THOR 4 Breaking News Announcement! Alpha Groot ...

THOR 4 Breaking News Announcement! Alpha Groot And Guardians Of The Galaxy Confirmed For The Film

thor 4 guardians of the galaxy confirmed king groot alpha groot christian bale plot leaks

thor 4 guardians of the galaxy confirmed king groot alpha groot christian bale plot leaks

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your friendly neighborhood Spoiler-Man Deffinition and we have some breaking news from Brandon Davis and Vin Diesel about Thor 4.

The interview that just dropped with Vin Diesel states that The Guardians will indeed by in Thor 4 which will be directed by Taika Waiti.

After James Gunn was fired by Disney last year, things have kinda been up in the air in regards to where things would be going with the characters and we did not know whether The Guardians would be in the film or not.

It did seem like the necessary steps to take for the next film with the way things were left at the end of Avengers Endgame, however there wasn’t really any confirmation until today.

When promoting his new movie Bloodshot, Diesel told Davis the following.


The Asgardians Of The Galaxy?

There is a lot that we can take from that. Firstly Diesel says that they will be incorporated into the movie which could mean a number of things. It’s likely that they will be there at the start but the group could jet off to go and see someone else. However, his next statement is very interesting on how it may actually flesh out their role.

Diesel said that Groot would actually evolve beyond what we’ve seen him as before. Instead of going back to the Groot we met in the first film he will actually become Alpha Groot. Now what this means for the future we don’t know but it is possible that he could end up becoming King Groot or the leader of other Groots and this is why he’s the Alpha.

So the Asgardians of the Galaxy are going ahead and already the film looks stacked.

Not only is it dealing with Jane’s return but we also learned last week that Christian Bale would be featuring as the films villain so there is a lot going into it.

The fact that Groot will be evolving in several ways showcases to me that the Guardians may be in the movie for the duration in order to allow this to happen to the character.

I don’t know whether they will be in the entire thing but it will be interesting to see Taika Waiti handling the characters after turning down Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3 in Gunns Departure.

James Gunn And Plot Leaks

Gunn is of course back on board with the project now but it will be interesting to see how things are handled going forward.

We did hear in recent plot leaks which…spoiler alert if you don’t want anything ruined that the Guardians would feature in the film but that they would depart quite early on after being bested by the villain of the piece.

Take these with a pinch of salt but it does seem likely that this is what the movie could line up with.

I am of course interested to hear your thoughts on the news and what role you think that they will have in the film.

Comment below and let me know!

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