The Walking Dead: Who Are The New Characters In...

The Walking Dead: Who Are The New Characters In Season 9?

the walking dead season 9 new characters explained

If you haven’t seen Season 9Episode Five of The Walking Dead then you need to leave this article NOW.

Those who have however will be aware that the show had another massive time jump that allowed Judith Grimes to age about 5 years and become a better shot than Bullseye.

The ending scene of the episode also made several new characters the focus and throughout this article I will be discussing the new survivors in full detail. There are potential spoilers for the comic book and show here so if you don’t want anything ruined for you then I suggest you turn off now.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin it so you don’t have to.


The first person that we need to pay attention to is Magna, the group’s leader. She’s pretty much the female version of Rick and makes sense to become his replacement. She escaped Walkers on Horseback by herself, ran into a survivor and formed a group.

The character is of Greek decent but outside of this, very little is known about her past.

Magna is instrumental in the war of the Whisperers and this is most likely where the show will utilise the character in the future.

the walking dead season 9 new characters explained


Yumiko is probably my favourite character from the bunch. She’s pretty much a female Daryl and is Magna’s most trusted ally. The two are in a relationship together and Yumiko guards the former with her life.

Wielding a Bow she is able to silently take out Walkers and Whisperers with ease and I can definitely see the show doing a lot of cool things with her.


Whilst Luke doesn’t play a huge part in the comics this part about him could spoil a huge segment of the future of the show so I highly recommend that you skip this section. If not then we will go right ahead.

Luke is killed by Alpha, who infiltrates Rick’s camp disguised as one of them. She lures people away from this and begins beheading them, placing their heads on Pikes to mark the border between her people and Ricks. Luke is one of them and there is a fantastic panel in the comic books where we see his head skewered on one.

It’s a huge moment that I really hope wasn’t spoiled for you but if it was, I warned you, please don’t sneak into my house and behead me as a warning to not spoil anything.


Connie is a huge gamechanger for the show as she is the first deaf main character to appear in it. She communicates through American sign language but obviously, her lack of hearing makes it difficult for her to survive in the situations that the Walkers and Whisperers provide.

Connie is bitten during a Whisperer attack and has to have her hand amputated which leads to further tension with the character. Though she survives it makes her survival even more difficult and the stakes really rise for her every time she is put in danger.


The final character of the group is Kelly. In the comic books, Kelly is a man and is in a relationship with Connie. The show seems to have departed from this massively and the two are now sisters.

I can’t see them hooking up unless The Walking Dead really wants to go The Game Of Thrones route but who knows in this zombie filled apocalypse that they live in.

Kelly is the one who amputates Connie and this could definitely be something that is brought into the show even if the rest isn’t.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the new characters in The Walking Dead. Do you think they will make a good replacement for Rick and what would you like to see them do in the future?

Comment below and let me know!

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