The Walking Dead: Season 9: Episode 6: Who Are ...

The Walking Dead: Season 9: Episode 6: Who Are You Now: Full Breakdown and Ending Explained

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 who are you now ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown by deffinition

The Walking Dead is back with a new aesthetic, time setting and direction for the show. Throughout this video I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about Episode 6 of ‘Who Are You Now‘ and where it leaves our characters.

There will, of course, be heavy spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode yet then I highly recommend that you come back to this video after watching it.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin it so you don’t have to.

The Walking Dead: Season 9: Episode 6: Plot Synopsis

Episode 6 fittingly picks up six years after the apparent death of Main Character, Rick Grimes. In the previous episode we were introduced to a new group of survivors and an older Judith Grimes who had taken the role of being the new Sherrif in town.

In episode 6 we learn the ins and outs of the new characters as well as what had happened in the six years since we last saw our old heroes. Daryl is now a lone wolf, that stalks the landscape. He’s clearly accepted that zombies are part of the ecosystem now and this is confirmed when he lets a zombie live because he sees a bird using the worms on it’s carcass to feed it’s younglings.

The biggest shock to me came when I learned that Priest Gabrielle was hooking up with Rosita now and that Eugene has lost his mullet. I just guess there’s no one handing out trendy haircuts in the zombie apocalypse.

At the Kingdom, Carol is walking around looking like Legolas now but here and Zeke reside over their kingdom. Carol is still a badass though and she by far has the most badass moment in the episode.

Mirroring this female superiority is Michonne who is now the security chief of Alexandria. We learn that Rick in fact did impregenate her and that Rick has another child running round in the apocalypse that I’m sure will be picked up upon when the character returns for his three original movies.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 who are you now ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown by deffinition

Who Are The New Characters In The Walking Dead?

Michonne isn’t happy that the new group are breaking their ‘no new people’ role and she seems to distrust them slightly. At the episodes end they set off for hilltop but I can’t imagine that going over too smoothly especially when we learn about the weapons they snuck past the group and their life before the Walkers. Michonne and Judith seem to have inherited Rick’s ability to hallucinate the dead and it’s nice that their shadow still lingers over the world in a positive way that guides them through the tough landscape.

Negan now seems to be becoming a more positive influence and we see that he has become Judith’s math teacher. Negan actually seems happy again after the emotional wreck that he was last episode but that doesn’t mean that he’s changed completely and Judith keeps a watchful eye over him.

We also see Rosita and Eugene at the side of the road, hiding out like it’s The Lord Of The Rings and being stalked by The Whisperers. Who say ‘you let them get away.’ For everyone that doesn’t know, The Whisperers are the shows new central villain and they are basically people that disguise themselves as the undead and walk amongst them. Their name comes from the whispering that they are able to do which doesn’t alert the Walkers and lets them carry on under their camoflauge.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the new direction that The Walking Dead is taking? Are you enjoying the new characters and what would you like to see before the Season’s end?

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