The Walking Dead: Season 9: New Enemy Episode 9...

The Walking Dead: Season 9: New Enemy Episode 9 Predictions

the walking dead season 9 episode 9 new enemy predictions ending explained spoiler talk review the talking zombies in the return episode intro

The Walking Dead Season 9 has just dropped it’s mid-season finale and whilst the show won’t be back until 2019, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to unpack.

Throughout this article, I will be breaking down the teaser trailer for episode 9 as well as giving my predictions for what could happen down the line.

There are huge spoilers here for Episode 8, so if you aren’t fully caught up then I suggest that you turn off now. For everything, I’m Deffinition and Welcome To The Channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to!

The Walking Dead Episode 9 Predictions

Episode 9 of The Walking Dead is fittingly called ‘New Enemy‘ and I think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that we will be focusing heavily on the introduction of The Whisperers.

In the teaser trailer, we see that the group manage to make it back from the Cemetary in which Jesus was killed at. We then get a clip of the funeral for the character. I’ve seen a couple of people say that Jesus is not dead and that you can see him breathing, however this confirms his departure. The actor that plays the character has also confirmed this so it seems likely to be true.

In a voiceover we are told that there is a new enemy and we get a couple of shots of Beta, one of the big bads from The Whisperers. Beta is a high ranking member of the Whisperers, that eventually becomes the group’s leader after the demise of Alpha.

the walking dead season 9 episode 9 new enemy predictions ending explained spoiler talk review the talking zombies in the return episode intro

Beta is completely wrapped up in his persona as a Whisperer and refuses to remove the mask that he wears over his face. He is massively protective over it and kills allies and enemies without question when they ask him to. He’s about 7ft tall and is a massively dominant character. I loved seeing him in this episode and he actually has an extremely interesting back story. Before the apocalypse, Beta was a famous basketball player and actor and he starred in several movies and car commercials.

To me he’s become completely enveloped in this new role as a zombie apocalypse survivor and I can’t wait to see what the show does with him.

The trailer hints that the group have infiltrated The Whisperer’s hideout but I doubt that taking it down will be easy. It also appears that they might be showcasing that some characters may switch sides and there’s a tease that Daryl may infact have more in common with The Whisperers than he does his old friends.

The Fall Of The Kingdom

Another huge hint in the teaser trailer of what could happen is the fall of The Kingdom. Carol says to Ezekiel ‘This could be your last chance.’ and in an exchange with Michonne, Sidiq asks ‘What does it mean for Alexandria to survive if Kingdom falls?’

To me, the show is definitely setting up the fall of The Kingdom and I personally think that writing out the location makes a lot of sense. Currently, in the show, there are so many different strongholds that it is becoming difficult to give them all the required time they need to fully develop them so it makes a lot of sense to me to write these out.

The Trailer closes with a shot of Alpha in a puddle which confirms that The Whisperers are here to stay.

Alpha is even worse than Beta and since the apocalypse and has done many brutal things. In the comic books, she physically and emotionally abused her own daughter and allowed several people to rape her. In the comics, Negan is the one who kills her and beautifully beheads her and I can’t wait to see if this is carried over to the show.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on what will happen when Season 9 returns? Comment below and let me know!

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