Top 8 Amazing Details You Missed In Infinity War

Top 8 Amazing Details You Missed In Infinity War

top 8 amazing details and easter eggs that you missed from infinity war fan theory and theories for avengers 4 endgame

Ten Years in the making, the reign of Thanos is finally upon us. Packed with comic references, callbacks to the prior films and little Easter Eggs that only hardcore fans will get, Infinity War delivers on a lot of levels.

Even after several viewings of the movie there are still small tidbits that I notice and throughout this video I will be discussing the most minutia of details of the incredible film.

There will of course be heavy spoilers here and I definitely recommend that you check out all of the MCU movies before watching this video incase something is inadvertently spoiled for you.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and This is my Top 8 Amazing Details That You Missed In Infinity War!

8. Civil War Callback

The Sokovia accord scene from Civil War is one of the standout sequences of the film but did you know it alludes to other elements in Infinity War? During the briefing with General Ross we see the Avengers sat around a table listening to why their actions thus far have lead to more destruction. This of course plays into how Thanos has secretly manipulated them but their positioning during the briefing is what is most interesting.

All of those sat on the left survived the snap whilst those on the right don;t. Tony is also sitting far away from the table just like how he is in the finale of the film when he is left stranded away from his allies on Titan.

8 amazing details that you missed from infinity war

7. The Story Of Genesis

Throughout Infinity War Thanos denies that he wishes to become a God. Even when questioned by Loki, the antagonist shuts down the idea that he seeks to become an omniscient being. However, there are several similarities to Thanos’ destruction of The Universe and The Christian God’s creation of it.

Thanos seeks to find 6 Infinity Stones which could be seen as a metaphor for the 6 days that God took to create the Universe. There is also the huge glaring similarity that on the seventh day God rested much in the same way that Thanos did after completing his six tasks.

6. Proxima Midnight

Proximal Midnight is played by Carrie Coon, she stared in The Leftovers which ironically is about a large portion of the world’s population mysteriously disappearing from Earth.

Proxima Midnight Infinity War The Leftovers Connection

5. Doctor Strange knew there was only one way to remove The Gauntlet

Doctor Strange famously utters ‘this was the only way’ after he and his allies fail to remove The Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos’ hand. Knowing that there was only one way to get it off, Strange allows Thanos to win so that he will remove it himself when he believes his mission is complete.

This will allow The Avengers to achieve their mission down the line of taking The Gauntlet back and with Thanos no longer wearing it, the goal of attaining it becomes infinitely easier.

4. Alien Queen

In order to take out Ebony Maw, Peter refers to the classic Sci-Fi horror movie Aliens. In that film we see the character Ripley blow the Alien Queen out of an airlock. Ebony Maw is killed much in the same way and we get an eerily similar shot of him flying through space dead in the exact same position as the Alien Queen.

3. Rocket Is The Captain Now

During their first meeting, Rocket puts himself as The Captain Of The Guardians. Whilst at the time this is done as a joke upon the film’s climax it actually comes true. Gamora is killed early on and the rest of The Guardians are during the snap which automatically makes Rocket The Captain by default.

Infinity War easter eggs and things you missed

2. Thanos Died

Immediately after the snap, we see Thanos rejoin Gamora in what appears to be the afterlife. She asks what it cost to which he replies ‘everything.’ In my opinion this is true on every level to the character as I believe that during the snap he was killed.

This allowed him to visit the recently dead character Gamora in the afterlife and speak with her. However, the Soul Stone which is still in his possession brings him back to life and explains how he is able to recover from the huge axe wound that he received at the hands of Thor.

1. The Extra Gauntlet

When Thor travels to Nidavellir to have Stormbreaker created we see that there is a mold for the Infinity Gauntlet. With the one Thanos wore having clearly been destroyed by The Snap, this mold could provide The Avengers with a Gauntlet of their own that they could use to wield the stones. This is purely speculation at the moment but it seems like another highly plausible way for the survivors to Avenge the fallen.

Your Thoughts

Infinity War is obviously filled to the brim with thematic signifiers, Easter eggs and more so if there are any that I missed or that you think should have made the list, please comment below and let me know.


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