Top 5 Overrated Comic Book Movies By Deffinition

Top 5 Overrated Comic Book Movies By Deffinition

Top 5 Overrated Comicbook Movies

Praised By Many, Disliked By Me

People call me a DC fan boy. I’M NOT!!! I think the¬†Killing Joke¬†movie is absolutely horrendous, I shat all over Batman V Superman when I left the cinema, I slagged Snyder off for months…..then apologised when I saw his extended cut as it wasn’t his fault. I forgive you Snyder.


Anyway, with that being said, this list is mainly going to be Marvel orientated as those movies get the highest critical praise. I can’t really say Suicide Squad is overrated when it sits at 27% on Rotten Tomatoes.



xmen 2 is overrated

5. X-Men 2

X-Men 2 opens with a bang. That white house scene is absolutely amazing. Unforgettable! One of the best comic book movie scenes of all time. Then it goes on a massive anti climax. Don’t put your best scene in the opening 5 minutes Hollywood, ffs man. That’s like nutting during the foreplay. We then have to sit through what feels like The OC with loads of teen romance and drama that felt great when I first saw it at 11 but now is a whole load of who gives a shit.


The acting in this is good on the whole but Halle Berry’s accent is probably the biggest continuity fuck throughout the entire X Men franchise (and there are a lot of them) and here her lines might as well have been done by a cardboard box.


Magneto escapes out of his plastic prison by pulling iron out of someones body…wait what? That was the best thing you could come up with?


Wolverine’s story shines throughout but the movie loses me when it introduces mind control. It is such a cop out to have a character fight another character because they were drugged or some shit. Especially if they just snap out of this crazy control that was on them because they got hit on the head once.


What the fuck man. It’s a cop out for lazy writers so they can just make characters fight each other with no real motive or reason.


Because of mind control, Cyclops, leader of the Xmen, might as well be a fucking lamp post.


That leads me into my biggest problem, Jason Stryker, the Mind Control Monster. He is set up as the sort of henchman side villain and he has the charisma of a Buckingham Palace guard.


It’s no wonder that Singer felt like he had to go to Superman Returns, he’d pretty much done everything with the characters in X-men 1. It’s a fun ride but not worthy of being in the Top 10 that so many put it in. IGN just listed it as the best X-men movie of all time, even after seeing First Class and DOFP….they also gave Alien Isolation a 5/10 though so they can do one.


Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 86%

My Rating: 60%

Captain America Civil War Is Overrated

4. Captain America: Civil War

It’s crazy to me, especially after the Ultimate Cut release, that this is rated so highly above Batman V Superman. Sure it’s nowhere near as convoluted and doesn’t have a ‘Martha’ scene…that makes you throw up in your mouth….but it’s still not much better.


Civil War suffers from coming out after the aforementioned title AND having a lot of similar plot elements. Dead parents, villain manipulating people, senate building bomb, side characters popping up, conflict in a middle eastern country….yadda yadda yadda, there is hundreds of plot points the same in both.


However, Civil war gets in the 90s on Rotten Tomatoes, whereas BVS is in the 20s. It’s crazy to me. After concurrent watches I honestly think the Ultimate Cut Of BVS is the superior movie. Civil war feels shallow after a while and the tension and severity that the situations should have are often glossed over in favour of quirky one liners and jokes.


Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

My Rating: 70%

Road To Perdition is Overrated

3. Road To Perdition

This is gonna be a surprise to a lot of people, not that it’s overrated, that it’s actually a comic book movie.




It is. Based on the graphic novel of the same name the book follows Tom Hanks going gangster. It’s not terrible, it’s just very meh to me. There’s a reason this film isn’t listed amongst the great gangster greats such as The Godfather and Goodfellas, mainly because it doesn’t have the style and sophistication that those movies do. You’re just kind of a long for the ride and it drags in certain points. It’s clear they were hungry for oscars, unfortunately it just doesn’t deliver.


Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 85%

My Rating: 60%

The Dark Knight Rises Is Overrated

2. The Dark Knight Rises

This movie has an amazing opening and even better finish. Everything in between just feels like a rehash or a complete ‘WTF!’ So Joseph Gordon Levitt looked at Bruce Wayne and knew it was Batman cos he looked like a sad orphan? Bruce Wayne healed a completely banged up leg and broken vertebra with some home made braces getting attached onto them? Bane is like 30 in some bits but also 45 in others? Talia’s plan was to make Gotham feel like they were in a warzone, then get hope, then blow them up a long with herself and her team….????? Batman jumps out of the Bat at the end and survives a nuclear explosion????????




Turn your brain off completely for this one.


Considering the high bar that The Dark Knight set, this was never going to measure up, it falls really short. Whilst I enjoy the movie it doesn’t age well after time. Even the Bane fight scene now seems boring and just desolate to me. This tops off the trilogy but it could’ve been the perfect movie with just a couple of minor changes.


Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 87%

My Rating: 60%

The Avengers Is Overrated

  1. The Avengers

Yep, I think The Avengers is the most overrated comic book movie of all time. It’s so simplistic, it’s plot is as deep as a puddle, and it’s villain is pretty much the most generic villain from the ‘Make A Villain Superhero Machine’ that there is. I’m not talking Loki, he’s sort of an Anti Hero, no the Chitari or SHITari as i’ve cleverly called them are the most bland enemy since the battle droid from the Star Wars prequels.


The fact that this gets listed as being better than The Dark Knight is ridiculous.


So a movie with a couple of action scenes, sub par acting and cliche after cliche is better than a movie about the Iraq War, Economic Game Theory, Chaos Theory, that contains several Oscar Winners and even has an winning performance?






Even leaving the cinema I really couldn’t believe how overhyped this movie was, you can see pretty much everything coming from the off and it just plays on fan boys expectations. Age Of Ultron is terrible too, however, people seem to be slowly coming round to the idea that that isn’t a good movie, whilst this Avengers shit is rated as ‘the greatest of all time.’


Characters show up out of the blue, fights happen for no real reason, Banner Hulks out just because, the villains attack New York because why? I don’t know. Oh! And there’s mind control, such lazy lazy writing to make characters do things for stupid reasons. At least Lex Luthor manipulated Batman and Superman to fight each other, here it’s just ‘you got touched with a magic stick.’


Get it out of my sight.


Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 92%

My Rating: 60%

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Obviously this is going to be a controversial topic, i’d love to hear if you agree or not. Sound off in the comments below, call me a dickhead, call me wrong, call me a dickhead again, if you like. It’s all healthy discussion.


Thanks for checking out the article.


  • Man, I couldn’t agree more with the Avengers pick. What a cliche, cardboard-fest. TDKR is an interesting choice. its filled with plot holes but I still love it. I love DK as well but that movie also seems very convoluted. I might put Batman Returns on this list. I don’t think that movie has aged well at all. Cheers.

    • Yeah lol Returns dated really really badly, I remember it being my favourite Batman film up till the Dark Knight came out, then I went back and watched it a couple of years ago and it was so goofy and campy. Danny Devito is the perfect penguin to me but even he hams it up a bit. Batman 89 has aged better but Returns is just Burton with too much creative control.

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