Velvet Buzzsaw Movie Review | NO SPOILERS

Velvet Buzzsaw Movie Review | NO SPOILERS

velvet buzzsaw movie review no spoilers

Velvet Buzzsaw has just received its world premiere at 2019’s Sundance Festival. Whilst the film is not out until Friday on Netflix, we got to watch an early release of it and whilst it may divide some viewers, there is still a lot to take from it.

Now this most likely won’t overtake Bird Box in terms of tapping into the internet’s conscious, however, there are some massively interesting and abstract aspects to it that really elevate it above your typical horror.

Netflix should be commended for their original horror premises, the platform always seems to take risks with original ideas and Velvet Buzzsaw is no different. The premise itself centres around a series of paintings by an unknown artist being discovered and from these supernatural force spring forth to take down the greedy art world.

Unfortunately, the creative team are stifled slightly by cliches and what starts off as a unique film ultimately succumbs to the confines of the genre.

Is Velvet Buzzsaw A Horror?

The work is of course as much as satire as it is horror and the majority of performances within the film are really hamming up just how pretentious and superior that the art scene seems to act above the rest of the world. This, of course, leads to a lot of joy when they are inevitably taken down one by one and makes for a gripping watch.

velvet buzzsaw movie review no spoilers

One of the main takes from the film is that art is pointless if no one is there to see it, and this certainly speaks for the film itself. Without Netflix, I imagine that the majority of viewers would not bother with this but due to the platform’s reach, millions will.

However, it won’t be for everyone and I would recommend that your like or dislike for Nightcrawler should decide whether you will watch this. Ultimately, this feels like another parody of a world that is rarely put to film and if you find that interesting enough as an idea then you will enjoy it.

My Thoughts

Ultimately I did have fun with the film even if I found the characters slightly hard to relate to. The movie will no doubt start February off with a bang and I can’t wait to see the conversation that is brought from the piece.

Velvet Buzzsaw gets a…


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