown away by our First Entry: Mortal Engines. I feel like this film was very underrated in cinemas and in the home cinema setting it definitely packs a punch. This is a perfect picture, shot in 8k and finished with a 4k DI, everything throughout the movie looks outstanding. There’s a crispness to it that really packs a punch and instantly upon its release, it became one of the must-have titles. This is how the movie was supposed to look and I think many will gain a new appreciation for it with the 4k Blu Ray.


Next up is Dunkirk, I actually stupidly omitted this from my last top 10 countdown so it has to be on this one. The movie is absolutely phenomenal and whether you’re watching it on a TV or the Projector that I’ll be talking about in just a bit, this is a complete knockout. Filmed for the most in IMAX, everything stands out here. The sand grains are so detailed that you could probably count them one by one and the rich ocean and sunset that the spitfires fly over feels like it could be a postcard.

The 4k Blu Ray is THE way to watch the movie and it feels like a true cinematic experience on the upgraded format. This is a must-have and one of the best entries in the Ultra HD market.

aquaman 4k movie review ultra hd breakdown


Aquaman, though released with a 2k DI, doesn’t suffer in the slightest because of it. With the huge, epic IMAX scenes and incredible textures and colours, the movie really stands out on the format. Given both the HDR 10 and Dolby Vision treatment, the movie pops in a way that you just don’t get with a standard Blu-Ray.

The first time the character travels to Atlantis I was completely mesmerized by the beaming beacons of light, the detail in the ocean surroundings and I really couldn’t believe how good the film looked. In Dolby Vision especially this movie is a wash of colours that stand out and the film completely knocks it out of the park with its gorgeous vistas and settings.

We’re not really doing this list in any order but out of the Discs here this is probably one of the top three and is a must-have for anyone looking to get into the format.


Glass was a disappointing film for me due to the fact I’d waited so long for a fully-fledged sequel to unbreakable, however, what isn’t a let down is the film on Ultra HD Blu Ray.

The detail here is absolutely insane and at points, the film looks better than real life due to its incredible textures and environments. The movie looks phenomenal and it’s no surprise as it’s in a native 4k. This makes the movie look demo worthy and, if like me, you were disappointed in the overall film then I definitely recommend that you revisit it to see what you’re missing.

The Best Projector To Watch Them On

Ok so before we get into the rest of our list it’s time to discuss the best projector on the market right now that is the Benq w2700.

Benq sent us this out for review and if you’ve been following my channel for a while then you’ll know that I don’t do brand deals or tie-ins. This is the first time I’ve ever been sent something to review as I normally just turn companies down because I wanna push products that I believe in and yep…this is something that I genuinely think that home theatre enthusiasts need to get.

We weighed up everything from the overall price, quality and build and if you’re just starting out then this is by far the best one to pick up.

The projector uses CinematicColor technology and supports DCI-p3 which is the US movie industry color standard.

The projector is relatively small, measuring 38 cm across and just being 4.2kg. Benq stated in their marketing material that it can sit nicely in any room and it definitely feels that way. We put it on our bedside table and projected it against the opposite wall and it was pretty much silent throughout the entire run of all of the movies that we’ve watched on it. It can be mounted on a ceiling, used in rear projection as well and will pretty much fit within any room.

I’ve tried a lot of projectors but they were either eyesores or really clunky to fit somewhere whereas this integrates with most rooms really well.

best 4k ultra hd projector benq w2700 review

It does get a bit hot from time to time as you’d expect but that’s probably the only downside to it. There’s also a wealth of settings so you can set the projector up for any environment and get the best picture possible.

Dunkirk looked absolutely astounding on this and I was completely blown away by just how lifelike everything looked. Aquaman as well was a knockout and even regular TV shows look phenomenal through the technology that Benq has here. You can manually adjust the lens and picture or automatically do it through the projector.

The colours are brilliant here and at standard settings, the picture still looks outstanding. Of course, you can adjust the settings for your room and so on but the w2700 automatically handles all of the HDR work for you, automatically switching the picture to the optimum setting. I’m normally someone who buys a tv and then spends hours going through all of the picture settings and getting it just right for my room but out the box this is perfect.

