Tomb Raider Movie: Ending Explained

Tomb Raider Movie: Ending Explained

Tomb Raider Movie: Ending Explained by Deffinition

Tomb Raider sees release this month and whilst it fails to break the curse of bad video game movies, there is still a lot to be enjoyed within the film for fans of the franchise. Those not engrossed with the recently rebooted game series may be unfamiliar with the plot threads left surrounding characters at the films close and thus left scratching their heads over who Trinity is and the true identity of the Ana Miller.

Throughout this video I will be discussing the answers to these questions, drawing heavily on the video games plotline to explain what pivotal characters appear towards the end of the film and what direction it will most likely be heading in down the line. If you enjoy this video please like, subscribe and leave your comment as to whether you agree or not.

Tomb Raider Movie Ending Explained by Deffinition

Daddy Issues

The film centres around Lara Croft, attempting to solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance. Similar to the plot of the 2013 video game, Croft becomes shipwrecked on a mysterious island and must use her wits in order to survive the perilous situations that she is put into.

Throughout the film Trinity hound Lara at every turn and make it difficult for her to get to the bottom of things. In the video game universe, the Order of Trinity is a mysterious and ancient militant organisation that seeks control over the world and the fate of mankind. Trinity is known to have existed at least as early as 978 AD.

Trinity are rumored to be associated with the Roman Catholic Church, as one of its senior leaders at the time of it’s creation was also a Catholic Bishop. This association appears to have persisted into the modern day; and it has been hinted that The Vatican are a major source of the organization’s funding.

During the film, Lara comes into contact with her father once more and the two unwittingly allows Trinity to discover the Tomb of Himiko.

Queen Himiko tomb raider movie and game


Whilst initially believed to grant eternal life, it is discovered that Himiko in fact possesses a virus that killed others upon contact, Himiko was immune to this disease and therefore mistakingly thought of as a God. Isolating herself, Himiko traveled to the island in order to hide away from those that would use her power for evil. Realising that he is unable to move the body because of the disease that surrounds it, Mathius, the film’s antagonist is at an impasse. Stealing Himiko’s thumb he flees for a transport that he arranged to pick him up earlier in the movie. Richard Croft sacrifices himself to destroy the virus and Lara shoves the thumb down Mathius’ throat, killing him in their final faceoff.

It’s all a bit over the top and cliche but there are several threads left dangling that provide much more intrigue and hint at what may possibly come further down the line for the live action counterpart.


Towards the film’s climax Lara comes to the realisation that Trinity is a much larger corporation than initially thought and after seeing first hand the devastation that they have wrought upon several civilizations, decides to take them head on, Cue famous Dual Pistol Arming Scene.

Partners with Patnas

It is revealed that Trinity is actually part of an organisation called Patna, which is a holding company that the Croft estate owned. We see boxes throughout the film with the Patna logo imprinted on them so it is clear that they have roots within the majority of things within the plot. In the final scenes, Lara signs off on her inheritance and gives full power of attorney to Ana Miller, her father’s closest ally.

Granting such privileges to Miller means that Ana now has complete control over the inheritance and can use it however she sees fit. It is revealed that she has been a Trinity double agent all along and gaining the power now given to her has always been her endgame. Infiltrating the Croft household early on she has controlled all ventures thus far and is the puppet master behind Mathius’ motives. Making her one of the franchises most dangerous foes.

Ana Miller In The Tomb Raider Movie

Whilst the way that future films will travel is completely open-ended, we can take the plot of the sequel game: Rise Of The Tomb Raider, to indicate what could happen in potential sequels.

The Video Game Sequel Plot

Following Lara Croft’s return from Yamatai, Trinity targeted her and worked to discredit her as they had her father. When Lara set her sights on a fabled tomb in Syria said to house the soul of an immortality-granting prophet, Trinity followed her, hoping to claim the Divine Source, an artifact said to grant immortality. The tomb proved to be empty, however, and Lara managed to escape Trinity’s forces alive. Trinity demolished both the tomb and the ruins of the Prophet’s oasis city.

Lara later connected the symbol used by the Deathless Prophet and found in his tomb with the lost city of Kitezh, known as the “Russian Atlantis”. Trinity sent an assassin to eliminate Lara, but she fought him off. The assassin fled, stealing Lara’s research and giving Trinity her breakthrough. A large Trinity force traveled to Siberia, arriving just ahead of Lara and securing an old Soviet military installation near Kitezh to serve as a base of operations. Ana and her brother Konstantin led the operation, the former desiring the Divine Source to cure her lung cancer. Trinity encountered unexpected resistance in locating Kitezh, as the city was protected by the native Remnants who carried out a guerrilla campaign against the invaders. Upon finally reaching the city, Trinity found themselves embattled against the defending army of immortal Deathless Ones.

Ultimately, the Trinity task force was overrun by the Deathless Ones and Lara destroyed the Source, which in turn destroyed all of the immortals. In the aftermath, as Lara and Ana made their way through the Siberian wasteland, Ana confessed that Trinity had ordered her to kill Lara’s father, but she had refused to do it. Before she could divulge anything else, Ana was assassinated by a Trinity sniper. The sniper had the opportunity to kill Lara as well, but was ordered by his superiors to allow Lara to live for the time being.


So that is my explanation of the recent film Tomb Raider as well as where I think the franchise could head further down the line. Thanks very much for taking the time to check out my video and thoughts on the movie. I’d love to hear your ideas on the film as well as what direction you think the series could go in the future so please leave a comment below. Make sure you subscribe to this channel as I do film analysis video essays on a bunch of wide ranging movies and there will definitely be something on the channel you love. I’ve recently released a video detailing the real life story behind the film Veronica and it is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of horror films. Again thanks very much for watching the video and I’ll see you next time, take care, PEACE.

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