Top 10 Comic Book Movie Opening Scenes

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Opening Scenes

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings By Deffinition

Rise Of The Comic Book Intro!

Comic Book Movie opening scenes can be one of the most important aspects of the film. They cement the world, often set up all of the plot elements and showcase our heroes in a daring way. They should instantly grab the viewers attention and let them know that THIS is a film worth checking out.

But which ones are the best! Which ones demand that you pay attention to the rest of the movie (even though the rest of the movie is terrible in some cases)?

With the help of Comic Vine I give to you the Top 10 Comic Book Movie Openings!

10. Xmen Origins: Wolverine

In the first X-men Entry on the list we join James Howlett as he murders his father, escaping with his brother into the wilderness of Canada. From here we are given a run through all of the wars from the 1800s to the 1970s, when the film was set. Whilst the rest of the film is disappointing, it can’t be denied that Xmen Origins: Wolverine has a kick ass intro.

9. Captain America: Civil War

Opening my favourite Marvel Movie we see the Cap team face off against cross bones. It works brilliantly as a set piece that allows each character to have their moment in the spotlight whilst introducing the plotline that would massively change the Marvel cinematic universe.

8. Blade

Before Marvel launched Blade (1998), the character was unknown to general audiences. Due to perfect casting and an action scene that introduced us to the terrifying world of Vampirism. This kicked ass in several ways. Gone were the kiddie comic book movies of yesteryear, Blade was here to kick ass and take names. The intro still stands up today as one of the greatest Comic Book Movie Openings and holds up brilliantly after almost 20 years!

7. Xmen: Days Of Future Past

Set in an alternate future, Days Of Future Past sets up how devastated the world is from the Sentinal invasion. The hunt down the rest of the surviving mutants, showcasing just how unstoppable they are. We see some of our favourites mercilessly murdered and it really heightens the importance of the heroes missions. Against all odds they have no other choice to change the timeline. This is a cool opener that provides drama, action and also gives us a refreshing look at some of the new mutant’s abilities.

6. Batman V Superman

One of the biggest criticisms of Man Of Steel was of Superman’s complete disregard for the city of Metropolis. It was completely demolished and the Blue Boy Scout seemed to have little concern for the citizens during his battle. Batman V Superman completely rectifies this. We are granted with the perspective of Bruce Wayne as he fights through the carnage of a 9/11-esque attack. Watching his friends murdered and assets devastated we completely understand the hate that grows within him from that moment on. It’s a solid introduction that really escalates the motives of Batman whilst giving us real edge of the seat action.

5. The Wolverine

Beginning the top 5 is The Wolverine! Taking place during the bombing of¬†Nagasaki¬†this introduction grabs your attention immediately. Completely wiping the floor with the rest of the film it’s a brutal reminder of the horrors of war. We see first hand what it would be like enduring a nuclear detonation and from the first frame to the last this one has stuck with me for years.

4. Watchmen

This moment completely brings the comic to life, detailing an alternate history set to the ‘Times Are Changing’ by Bob Dylan. It’s near perfect.

3. The Dark Knight

When Heath Ledger was announced as ‘The New Joker‘ many laughed, many doubted, many were outraged. This introduction silenced all of them. Heath Ledger’s Oscar winning portrayal of the Clown Prince Of Crime transcend film and this is where it all began.


2. X2

Depicting an attack on the White House by a brainwashed Nightcrawler. X2 dramatically shows us what an attack on one of the world leaders would look like should Superheroes exist. The first time I ever saw this my jaw was on the floor and it still holds up today due to it’s thrilling music, choreography and overall coolness. X2 is one of the best!

1. The Dark Knight Rises

The opening to The Dark Knight Rises is stellar. After perfecting his direction of action scenes Nolan pulls off an unbelieavable battle in the sky. Aboard an airplane we are introduced to Bane. A far cry from the 1997 Batman and Robin version, this one is brutal, merciless and has a loyal following that are willing to sacrifice themselves for him. Whilst the rest of the film struggles in certain sections, it cannot be denied that this introduction is outstanding from start to finish.

Your Favourite Comic Book Movie Opening!

So what did you think of the list? Do you agree? Do you not? Do you absolutely hate it and want to crash this website WITH NO SURVIVORS???!!!!

Comment below and let me know, i’d love to hear your thoughts!

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