There’s colour, contrast and outstanding sharpness here that provides you with the home cinema experience that you’ve been looking for and I really can’t overstate how impressed I was with this.

Everyone just works instinctively, the projector scales really well and even on Standard Definition content, things still look breathtaking.

This is definitely the projector that you need to pick up right now and with its price, overall quality and capabilities this is the projector that we recommend if you want the best movie experience at home.

Learn more here – BenQ w2700 our projector of the year.

Jurassic World 2

Up next is Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom which comes with Dolby Vision and with this switched on the film looks incredible. The surroundings, dinosaurs and character detail really stands out here, making it a brilliant adventure. This was a pretty meh experience the first time I watched it but in the updated format it really stands out, delivering the true experience that I think the creative team behind it were going for.

Though it has a 2k DI it still looks outstanding and is a definite must buy if you want some outstanding picture quality.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse won the Oscar for best animation and with the 4k release, it’s easy to see why. The film comes with Dolby Vision and a range of colors that actually make the image look 3D at several points. I was blown away by just how much detail was put into each frame here and as with most 4k releases you begin to notice things that you missed or never picked up on which is especially true here.

Even though everything in it is artificial the colors are incredible and before purchasing it I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to capture the lifelike colors that we see in real life but that isn’t really the case.

Electricity looks phenomenal and the kaleidoscopic range that is laced across the screen is incredible. This is again a must-have and easily in the top 3 of the list.

spider-man into the spider-verse 4k review top 10 uhd blu rays 2019

The Batman Set

When I heard that the Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney were coming to the 4k format I was a bit apprehensive, I knew it would be a must-have for me because I’m a Batman fan but I didn’t know if we would start to see behind the curtain with the picture upgrade.

However, I wasn’t disappointed at all and the movies look better than they’ve ever been. The 4k DI makes each one really stand out and I can’t emphasize enough how much this is an upgrade over the prior versions of the movie.

I used to stay away from older movies because of the grain which I find can be slightly over the top on older titles, it’s just a personal preference and I have gotten used to it but I do tend to prefer a crystal clear picture. That comes with this release and the entire set looks excellent. The restoration is mindblowing and this is a must buy.


Ok, so Avengers: Endgame was almost on this list…until I saw Ant-Man, released just a couple of months ago, the movie looks absolutely amazing. Given the fullscreen treatment, this really stands out no matter what television or projector you watch it on and the HDR brings absolutely everything to life.

This small character makes a big impact and this might be a bold thing to say but the 4k release is probably the best looking MCU movie on the format. If you’ve overlooked this because it’s not one of the big Marvel titles I definitely recommend that you pick this one up as it’s one of the best looking Ultra HD Blu Rays out there.

The Lion King

Ok, so whilst The Lion King paled in comparison to the original, the 4k Ultra HD release definitely doesn’t stand in it’s shadow. This is an absolutely outstanding looking disc and it’s probably one of the best-looking films that I’ve ever seen.

Every hair, detail, and texture on the animals stands out here and it brings the characters to life in a way that you just don’t get on lower formats.

This is a pixel-perfect release and at times I was lost in how photo-realistic this looks. This is a demo worthy release and is a must-own for anyone looking for a new film to pick up.


And lastly is LEON. Though this was released in the mid-90s, the movie looks like it was shot yesterday. This is an incredible restoration that really brings the film to life in a way that was lost on previous releases.

You really don’t get better than this and initially, this only got one release that made it shoot up in price due to all collectors being after it. However, right now it’s got a re-release with added art cards in a special edition box set for £20.

I can’t stress enough how much you have to pick this up as it’s a must-have purchase that really showcases what the format can be at it’s best.

This is a must-buy, especially for the price and you need to buy it right now.

Your Thoughts

And that’s our list, obviously, I’d love to know your top 10 and what your favorite movies of the year were. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please give it a thumbs up and make sure you check out our breakdown of the last big movie of the year, The Rise Of Skywalker.

We go over everything you need to know about the movie and it’s ending so it’s definitely worth checking out after this.

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