The fateful day that they disappeared, Isabel attempted to bring Julie home with her, however, Will fought back which ultimately lead to his accidental death. Working with her caretaker, Isabel was able to hide his body but Isabel did not want to let go of Julie.

Julie was drugged for years and kept in the pink round, eventually hoping to adopt the girl. Lucy, Julie’s mother infact knew about all of this but kept quiet after being paid off. Officer Harris too fell victim to Isabel’s fortune and this is why he framed others to take the fall for the case.

Julie managed to escape from the Hoyts with the help of the caretaker after she began remembering her life before the events. Whilst reportedly, Julie died of HIV at a nuns convent, Wayne believes this to be a coverup.

true detective season 3 episode 8 ending explained story recap

True Detective Season 3 Ending Explained

Hays manages to track Julie down eventually, summising that she probably got together with her former school mate and had a daughter. However, when Wayne arrives to where he now suspects that Julie lives, his memory slips away and he forgets the reasons why hes there. Hays is unable to close the case but that doesn’t mean its a sad ending. He still manages to reconnect both West and his own Children which is some small victory.

The final shot shows Wayne as a tracker in Vietnam, as he heads off into the jungle it appears that he’s once again searching for something. This sums up Waynes entire arc as the character was always looking for something rather than being content with the answers he was able to attain. In the end he never gets the answers that he was looking for, instead, he just continues searching, unable to see that the truth was infront of him the whole time.

In conclusion, this entire season has been centred around how power can often pressure the truth into not being revealed. The power that The Hoyts had enabled them to hide a secret about Julie for decades, allowing for the lie to continue. However, lies are not always a bad thing either, the lies that Julie kept up after escaping are what have enabled her to be happy and this is reflected in ultimately how Wayne is unable to unearth the truth.

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