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The Walking Dead: Season 9: Episode 7: Stradivarius: Full Breakdown and Ending Explained


The Walking Dead is back with a new time setting, cast of characters and scenario for our survivors. With episode 7 we see the continuation of this arc and throughout this video I will be discussing Episode 7: Stadivarius, in full detail.

There will, of course, be heavy spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode yet then I highly recommend that you come back to this article after watching it.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin it so you don’t have to.

The Walking Dead: Season 9: Episode 7: Plot Synopsis

Last week we saw the continuation of the six year time jump that the show introduced after the finish of Andrew Lincoln’s contract. Yay he can go be with his real family instead of spending his entire life wasting time on a show that jumped the shark back in season 4. Anyway, we were introduced to a new cast of characters, saw Legolas reunite with Aragorn and got a sneak peak of The Whisperers.

Episode 7 continues this with Carol trying to convince Daryl that her son needs protection and with him being Rambo now that he is the best guy for the job. Daryl is currently living with a dog who’s name is Dog and believes that the boy can figure things out on his own.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Daryl and Carol

Magna And Michonne

Magna and her group are making the perilous journey to Hilltop with Michonne finally seeming to open up to to the idea of trusting them. They go back to their former camp and discover that Walker’s have destroyed it and Michonne decides that the perilous journey may not be in her best interest. She eventually does come round and even gives the group back their weapons which highlights that she is realising they may not be all that bad.

At Hilltop we see our first view of the location since the time jump and the place has become like a paradise. We finally learn of Maggie’s fate and it appears that she has left to stay with Georgie leaving Jesus as the leader.

Jesus has been secretly meeting Aaron for martial arts training and the two discover Rosita who is alone in the wilderness after barely surviving the The Herd that we saw in last weeks episode.

Rosita’s Fate?

To me, they are playing pretty close to the comics at the moment and for those who don’t know, and by the way there are huge spoilers ahead so turn leave now if you haven’t read the book, Rositas death is a big event in The Whisperers arc.

When Alpha disguises herself as one of Rick’s people and infiltrates the fairgrounds in the book she decapitates several people and puts their heads on pikes, with Rosita being one of them. I really hope the character doesn’t die because Gabriel was finally starting to get some after Jadis friendzoned him.

Who are magna's group on the walking dead

Daryl is later saved by Henry’s son and we discover that the former’s self-isolation is because he is looking for someone, presumably Rick’s body. Daryl decides that he will protect Carol’s son and ride to Hilltop but this journey is short lived when they get asked to help look for Eugene.

I think they will probably find him in a Whisperer enclave which is where we will finally learn of the season’s big new villains but there is a potential for a lot to happen here.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the new direction that The Walking Dead is taking? Are you enjoying the new characters and what would you like to see before the Season’s end?

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