Top 5 Flash Moments From Season 1 & 2

Top 5 Flash Moments From Season 1 & 2

Our Favourite Moments From The Flash

Flash Season 3 starts in the UK on the 25th Of October. It’s one of our favourite TV shows and has had so many great moments in it that it’s almost impossible to truly make this list. However, like the heroes we are, we have en-devoured to make a Top 5 Flash Moments From Season 1 & 2.


Obviously there will be spoilers throughout. You’ve been warned!

5. Man In The Iron Mask

The Flash Season 2 Man In The Iron Mask

Teased throughout the second half of Season 2 of The Flash was the Man In The Mask. We got small glimpses of the back of his head. Little taps that he gave out, he even spelt out ‘Jay Garrick’ at one point, pretty much giving the game away. However, it kept us guessing. On The final reveal that it was infact Jay Garrick from Earth 3…who happened to look exactly like Barry’s Father, our minds were blown. This brilliant reveal topped off the excellent season finale and left us desperate for Season 3.

4. King Shark

King Shark In The Flash

This was a close tie between King Shark & Gorilla Grodd. However, King Shark is a Shark…so……he wins.


Throughout the first part of Season 2, Zoom had been sending back villains to thwart our hero. When King Shark popped up out of the blue for ten seconds we were desperate for more. Finally our wish was granted when we got an entire episode dedicated to the Great White Man (sounds like a KKK slogan). It was full of thrills and some of the best CGI that there’s ever been in a TV show. This episode showed just how good the highs of the TV show can be.

3. Barry Breaks Turns Back Time

The Weather Wizard episode was one of the highlights of Season 1. The episode opened strangely with Barry seeing himself running through the city. The episode then was none stop, Joe got captured, Iris and Barry shared their first kiss and we found out that Harrison Wells was not who he had said he was when he murdered Cisco.


This episode had so many huge moments and when the tidal wave raced towards the city we thought it was all over until Barry broke through the time barrier and returned to the previous day. We were now left with knowing what we knew about The Reverse Flash but none of the characters having any idea. This moment really ramped up the stakes in the series and pushed it to be the best CW superhero show.

2. Eddie’s Sacrifice

The Flash Season Finale Eddie Thawne Dead

It all built up to this. One of the most heart breaking moments of Season One was Eddie Thawne’s death. Up to this point we had a love hate relationship with The Reverse Flash and wanted him to be out of Barry’s life but knew that he would never truly be. After Barry returned from the past, on a mission to save his mother and punched Reverse Flash in the face, we knew that the season was going to go out with a bang. It didn’t seem like Barry could stop the Yellow Speedster and when he announced that he would kill everyone it seemed like there was no hope. Then steps forward Eddie, a person we initially disliked but grew to love, who made the ultimate sacrifice. Killing himself so that Thawne could never be born and he was removed from the timeline.

1. Eobard Thawne Becomes The Flash

When this reveal happened it absolutely blew our minds. We knew something was off with Harrison Wells throughout Season 1, he seemed so nice though, like he was always willing to help, even if he did nefarious things behind the scenes.


Then came his back story. I had no idea what was going on when Eobard Thawne first pulled off the mask and revealed a strange face. We then saw the real Harrison Wells dotted throughout the episode, talking about his plans for S.T.A.R. Labs. At first we thought that they must be working together. However, with the car crash later in the episode revealed Thawne’s true plan.


The real Wells screams out for help for his wife and all Thawne utters is ‘This Woman Has Been Dead For Centuries.’


This really gives motive and understanding to Thawne’s thinking. When he completely takes over Well’s body, sucking his entire life force, including his appearance we were gobsmacked. This is where the season really took off for me and showed just how great the writing was behind the show.


Truly our favourite moment.

What Are Your Favourite Flash Moments?

Do you agree with our list? What are your favourite Flash moments from Season 1 & 2 and what do you think will happen in Flash Season 3? Comment below and let us know.


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